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Gaming affiliate marketing has its ups and downs – especially when you’re just starting out. This one is a little bit odd but your online work will end up gaining you a lot more online friends than you have in the real-world.
You’ve really made it when you’re spending less time on your business but continue to earn more money than the previous month. A ‘brand ambassador’ is a follower which fights for you – they’ll defend you when you’re taking flak and promote you whenever they can. You may be working a single person operation with your gaming affiliate business but one day you could have employees. When you first began, you generally have a core audience you wish to target but in due time, you can take your gaming affiliates internationally. Perhaps you’ve considered getting out of the house, away from the computer and into the limelight of real casinos, poker rooms or using Meetup to create local groups?
The need of people to gamble and risk money on their predictions provide wealth for all the above. How are you going to lure them into the gambling world if you say they don’t stand a chance?
By advantage gambling and investing with real money online, I put my money where my mouth is.
Negative carryover – When a casino affiliate programme requires affiliates to work off any winnings from their players from a previous month.
Ring-fencing – In online gambling, ring-fencing is when an affiliate program allows you to sequester a whale who goes on a huge win streak away from your other players. Bundling – Many casino affiliate programs manage the affiliate programs for several different online casinos. Payment models – There are a number of different compensation models in Internet affiliate advertising.
Super affiliate – An affiliate who earns a huge amount of income on a monthly basis, usually at least five-figures per month. Scraping – A technique used by black-hat affiliates through which they literally steal the content from another website for display on theirs. Revshare – Short for revenue share, this affiliate payment method entitles affiliates to a percentage of the revenues generated by their players on behalf of an online casino. SERP – Stands for search engine results pages which are the pages displayed after a search term is entered into a search engine. Freeroll – A freeroll is a promotional method through which poker rooms or casinos offer players a chance to play for free in order to win real-money prizes without having to put up any personal financial risk. During my trip to Antigua, I found myself gravitating towards Keith, the friendly, sharp, nice looking guy with a great accent. KMc: I was born in Dublin, Ireland and got a degree in Business & Legal Studies from University College, Dublin. KMc: I had long been an admirer of the Bodog brand, their marketing and the exceptional customer service provided.
KMc: Bodog Europe is one of a number of Bodog brand licensees around the globe – the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group has the exclusive rights to the brand in the US, and Haydock Entertainment is the brand licensee in Asia.
What are some of the main challenges you have faced or expect to face in the future as Bodog continues its global expansion?
KMc: I am Managing Director of Bodog Europe and as such have ultimate responsibility for the entire Bodog Europe business. KMc: Of course, the brand licensees all share a common asset – the Bodog brand itself – and we're all required to adhere to certain brand standards that promote and ensure a consistent global brand.

