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The internal environment in marketing refers to components INSIDE the firm that are unique to the firm. Firms that do not consider the internal environment when structuring their marketing strategy will end up with a very generic strategy – one that is similar to other organizations in the same market – and will not draw upon their unique strengths and competitive advantages.
This relates to skill sets and abilities and processes that the firm has AND is really good at.
What is important to management needs to be taken into consideration, as they are the ultimate approvers of competitive marketing strategy. Top management values are evident by the overall corporate culture of the organization, which is influenced and guided by management views. Other stakeholders to consider would include employees and what is important to them – which needs to be understood, particularly for a service firm. Obviously, successful strategies primarily need a fine-tuning only, whereas unsuccessful or weakening strategy positions would need substantial revision.
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Effective internet marketing advertising requires a comprehensive strategy that synergizes your company’s business model and sales goals with your website function and appearance, focusing on your target market through proper choice of advertising type, media, and design. Search Engine Marketing Services, which includes marketing a website via search engines, either by improving the site’s natural (organic) ranking through search engine optimization (SEO) or by Pay Per Click Management and Tracking efforts with search engines which are based on selected keywords and then displayed on search engine results pages when those keywords are used in a search. Email marketing, is a method of distributing information about a product or service or for soliciting feedback from customers about a product or service through email. At Will2Design we focus on your business processes and seek to automate as many functions as possible.
There are many companies out there that offer internet marketing strategy services so the question in your mind is probably “Why should I choose your firm to design and build my internet marketing solution?” The answer is both simple and complex.
The other part of the answer lies in our ability to successfully implement strategies such as Search Engine Marketing Optimization and Pay Per Click Advertisement very effectively because all of our sites are built with a search engine friendly backbone.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or corporate responsibility, sustainable development, global citizenship, corporate citizenship, values-driven business or whatever moniker is used is a contemporary business reality that is here to stay. In most emerging markets, a fundamental problem with CSR practice is that organizations don’t usually have a CSR strategy but rather a collection of disparate CSR programs and activities. There are three typologies within which one could classify a company’s CSR activities.  First is corporate philanthropy, which stems from intrinsic motivations of employees or business leaders who seek broader organizational support for their interests. Third is seeking to improve the business environment by creating broader external environmental changes in how an industry addresses sustainability issues e.g. Regardless of whether company adopts one or a mix of any of these broad theatres of CSR, a good strategy should build active participation and engagement in their initiatives and should move from a top- down strategy determined by the board to a richer process of bottom-up co-creation with stakeholders. Course Objectives To deliver a coherent and deliverable market oriented internal culture to encourage flexibility which is SMART enough for your employer to understand and give you the go ahead. Assessment tasks CIM registration deadline 29 th March 2013 Introduction to the assessment.
Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM)Customer Relationship Management CRM) CRM strategies are important for all organisational aspects and industries and segments. Value Proposition Value proposition refers to total benefits of using companys products and services. 25 Balanced Scorecard Kaplan and Norton 1992 is a management system (not only a measurement system) that enables organisations to clarify their vision and strategy and translate them into action.
Invest or hold If the business position is strong of the company and the industry environment is favorable then the company should try to retain in the market as there are still opportunity for the organisation to make profits. Milk or harvest The main objective here is to generate cash flow by reducing investment and operating expenses, even if that causes sales and market share to decrease. Exit or liquidate This strategy is appropriate both the business position and the industry environment is not favorable to the entity.
An analysis of the internal environment is critical in the development of marketing strategy to ensure to ensure that the firm’s strategy is based upon its situation, resources and goals. In marketing terms, we are particularly interested in: product range, brand equity, financial position, customer loyalty, customer base size, retailer relationships retailer relationships, access to technology, manufacturing skills and innovation, and so on. It is particularly valuable in service firms that rely on customer – employee interaction and in organizations that rely upon innovation and improved operations being delivered by key staff.
This should be a fundamental building block of the firm’s marketing strategy – as it will create opportunities for sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace.
For example, some key people in management might see innovation and change as critical to success, but top level management in other organizations may be quite conservative and risk adverse. Sometimes it is very profit and growth driven, but for some organizations there could be a social goals aspect as well.
How well is the current strategy working given the firm’s internal and external environments?
