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Here are my top five top tips for creating online promotional video content for your business which will help you to engage with customers and generate new business.
I would of course recommend engaging a professional production company to produce your online promotional video.
There’s a lot of talk about video content going viral and reaching millions of viewers in a very short period of time.
However, you can certainly increase your chances of your video content going viral within a target market sector. Whilst there are plenty of places you can host your online promotional video these days the one that is going to help you most in achieving better SEO is YouTube – because it is part of Google and used by them in search returns. Once you have your online promotional video up on YouTube you need to spread the word about it.
Finally, make sure you tell all your existing clients, suppliers, colleagues and friends about it and ask them what they think and to ‘Like’ it if they do. If you have read this far then you’ve already realised that producing an online promotional video would be a great idea for your business. If you want to produce an online promotional video, but don’t have the time or inclination to learn the basic skills, then maybe it’s time to bring in the professionals who can do it all for you. Video Artisan - the video production company of choice for your next business film or video media project. Promotional Video - Corporate Video Production - Web & YouTube video - Training Films - Product launch Promos - Event filming - Multi & Single-camera Conference Coverage - Video Blogging - Video Search Engine Optimisation - Format Conversions and Duplication - Freelance Videography - Freelance Cameraman - Freelance Editor. Only 30-minutes from Central London and Stansted Airport – 5-minutes from Britain’s Motorway Network – 1-minute from the beauty of Epping Forest. Chris Yacoubian’s life was on an exciting, but exhausting, path until a twist of fate inspired him to make a change. Copyright NoticeUnless otherwise stated, all images, graphics, videos and text on this website are copyright of 'Kevin Cook' trading as 'Video Artisan' (see contact section for details). Coming up with good Facebook post ideas for promotional products distributors isn’t as easy as you might think. In the past, I’ve put out guides for distributors to learn how to get started with social media and one for getting started using Facebook. Below are 7 Facebook posts that distributors can (and should) use on their pages to help boost their visibility in the News Feed and keep their customers coming back for more orders. Facebook contests are an incredibly easy way to get attention to your business page and fast. Whether you decide to run your own offer or pay to run an offer using Facebook’s tool, this is a fun way to incentivize your fans throughout the year.
If you have a newsletter or catalog that you email out to your clients, give it the greatest possible chance for exposure and share it to your page. Times have changed for insurance agents when it comes to marketing, and social media is a big part of the new picture.
They just aren’t that familiar with how Facebook works and truly don’t know where to start.
Don’t miss out on the power of Facebook for your business due to these or other factors.
If you only post about bundling discounts, it’s easy to understand why your page doesn’t get a ton of engagement. Sharing comments and inspirational quotes that move you gives your Facebook followers insight into your personality. As an insurance agent, you have a lot more expertise and life advice to offer than you might realize. Because Facebook is all about social engagement and interaction, it makes sense that the holidays pack a big, effective punch. Giveaways are prizes and promotional items used as incentives for participants in contests held by businesses or party hosts. Buy one pair of concert tickets to an upcoming event headlining a popular musician or comedian. Working adults who are experiencing financial problems can benefit from a bill payment giveaway. Partner with a restaurant or pizzeria to offer free food as one simple contest giveaway idea.
Giving students prizes in the classroom is a good way to keep interest alive and to incite good behavior and effort.
Exceptional tanning salon promotional ideas will reward you with an increase in sales in the present and future. The first valuable offer you can give to your client is a description of an experience they will have when they utilize your services.
It is important to have a realistic marketing strategy for your tanning salon business so that you can expect a good rate of return.

