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Wist je dat het schrijven van de perfecte marketingtekst echt helemaal geen bal met creativiteit te maken heeft? De Persado-software is in staat zelfstandig reclame-boodschappen te schrijven en het bedrijf krijgt nu een zak geld ($30 miljoen) van bank Goldman Sachs om zijn ambities te verwezenlijken. Het idee is ontstaan in 2010, toen topman Assaf Baciu en Alex Vratskides werkzaam waren bij Upstream, een bedrijf in de mobiele marketing. Behalve Goldman Sachs investeren ook alle investeerders uit een vorige ronde opnieuw in het bedrijf, waaruit we kunnen afleiden dat er behoorlijk wat vertrouwen is in een goede afloop.
Zij zagen hoe het veranderen van een enkel woord een enorm effect kon hebben op de cijfers en vroegen zich af of je daar algoritmes voor kon ontwikkelen of er andere concepten uit de kunstmatige intelligentie op kon toepassen.
Volgens topman Assaf Baciu zouden er al 4000 reclame-campagnes hebben gedraaid met teksten van de software, waarbij er een stijging van bijna 50% was in de zogenaamde conversion rates (percentage mensen dat klikt of koopt). Oftewel, dat de kunstmatig intelligente tekstschrijvers gewoon lekker gaan verkopen en geen banners maken waarin de holocaust ontkend wordt, ofzo. This is one of the main reasons that different kinds of businesses these days put in a lot of effort to ensure good visibility of their ads on different websites.  This has proven to directly influence their revenue and growth path.
Persado kan zelf cognitive content ontwikkelen, zoals Baciu het noemt, teksten die erop gericht zijn de doelgroep aan te spreken.

A few points are given below:The first place to be seen is on social networking websites that have a lot of users.
Ensure that the ads are well designed with the right kind of graphics and design and make it noticeable even if it is just a banner ad.Website design plays another major role. Some brands have earned a name for themselves that even overshadows the product and this they have achieved with some quality marketing techniques. Their plus point has always been their unique and attention grabbing techniques and this goes a long way for business growth as well. A little bit of innovative designing with the right kind of content on the website is all that is required to get the perfect listing on search engines and the best visibility as well. Increased traffic to the website in most cases is a direct reflection of the business prospect.Mobile technology has grown leaps and bounds and is the most suitable place to market any product. This category includes tablets and mobile phones and with an ever-increasing number of mobile subscribers this is probably the best way to advertise a product.
An innovative marketing technique, taking care not to irritate the user, is a good business growth proposition.Another current trend is video ads on different websites ranging from news broadcasting ones to social media. The impact of well made video even if it lasts for just a couple of minutes has proven to be highly successful.

There are specialists who create such ads and are able to script and make a short ad for a product that catches the viewer’s attention.
They take care to advertise on websites relevant to the product as well.Population and location specific ads also make a lot of difference to the website or product.
The impact on global products is the kind of personalization it offers to a particular audience and targeting a smaller group based on their preferences is very helpful.Future of Online MarketingIt goes without saying that the future of online marketing is bright and is the best way to work out strategies for any business. There are several marketing companies offering professional services to suit different business modules and these include website designing, website development, SEO tools, social media exposure etc. Proper distribution is the key to success no matter what service or product you are selling.

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