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HC Designs creates direct mail that cuts through the clutter, grabbing the customer's attention and presenting them with a clear message and call to action. A 5 x 7 mailable postcard used to canvas the Bowling Green, Kentucky area for Piov - Voice-over-IP services. A postcard invitation for Bella's Christmas open house event, mailed to the current client base. A direct marketing piece to previous shoppers and consigners, relaying information on the next sale date.
An information card aimed at the medical industry - Certa is a medical waste solutions company. Auction Solutions is an auction house specializing in the Bowling Green and Louisville, KY markets.
A direct marketing piece to potential new customers, emphasizing the FREE home security system. A mailable brochure designed to give a basic overview of the Campo Group, healthcare recruitment firm.
Informational brochures for Quality Tooling detailing the company history, services offered, and featuriing photography of the equipment.
Public speaker, Kevin O'Conner, used these informational brochures to help participants in his public speaking engagements. Marketing to your visitor database is fundamental in driving rounds and increasing revenue. We provide the innovate solutions and marketing intelligence you need to streamline your database communication and increase productivity.

Creating professional looking emails is a breeze with our template library, customising them with images, links and response forms is even easier using our powerful technology. Measure how hard your communication is working with advanced reports showing who is opening your emails, which links they have clicked on and if they are responding to your offers.
Good quality customer data is a fundamental building block of an effective marketing program. Effective email marketing is targeted and relevant - this means understanding the audience you are marketing to! Bei solchen Sachen ist es aus meiner Sicht immer am besten, Angaben selbst einzutragen – und zwar falsche. Brochures allow you to communicate basic information about your business, your products and your location to consumers in a format that all consumers, young and old, are comfortable with. We can work with you to personalise your email templates in order to identify your brand and make your campaigns stand out from the crowd.
Our reporting tools help you tailor engaging, relevant email campaigns ensuring you avoid the pitfall of knee-jerk marketing. We help you create and build a solid marketing database by keeping your data clean by automatically removing duplicate contacts, identifying inaccurate formatting of email addresses and employing active bounce management. Our advanced solutions allow you to divide your data into key customers, members, and society organisers and segmenting by any criteria you define. We can work directly with your club to identify and implement a successful email marketing strategy. Die Suchergebnisse sind noch nicht allzu zahlreich, in gro?eren Stadten findet man allerdings schon viele Stra?en.

Neue Kunden zu gewinnen und die Kundenbasis unserer Kunden zu optimieren wird so zu einem mehrschichtigen Prozess, dessen wirtschaftlicher Erfolg unserem Vorgehen Rechnung trägt. People simply scan the code with their smartphone and they are taken to a website where they can receive more information about a product, service, or special offer. This tangible form of advertising allows the customer to have something to take away and serve as a reminder of the company.
As well as being cost-effective and easy to track response, it is also highly targeted, allowing your business to react to its needs.
If you need us to, we’ll remain on-hand to direct all your marketing campaigns and coordinate your database. The website can provide a rich, interactive experience complete with product photos and videos. Die Inhalte dieser Websites durfen au?erhalb der Grenzen des Urheberrechts ohne schriftliche Genehmigung der GEMINI DIRECT marketing solutions GmbH nicht in irgendeiner Form vervielfaltigt, verbreitet, verandert oder Dritten zuganglich gemacht werden. QR Codes make your direct mailing a more interactive and engaging experience, leading to a higher response and greater ROI.

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