Just like any other business, it needs monitoring, research and implementation of certain strategies to keep it running. One of the best ways to find out ideas about promotions for the tanning salon business is to visit various salons.
Once you build a loyal following and have your marketing strategies in place your business will be able to reap the benefits of word of mouth marketing. Having video on your business website has become a vital part of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). But I’m equally aware that some companies and organisations might prefer to start off by producing their own content in-house – if only as a proof of concept.
Decide what you want your online promotional video to achieve and don’t waste a second of your film deviating from it.
Whilst this often happens with funny or current news clips on YouTube, gathering viral momentum for an online promotional video is extremely challenging.
The simplest way to make your target audience to want to share your online promotional video it will have to be full of valuable information and of sector-wide relevance or interest.
The first stage of this is to embed the YouTube version on the main splash page of your site – and enable it to play within that webpage. However, the problem with great ideas is that they’re useless unless you put them into action. Sure, you can post photos of new products and remind people that placing orders ahead of time is smart planning, but that can get repetitive quickly. Just make sure that you make the terms of the contest clear and that you share with your page the winner too. Whether it’s funny videos and status updates, or the latest memes, Facebook is still fun and social.
While it’s not necessarily a new business driver, it’s a must-have aspect of marketing that helps maintain relationships with your policyholders and ensures long-term customer value.
Here are seven of the most effective types of posts for insurance agents, including examples from professionals across the country. Whether it’s an image from a community event your agency participated in or a beautiful photo you captured over the weekend, these posts personalize your brand image and make your business more socially approachable.
One way to make the most of your Facebook page is by sharing your knowledge about policies and related areas. Dog images provide a surefire way to capture the hearts (and likes) of your insurance page’s following. While free of charge, giveaway items are usually provided to one person or group who wins the contest or is randomly selected from all eligible participants. Concert tickets are good contest giveaways that can be used to reward teenage or adult participants. Many print publications provide subscription opportunities that are more than 50 percent less than their cover price. Decorative items, cooking accessories, home improvement tools and appliances make good contest giveaway ideas. It’s a good idea to put emphasis on the benefits your clients will receive from getting a tan versus the feature you have at your facility. It could be a very descriptive explanation of the smell of tanning lotion and how your lotion makes their body glow or the feel of your tanning bed and the benefits it offers to your clients.
All else being equal, a website that includes video content will rank higher than one without video. The following five tips should help these organisations in the process and enable them to start harnessing the power of video on their website. Our attention spans have become extremely short and you will lose an audience the moment you stop engaging them. Only add humour to your video if you are confident that it will not offend anyone – and only if it’s actually funny and not just to you!
Think if what your intended audience is searching for on Google use that within the title and also within the additional description. You should then share the news about your video through all your online social and business networking channels and post copies there if you can. If you are still determined to produce the film yourself then start by writing out your script and then set about planning the shooting and editing stage. If you are at this stage then please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation consultation. I’ve spent some time looking at a wide variety of Facebook pages that distributors have put together and have selected some of the most successful trends to share with you. In short, the News Feed is where people will see your posts and if your posts are regularly receiving likes and comments, their likelihood of showing up decreases dramatically. Just make sure you’re showcasing the products in the best way possible and use high quality photos with accompanying links for additional information.

Some of the most liked posts from business pages are of things you and your coworkers are doing in and around the office. Step outside of the norm ever now and then to share something that might peak their interest in a different way too. It also helps keep you top of mind, and you know how important that is for referral business! Instead, offer up advice and information to your Facebook followers by finding and posting interesting articles that are written by others.
Stay reader-focused, thinking about what they would find interesting and pertinent to their lives. Educate your policyholders about animal-related crashes in a digestible way, for example, or remind them how important life insurance really is with a staggering statistic. Funny images, memes and videos are easy recipes for a good laugh, plus they keep you top of mind with your followers in the process. Whether you brought your dog to work or came across one throughout your day, snap that pic and share away!
Contest giveaways can be used to build customer mailing lists, entertain party guests, conduct market research or generate publicity.
Ticket prices can be expensive for the average consumer when surcharges are added to their purchase. Determine a list of restrictions in advance to limit the possibility of future legal battles regarding this type of contest giveaway idea. The person or entity running a contest can also purchase a gift certificate from one popular restaurant and give it to the winner.
Furniture is another household item that provides long term benefits to contest participants. Your promotion should be something you are offering to the client — of course something of value! Take mental notes about everything concerning each company, including prices, customer service, safety warnings, cleanliness, models of tanning beds and more. Learning how to market your tanning salon via the Internet will drive people to your website as well as to your salon.
There is no minimum time an online promotional video should run for so if you can get your message over in a few seconds then do. Also, always use YouTube’s tagging facility to its maximum capacity with both long and short word descriptions of your content and the audience it’s aimed at. If you are a complete video-novice there are plenty of free online resources that will cover the basics of how to shoot and edit video. As we are well into 2014, it’s important to know just how important it is to have high quality Facebook posts for your business; they significantly impact your brands visibility.
Think of yourself as a thought leader bringing interesting and relevant information to your fans. Giving away concert tickets for contest prizes allows participants to watch their favorite artists perform live on stage. The restrictions should include a cutoff amount for bills due by any winning participant in the contest. Giveaway contest sponsors who have a flexible spending budget can also provide subscriptions to trade magazines or premium print publications and newspapers. This makes it even more important that you are posting things that will receive attention on your pages. Food giveaways can benefit contests directed toward either a general population or niche demographic including college students, parents and couples. Magazine subscriptions are good contest giveaway ideas that fit a variety of spending budgets.
Stove top grills, stereos, TV stands and small appliances such as microwaves can be used for contests that are being operated using a low budget.
Once you have them knocking at your door you must impress them with your facilities, friendly and skilled professionals as well as give them a quick tour boasting about all of your amenities.
Don’t be tempted to include copyright music on your online promotional video as YouTube will detect it and will often remove content altogether. The ability to generate interests from a variety of participants makes food among the most flexible contest giveaway ideas.
Bill payments can be made on behalf of account holders to ensure the giveaway prize is spent properly.

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