It encompasses the marketing planning, strategy and processes which are needed to attain the goals of a business and for providing value results to the customers. Diverse people have various perspectives related to different marketing strategies and adopt them in an unusual way for the promotion of their product.
Also known as emarketing Will2Design specializes in brand positioning, business marketing, ecommerce marketing, email marketing and internet marketing for small business. The interactive nature of internet marketing opportunities , both in terms of providing instant availability to the product and eliciting feedback from the consumer, is a unique quality of the medium.
Internet branding does not simply entail building or promoting a website, nor does it mean placing a banner ad on another website. Email addresses of customers and prospective customers may be collected or purchased, but obviously it’s much more cost effective to capture this information than purchase it. The powerful nature of and internet marketing site gives you a huge pool of consumers, the trick is to get in front of them and compel them to purchase your product.
This approach greatly increases the effectiveness of your internet web site marketing efforts. The rise in global digital connectivity has increased stakeholders’ ability to scrutinize and punish companies who fail to meet expectations of corporate responsibility.

It is about enterprises deciding to go beyond the minimum legal requirements and obligations stemming from collective agreements in order to address societal needs. Most businesses operate what Michael Porter and Mark Kramer describe as  “a hodgepodge of uncoordinated CSR and philanthropic activities disconnected from the company’s strategy that neither make any meaningful social impact nor strengthen the firm’s long-term competitiveness.”  According to consulting firm – Mckinsey, CSR should move beyond strategically disconnected philanthropic giveaways to an integrated business strategy. Centralized CSR teams can lose touch with reality- they tend to take a narrow view of the relevant external stakeholders.
It should be a deliberate corporate strategy on how the business can maximize positive impact while minimizing negative externalities in a way that is connected to the company’s mission and integrated into the company’s operations.
Product vs Brand A product is something that is made in a factory; A brand is something that is bought by a customer. It must work as a product or service – no fancy advertising or clever logo will compensate Must appeal on both the rational and emotional level – products may all work well; price premium is justified by additional intangible, emotional benefits.
In other words, value proposition summarises why a customer should buy companys products or services. It provides feedback around both the internal business processes and external outcomes in order to continuously improve strategic performance and results.
However the company should take different measures to increase its performance at this level.
Conditions Favoring a Milking Strategy Decline rate is pronounced, but not excessively steep. The logic here is to exit or to liquidate the business and avoid loss making as soon as possible, since there is no profitability with the current market condition.
Execution of these strategies helps in achieving the targets of the corporation as well as to promote it to their customers. Various methods are used, such as the regular distribution of newsletters or mass mailing of offers related to the company’s product or services. We build site that harnesses beautiful graphics with highly compelling content that is driven by the principles of SEM or search engine marketing. Some benefits of CSR include increased employee engagement and customer loyalty from being affiliated with a socially responsible company.
They advocate that firms need an Integrated External Engagement strategy with components including defining a company’s unique contribution, knowing stakeholders, radical engagement, applying  world-class management and measuring outcomes.
An example of such a strategy could include measuring and reducing corporate carbon footprints. Following could be considered: Exploit new markets Exploit new products Exploit new applications Exploitation of growth of sub markets. Following alternatives could be identified; Be Visible About Commitment to Survive Raise the Costs of Competing Introduce New Products & Cover New Segments Reduce Competitors Exit Barriers Create a Dominant Brand in Fragmented Declining Market Purchase a Competitors Market Share or Production Capacity.
Email marketing can increase the effectiveness of your strategic internet marketing efforts.
This combination of beauty and functionality gives your internet marketing system the ability to reach out to consumers, get your product in front of them, and gets them to buy.
Will2Design recognizes the importance of good design, clear communication, and insightful ways to address various audiences within one site in order to increase the effectiveness of your web marketing efforts.
There are also evidences that some CSR practices such as responsible sourcing and energy conservation can reduce costs and improve a company’s bottom line. By engaging with a broad range of stakeholders from the board to local management and other strategic business units, an organization can involve itself in those CSR schemes that are really important to its stakeholders. This approach gives your internet marketing and business marketing efforts a solid base with which to build your business on.
Also, through a process of engagement, all stakeholders can own the strategy and begin to see how their functions help achieve the corporate CSR strategy. Moreover, any CSR strategy must be connected to a company’s purpose and should have outcomes that can be measured in terms of value added to the business.

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