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One of my favorite things to do with the iPhone is play around with all the cool photo editing apps (a bunch of these apps are also available for droid as well). Before I begin my list, I first need to state that my #1 favorite photo app far and beyond is Instagram.
Kami Bigler runs the blog: NoBiggie, a montage of her favorite things, including crafting, cooking, and celebrating holidays. I’ve used the snapseed app… starbucks had it as one of their free apps of the week things and it is truly amazing! Very useful info.Apart from this can I get an app which allows me to make a movie with all my edited images? Aviary is an awesome free app that has filters, text, stickers (including thought bubbles.), blemish fix, and teeth whitening.
Instafusion Top iPad Photo-Editing Apps for Iphone and Ipad(Universal)!!!Buy once and use an all devices!! Of course, most accidental drops come from actually using the device, so a sleeve might not be the best option for the ultimate protection, but for those who usually go caseless and want some added protection, a sleeve can be a good option.
CameraTimer – I just got this one, but I love the of trying to be in more of the pics WITH my kids.

It’s become my default camera app, but it also has fun filters and pretty great editing options. Do you want to make your shots awesome, no matter if they are old vintage black and white or new high resolution colorful images, by applying a plethora of special effects?. Try PhotoSplash Fx that has following unique features that you can’t find in any other app altogether.
I downloaded Phonto because I needed to make a book cover, and I have Snapseed to initially edit the photo. I spend 3 days straight looking for 3 things I wanted in a photo editor and never did get thru the apps but downloaded and deleted MANY. I would like to inquire whether they are really providing such huge amount of discount or this is a myth???
There are so many photo editing apps out there, so sometimes it helps to hear what people personally like before you buy it or download it.
They sure did something right to make it not only a place to edit pictures but to make it social at the same time. Very similar to Instagram, only without the social aspect of following people (though you can share photos to FB, Twitter, etc.) I love it!

As I continue to learn these apps and photoshop, it’s a great way to get the photos I want fast. Being an experienced photographer, are you tired of image editors having several critical limitations?
Won’t it be cool if you had a choice of 130+ built-in effects on different parts of the same image with numerous attempts and still having the option of creating your own custom effects ?
Would you like to have option to make favorite list of built-in effects to choose them easily for future?
You can also share your masterpiece with your friends through Email, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picassa, even export to iPhoto and photoshop or post it in form of card to anywhere in the world.

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