KMc: The ultimate objective of the geo-targeting is ultimately about the customer experience, and is designed to ensure that a customer finds the product offering that is best tailored to them and finds it with an absolute minimum of effort. Make no mistake: everything – absolutely everything – follows from a well-serviced and delighted customer.
KMc: The simple fact is that Bodog is the only truly global igaming brand under which poker, casino and sportsbetting channels are offered.
KMc: I'm based in the UK but spend a lot of my time in our European operation in Antigua, from which the operation is actually managed.
KMc: At this point, the existing brand licensees have collectively identified a few key new features to the existing poker offering that are really going to take it to the next level and we're aligned on a development path that's extremely exciting. KMc: We will be looking to attend all major conferences to spread the word about Bodog Europe's exciting future developments.
There are times when you’re flush and others when you’re bust (aka a few sales and then days without any).
You’ll know when you’re well upon your way if you’ve finally settled on your website design and push forward with online marketing.
You’re going to be spending a lot of time online with your business but you still need to be social – your business “makes it” when your visitors start becoming people you can call friends and even rely on them as if you’ve known them for years. You’ve more than likely started as a gaming affiliate so you didn’t have to work full-time at an office but it quickly turned into something similar from home – you’ve made it when you can finally kick back, relax and enjoy the things you want without waking up each morning and jumping right into work.
Your first website will be the hardest – you’ll put in the most amount of work but everything afterward is a walk in the park because you have the resources and knowledge to tackle new projects. You’ve made it when you’re sourcing freelancers and developers to work on your websites – you’re putting in less of your own time because you’re earning enough to have others do it for you! Hitting the global market opens a whole new wealth of opportunities for your affiliate business. At this point in your gaming affiliate business, you’re on top of the world because your business is taking care of itself and you’re out there working the tables (literally) for networking opportunities and getting your name on the tips of the tongues of those players that can truly bring in a lot of additional earnings. When a gambler signs up on an iGaming website and places a bet, they are setting a wheel in motion. You’ll either get paid a fixed fee for every customer you bring to the gambling company or a monthly fee according to the money your customer wagered.
Most if not all of the punters you sign up will lose money in the long run.  Perhaps they’ll have a good month and win money. As an iGaming entrepreneur and affiliate, you’ll make most of your money from the 20% of your customers. Phrases are always being tossed around in the casino affiliate programs industry, but what do they really mean? When players sent to any and all casinos under the umbrella of a single casino affiliate program are managed through a single affiliate account, this is called bundling.
The most common payment models in iGaming are CPA (cost-per-acquisition of a new player) and revenue share. Recently, the Expekt affiliate program told some affiliates they were removing their players from their account over alleged cheating by these players but in all likelihood it was an excuse by the program to avoid paying commissions. Having spent 4 years in the financial services sector, I decided to seek out a career within an industry that held a lot of natural interest for me – sports and gambling was a natural choice.
We also know the benefit of cross selling channels and using specific channels to acquire certain types of customers. I'll personally be speaking this September at both the affiliate conference in Budapest, where I'll be joined by members of our affiliate team, and EiG in Copenhagen.
Tell me another office location where you can get up early in the morning, go wake-boarding, snorkeling & sub-marine diving, all before having a healthy beach breakfast and being in the office by 9am?

Lets just say since my first "effort" I've been practicing at home on an ironing board lying flat on the ground. You’ll know that you’ve made it as an affiliate when you start to see consistent sales popping up. The revealing sign that you’ve made it is when you’re readily investing your earnings back into your business to increase your sales – you’re earning enough to be comfortable and you’re building upon your success.
You’ll be spending less time with the minutia of color theory and more about how to satisfy your affiliates to earn you more cash. You’ll be spending less time driving traffic to your website because these brand ambassadors will be linking and talking about your website which gets even more people to your website and through your affiliate programs. Each new project will pull in more money and affiliate sales for your gaming websites – that’s when things get really interesting. You’ll start investing in translation services, media buys in countries and creating marketing campaigns specific to geographical locations. That’s how much money people are risking every year in casino games, sports betting and poker. Entrepreneurs build offline gambling venues (think casinos) or launch iGaming sites (think online sportsbooks).
Here, we’ll break down some of the popular lingo in the online gaming world so make sure no one is left in the dark. Bundling is generally frowned upon by affiliates since just one winning player from a casino can sabotage the earnings from players at other casinos across the whole network. Quite often the divide is blurred, quite literally, but in some ways that's what makes it so special.
The nightlife is great, and there are plenty of beach bars and clubs to enjoy the local rum cocktails in but for me Antigua is all about the beach and sea life and those early sunny mornings. As a gaming affiliate, you’re likely to fall into two categories: those working tooth and nail to build their business and those that are comfortably well upon their way.
Most operators launched their businesses from offshore tax heavens and enjoyed big markups.
If the punter spent $500 this month, your paycheck can vary from $100 to $250 depending on your affiliate deal – think percentages.
Punters with big wallets who bet for the fun of it, not caring of losing thousands of dollars per month.
Along with them, bloggers and web entrepreneurs see the opportunity of quick and easy money.
People were betting from Europe and US, but none of their countries could tax the operators. From an affiliate point of view, helping the customer find the site that offers exactly what they're looking for will inevitably lead to higher conversion rates, improve retention, and ultimately, increase long-term revenue, which in turn will result in increased payment terms for them. It's certainly a unique factor to the Bodog experience and one I've thoroughly enjoyed since joining the brand licensee family.
And these are rarely welcome to gambling companies (PinnacleSports is an exception for instance). Because, if all of their customers were so sharp as to turn the odds around, the operator would shut down their business.
With gambling being a major form of entertainment, I don't think it will be too long before we add some mass market entertainment brands to the second category.

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