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Going viral happens most often with popular culture, most recently the 273+ million views for ‘What Does The Fox Say’, and most famously with Gangnam style at 1.8 billion views. Before you get depressed because you don’t happen to have a hot Hollywood producer on your speed dial, note that we are not just talking about a YouTube video which might or might not go viral. The lesson in drowning prevention is don’t create something just for YouTube and hope it goes viral. With no knowledge of how or why it was developed, here is what I would suggest as a strategy with the video. Identify stakeholders – public safety officials, Coast Guard, surf lifeguards, marine rescue organizations, boat manufacturers, and, of course, lifejacket manufacturers.
Work with local networks to identify whether certain amounts of air times has to be dedicated to pro-bono public safety messages (as is the case in the States). Develop a social media campaign with coupons and directions to participating merchants – drive traffic to them and sell more life jackets and also push the YouTube video. If you think we need to be more creative in spreading safety messages, click here to tweet ‘Viral content spreads information faster than any other form of media.
Going Viral: What Star Wars Did to its New Stars on Social Media You are using an outdated browser.
A Fresh Perspective!On Health Insurance, Age, and DeathMy House Guide to Sustainable, Simple, and Healthy Living12 Simple Ways to Start Living an Awesome Earth Friendly Lifestyle Today! This work by Rob Greenfield is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Glioblastoma is a notoriously difficult-to-treat brain cancer with an often poor prognosis. At the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute, three scientists are planning to create a virus capable of destroying brain cancer. It sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but it isn't hypothetical - the researchers were recently awarded a grant from the Commonwealth Research Commercialization Fund, part of the Center for Innovative Technology, to engineer a viral therapy. The scientists' goal is to eradicate glioblastomas, particularly nasty cancerous tumors found in the brain. One of the major problems with treating glioblastomas is that it's nearly impossible to surgically remove every cancerous cell.
The obvious answer is to douse the remaining cells with chemotherapy drugs, but glioblastomas are resistant to all but one. It takes about 14 years to develop and produce a new drug that may or may not be as efficacious as a currently available pharmaceutical, Sheng said.
ACT1 - developed in Gourdie's laboratory at the Medical University of South Carolina before the laboratory relocated to the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute - was designed to enhance electrical communication between cardiac cells. Gourdie and his team discovered that the peptide also halves healing time of skin ulcers, by preventing the swelling and scar tissue formation that comes with the opened floodgates.
Recent studies point to connexin 43, one of the proteins that ACT1 targets, as a participant in desensitizing glioblastomas to TMZ. The scientists injected animal glioblastoma model with ACT1, TMZ, or a combination of the two. Viruses operate by infecting cells and introducing genetic material - they hijack the cell body to do its bidding. The process will repeat, as Lamouille continues to add pieces to change what the plasmid is capable of doing. There are no guarantees that the virus will prove the best way to deliver ACT1 to the glioblastoma cells, though. Once the scientists test the efficacy and safety of the virus and the wafer in the laboratory, they plan to proceed with clinical trials in dogs.
The study goes full circle, beyond the benefits of developing a treatment for fatal disease, to the fundamental science that led to the development of ACT1. A combination of the myxoma virus and the immune suppressant rapamycin can kill glioblastoma multiforme, the most common and deadliest malignant brain tumor, according to Moffitt Cancer Center research.
Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute scientist Robert Gourdie developed a wound-healing peptide while researching how electrical signals trigger heartbeats. Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have found one of the keys to why certain glioblastomas a€“ the primary form of a deadly brain cancer a€“ are resistant to drug therapy. Every year, about 100,000 Americans are diagnosed with brain tumors that have spread from elsewhere in the body. 16 diagnosed with ovarian cancer and a control group of 20 with no cancer diagnosis - nearly all of the women were found to carry cancer-associated gene mutations. The largest-ever study to sequence the whole genomes of breast cancers has uncovered five new genes associated with the disease and 13 new mutational signatures that influence tumour development. But instead, Trump puts his life on the line, has to take time away from his wife and 10 year old in order to make a difference. This is a very very unique time in our country’s history along with Trumps very real appeal and a good journalist should be capturing this movement which is really about American Patriotism.

