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With modern business pressures as they are, video conferencing provides busy executives with huge travel time reductions, not to mention significant financial and environmental savings. From simple desktop software solutions to high-definition telepresence environments, we can guide you through the entire project from inception to completion, including bespoke software training ensuring that you get the fastest possible return on your investment. If you are thinking about introducing video conferencing into your organisation or simply want some impartial advice on the benefits of using VC technology, please call our customer advisors who will be delighted to assist. Our portfolio includes video conferencing solutions from leading manufacturers including Polycom, Radvision and LifeSize. I have heard that there’s a new technology of how to check on your cat while you are on vacation. Let’s be honest…web conferencing can be a wonderful business tool for teams who are geographically dispersed or working remotely. Of course, with practice comes experience, and these pitfalls of web conferencing can be easily avoided if you know some tricks of the trade.
Wendy McAuliffe is director of social media and content creation consultancy Populate Digital, and co-founder of Bloggers Required. 5 ways to make Richard Branson’s leadership style work for you21 tips every business traveller needs to know5 simple tips for those new to working from homeAre you presentation phobic?
Video conferencing solutions improve key worker productivity and communicate in an altogether more cohesive and efficient manner. Conference calls to business partners, suppliers and co-workers are standard practice within most modern organisations and the need for crystal clear conversations are a must for productive meetings.

If you miss your pet, install this new software that shows pictures of food and produces animal sounds, while your webcam is on.
But even the most experienced web conference user will have surely experienced some of the common awkward situations that are part and parcel to getting a group of co-workers to communicate virtually. Dial in five minutes early – this gives you the time to deal with any access code problems.
If you’re the host, make sure everyone is familiar with the meeting technology at the start of the call. Keep stationary – avoid joining conferences while you are driving or travelling to ensure you have a good quality, consistent connection. Know who is invited to join the call and check off their names as they announce themselves. Unless you’re the meeting host, activate ‘mute’ for the call duration and only ‘unmute’ when you have something to say.
Prepare a checklist of items you need to cover during the call – the better prepared everyone is, the more effective the conference will be. If you’re the organiser, set a modest timeframe for the meeting – the shorter the conference, the more productive it will be. If you’re working from home, set yourself up in a quiet part of the house where you are least likely to be distracted.
If you are accessing the call via VoIP, give yourself time to do a sound and microphone check before the conference begins.

Wendy’s a former technology journalist and in her spare time writes a parenting blog, MummyMcAuliffe. The technology behind the latest audio & video conferencing products delivers data-sharing capability, crystal-clear audio and exceptional highdefinition video quality even in multi-person situations. It’s not always the most natural of situations, and unless web conferencing is a regular occurrence in your business schedule, it can be easy to fall down some of the technology crevices. The sketch illustrates to exaggerated proportions the pitfalls of web conferencing by playing out the scenario in the awkwardness of real life. Don’t let calls drag on unnecessarily (you might want to check out this post ‘Pointless meetings – and how to avoid them’).
It includes every inept situation you’ve experienced: the irritating hold music, the embarrassment of having to announce yourself on the call, the confusion of figuring out who is already on the line, the person who struggles to enter the access code correctly and last but not least, the person who keeps dropping out of the call and needs to dial back in again. It has the classic dog barking in the background, the constant interruptions as people talk over each other, poor line quality and that person who sounds like they’re stuck inside a wind tunnel. Patent and Trademark Office, with the Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market, and in other jurisdictions.

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