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For the cables I will use whatever comes with what I buy until the Quail group buy I am in goes through. I don't know about speakers & speaker stands but you'll definately need to replace that onboard sound. I've owned their Taylo Reference speakers which are very well made and sounds great to boot. The 0404 is indeed bit perfect and the preferred method of use is with ASIO instead of Kernel Streaming (though the card supports both). I tend to stay away from Monster's products in general, but unless you have some extremely dirty power in your house, I doubt it'll be a problem. I need to make sure that in this list I will have everything I need to plug everything in and listen to the speakers plugged into my computer.
I am going to run this from the SPDIF output on the 404 into the Benchmark DAC1, so I only need 1 cable right? I reccomend, if your budget will allow, that you get the Benchmark DAC1 or Bel Canto DAC2 to use as your source. As long as it is bit-perfect, I don't think a more expensive sound card yields significantly better digital quality.

You probably don't want to go much over this because after this point, prices go insanely high for minimal gain.
Dude I think you went a bit heavy at A?75 - I picked up 2 (L) for A?35 for the pair on ebay.Ah these were mint condition and from a big seller.
Please try to answer the copious amounts of questions and please comment on everything--even the merchants I am buying from.
These are external DACs (Digital to Analog Converters) are extremely high quality and people who own them say they are worth every penny.
Also, I'll just add that I don't see the use of a preamp in a computer setup considering the soundcard already does what a preamp does.
If you're in the US, any pro-audio store like guitar center will have the big boys there for you to listen to. Since these require either coaxial or optical SPDIF connections, you'll need to get a soundcard with an optical or coaxial SPDIF output. If you get really efficient speakers, you can save money by getting either a sonic impact amp or a teac 30w amp. Optical is preferred with computers because it isolates the DAC from the computer's noisy power.

Consider chinese amps direct from China without warranty like Jungson, Classic, Korsun, and the like. You could use any card you like, however most don't provide output that is "bit-perfect," or is exactly the original signal.
Eeeeeeeexcellent.Pretty much, luckily i have sympathetic parents who are letting me live with them free until i find work, hopefully i can repay em one dayPro Tip. SoundStorm and all Creative cards (the SoundBlaster & Audigy series) are not bit-perfect.
You'll pay a big premium to buy these amps stateside with warranty but maybe it's worth it to you for that security.

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