That phenomenon when something is picked up and takes on a life of it’s own – it hits a chord and people are moved to share, and share, and share. The flight attendants, the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) and the Virgin marketing people were all involved to ensure that the video was not just entertaining but also conformed to very rigid established protocols.
Virgin knows the demographics of their audience and appropriately incorporated a wide range of music and dance that would appeal to that audience. We are talking about creating a lasting safety message and also distributing the message to a wider audience outside the target audience. Look at the demographics of when your target audience is watching and push hard to have 30 second clip embedded into programming.
Have them show the spot on TV’s in their showrooms or use Qcodes to direct smartphones to the YouTube spot. I’d use it as a recruiting tool for the Coast Guard, just as I think the Capitola Junior Lifeguard video should be a recruiting video for junior lifeguard programs. Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute scientists are developing innovative cross-disciplinary therapies to treat the cancer.
The only effective drug available to treat this type of cancer is temozolomide, known as TMZ. Gautam Ghatnekar, Gourdie's postdoctoral associate at the time, founded FirstString Research, Inc., to further test and develop the peptide's pharmaceutical uses. Gourdie and Sheng realized that if the cancer cells were treated with ACT1, they might become sensitive to TMZ again. The tumors that received the combination were significantly smaller, and, in some cases, not visible at all. Now the researchers need to figure out how to get the peptide consistently to the right place at the right time with the TMZ. Samy Lamouille, a research assistant professor at the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute and the head of discovery at FirstString Research, plans to design a virus capable of carrying ACT1 directly to the glioblastoma cells. Eventually, Lamouille will end up with a virus that will target cancer cells and infect them with the genetic ability to express ACT1. The other option Gourdie, Sheng, and Lamouille are exploring is to use biodegradable material, called a wafer, loaded with the ACT1 and TMZ. Trump could easily be paid millions to be the key note speakers around the globe because he has such a positive message. No way is Trump running for President for any other reason than to truly make America great again.
He is finally meeting millions of people who love this country as much as he does and it energizes him. To date, it has only come close once in drowning prevention, and never in video – the most effective ‘gone viral’ medium. Imagine if every drowning prevention video incorporated exactly the words from the International Open Water Drowning Prevention Guidelines.
If their primary audience were only over 70, they might have done Frank Sinatra, 50’s, or Big Band music. We need video, but it needs to be part of a bigger overall strategy with the secondary audience of YouTube in mind as part of a social media strategy. Work with local department of public health and safety and drowning prevention organizations to run the campaign during ‘water safety awareness week‘ and include the spot in education campaigns.
With the current standard of treatment - including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation - a patient might live an extra two months beyond that. If those two proteins do bind, it opens the floodgates, allowing the cells' viscera to escape. It would be tricky, since ACT1 is short lived and must be administered frequently to maintain the communication benefits. He'll take a plasmid - a small molecule of DNA that can replicate - and splice in new characteristics.
Trump is obviously very touched by the support and he is very unique in that he has the confidence, experience and street smarts to go into any situation and OWN IT. Virgin clearly decided to invest in something that was going to get regular play that contributes to the Virgin brand, and then use social media as a secondary method of engaging their target and possibly future customers (clearly the demographics of YouTube viewers). Glioblastomas make it a point to know their enemy, and the cells quickly become resistant to TMZ as well. But if Gourdie and Sheng combined their efforts, they could tackle the disease in a completely novel way. One of the first is a genetic sequence that will help the virus target cancer cells by making the virus express a receptor for cytokine interleukin 13, a receptor that is highly expressed in glioblastomas. The wafer would release the drugs gradually, treating the leftover cancer cells slowly to destroy the TMZ resistance. I’ve talked before about it being necessary to be a consistent presence on social media for any organization, and I’ve talked before about how to do social media well, but it is much harder to create a video that goes viral (because it is always video that gets the biggest audience).

Instead they identified the ‘typical’ customer of Virgin and also engaged their tech-savvy selfie-snapping audience by offering them a chance to appear in a Virgin video. The flip side, will anyone listen when they have heard the same (boring) safety message over and over? The new safety video was announced in a press release which announced that Virgin would be celebrating with 20% off flights for a period of time just after the launch. They also riffed on modern culture with electronic cigarettes, cool headphones, and a full array of tech devices. It’s a great video – fast paced, exciting, great role models and it gets high marks from my unofficial in-house focus group of one, my son, who asked to watch it again and said he was more likely to wear a lifejacket after watching. Leads Daisy Ridley (Rey) and John Boyega (Finn) were relatively unknown before the premiere and are now megastars.How has big screen success affected Ridley and Boyega on social media? Does silver screen fame transfer to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram?Marketers can learn a lot from the two new stars’ patterns of virality, but let’s get down to what’s really important.
Notice how some of the key words (FAA required, I believe), were repeated, without music or singing, by Virgin flight attendants.
Adam Driver avoided the social media limelight all together (method character preparation for the dark side?).Before the premiere, Daisy’s Instagram account had reached 200,000 followers and Boyega had attracted 226,000 followers on Twitter.
In December, her Facebook page had a 72% engagement rate (15,072 likes, comments, or shares per post) to John’s 56% rate (7,573 engagements per post).Image courtesy StarWars WikiaDid silver screen fame translate into social media virality after the Force Awakens premiere? Boyega engaged with his social media following with a fun video of him surprising fans, which he tweeted and shared on Facebook.
It became his most-liked tweet and Facebook post ever.Boyega and Ridley’s “candid” posts — like the poorly lit, handheld smartphone video above — are the most successful.
The two stars are still learners, but it’s clear that they’re beginning to master Twitter and Instagram. In December — when fans were willing to like everything they posted — Ridley and Boyega shared just 10 and 12 updates respectively. As shown below, in a graph made using Crowdbabble, Ridley didn’t share anything on her public Facebook page in the critical days after the premiere.Similarly, Boyega shared nothing on Facebook for six days post-premiere. Ridley and Boyega now boast about 310,000 and 146,000 Facebook likes respectively, but for stars in the biggest movie of all time, the numbers could be higher. The first order of business the week after the premiere should have been to post every day on all platforms, to turn the hype into a lasting following.Adam Driver’s Facebook fan page, not under his control, lags well behind his light side counterparts at just 21,266 likes.
But what about Kylo Ren?The Empire Strikes BackWhile the franchise’s new stars have been slow to gain momentum on social media, the characters they play are going viral. Rey and Finn might be a big deal in the resistance, but Kylo Ren and Darth Vader are a bigger deal on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Added together, dark side and light, Star Wars’ stars and characters have surprisingly low fan numbers.
With millions of movie tickets sold, shouldn’t they have millions of likes?When the Resistance and the First Order Both LoseA viral sensation that began on social media, like Alex from Target, only attracts more fans as it snowballs and is picked up in old media (TV, radio). After appearances on TV following his breakthrough on Twitter, Alex from Target now enjoys more than 739,000 followers on the platform and 1.8 million on Instagram.
That’s more than seven times the original number of people who engaged with the initial tweet that made him viral.How does Daisy Ridley, star of the biggest movie in the world, have 800,000 fewer Instagram followers than Alex Lee, a teenage Target cashier?
Adoration for Rey and Finn, it seems, doesn’t make it from the silver screen to the computer screen. They haven’t translated into interest in updates on Daisy and John’s personal lives and projects via their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.Why didn’t LucasFilm launch social media accounts for all new characters?
Publishing Facebook pages for Rey and Finn before the movie’s release would have been an exciting Like for Star Wars fans. After the release, character pages could have kept movie viewers engaged — and acted as a bridge between adored characters and the (relatively) unknown stars who play them. Below, Ridley’s most engaging Instagram hashtags (collected using Crowdbabble):The three most popular hashtags are related to Rey. As proven by Tim Tai and Alex from Target, it’s grassroots, bottom-up virality that sticks. Ridley and Boyega’s candid shots, as well as Emo Kylo Ren’s complaining, make them come across like eager participants in a beloved storyline, not polished products of a huge business.Was Star Wars’ box office boom reflected on social media after the premiere? On social media, there is no try: engagement suffers when posts are infrequent and half-hearted. This seems to be a lesson that the dark side (like Emo Kylo Ren) has learned, but the light side has not.Episode VIII does not come out until May 2017.

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