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Studying abroad can be a great way to give yourself an edge in the journalism job market or journalism internship hunt.First, you can build your portfolio by helping out in a media outlet’s foreign bureau. These days, journalists need to be their own entrepreneurs and promote themselves – and their work – like a brand.
There are many different formats you can use when writing a resume for a journalism job or journalism internship, but here are a few guidelines:Keep it simple and brief – no more than one typed-page. There are a few dos and don’ts for writing a cover letter for a journalism job or journalism internship. New photojournalism students need to understand photography is about nouns while photojournalism is verbs.
All of the gloomy reports about newspaper circulation rapidly dropping, network news ratings declining and reporters being laid off might lead you to believe that journalism itself is dying. Attitude is EverythingThere are some fields that almost any semi-intelligent and college-educated person can get a job in.
I tried to have this encode some DV video (13GB each) to DVD, no editing, no authoring, just import and burn.
Particularly good in Video Capturing (with time marks and Audio) when comparing with DVD Factory 1.0. But the SVCD made with this program could not be viewed smoothly with my DVD player (AIWA) while the one made with DVD Factory could (even SVCDs were made with the same parameters).
If anyone has actually made this thing work well enough to recommend it, please let me know your secret. Learn how to write a brief, concise, and convincing cover letter that is well-organized and can accompany your resume.
If you were referred by someone indicate by whom, using the name of a contact or mutual acquaintance. Restate your interest in the position and demonstrate how your unique qualifications fit the position. If possible, indicate that you will contact the addressee at a specific date or time to arrange a mutually convenient appointment time. This time around, I'm looking at videogame quotes: well-written or not, intentionally enlightening or not, what are the ten most meaningful videogame quotes in gaming memory? Defining meaning is obviously a subjective exercise -- which is just another way of saying "you're going to disagree with me" -- but you may still find the list quasi-interesting. Hit the jump and gain total enlightenment, but be warned as there is a massive BioShock spoiler within.
Prior to the release of John Romero's Daikatana, the long-haired developer -- still riding high from his Doom and Quake successes -- released a rather striking, minimalist, full-page ad in multiple gaming magazines.
From there, everyone knows the story: Daikatana was delayed, then sucked complete balls upon release, and Romero faded into relative gaming obscurity. Simultaneously immersive and frustrating, beautifully worded but logically irritating, this one line epitomizes both the strengths and flaws of the classic text adventure. Because, when you really get right down to it, "a maze of twisty passages, all alike" is a horrendously confusing thing to read when you're trying to make your way out of a maze. Gamers are no strangers to horrible, horrible dialogue; whether we're getting haphazardly-translated Engrish from our friends in the Orient or simply suffering from lazy writers, awful dialogue and videogames tragically tend to go hand in hand.
If you ever wonder why so many gamers have a hard time taking interactive storytelling seriously, "you were almost a Jill sandwich" is the reason why. Ben Croshaw partially covered this in a recent video, but consider the ridiculousness of a survival horror game which, despite containing insanely supenseful gameplay, has one of the most laughably convoluted and poorly written plots in gaming history?
The adorably bad writing found in so many, many, many videogames serve as a constant reminder to better, more story-conscious game developers: this is what you need to be better than We'll never be truly rid of horrendous dialogue and plot -- every storytelling medium has its share of lazy creators -- but it's nice to have cringe-inducing lines like "Jill sandwich" to remind us that games could, and should, be much more than just decently entertaining gameplay wrapped around an irrelevant or stupid story. Leisure Suit Larry dealt with sex jokes, Sam and Max dabbled in anthropomorphic absurdity, and the Monkey Island series, with its insult swordfighting and fiendishly difficult puzzles, nimbly jumped back and forth between the high- and lowbrow. When the player wasn't scratching their head over how to get past one of any number of frustratingly difficult puzzles, they were rewarded with some of the sharpest, most clever writing in the history of videogame storytelling.
Apart from containing a technologically astounding gameplay mechanic, Portal helped remind gaming cynics like me that games can not only be fun, innovative, and challenging in today's world of endless sequels and ripoffs, but friggin' hilarious as well. GLadDOS constantly drops darkly humorous hints considering the character's past and future. If we're lucky, future game writers might take a few cues from Erik Wolpaw and learn that where humor is concerned, we gamers are much more likely to latch onto dark, witty irony than idiotic machismo.
Portal's writing doesn't quite match the level of a Monkey Island or a Sam and Max, but it gets close enough in a time of awful one-liners and obvious jokes that it is, in its own way, slightly more uplifting and meaningful.
Anyone over the age of twelve can nostalgically remember a time when videogames, despite being considered an exclusively "nerd" pastime, had a happy-go-lucky quality to them. The quote which defines this era will differ for each gamer according to which game he or she played most frequently. As the shady, sallow asshole with the weird vocal rhythm leaned down to manipulate a character who I had come to admire and feel empathy for, I almost yelled at the screen.
Upon hearing the G-Man whisper those words to Alyx, I suddenly understood that I had been wholeheartedly enveloped by Half-Life: Episode Two's story and characters. Additionally, this quote speaks volumes concerning one of the Half-Life saga's main themes -- namely, the constantly chaotic, unpredictable, seemingly contradictory nature of life. Even after most of the world has been turned into nuclear ash, even after the world governments have crumbled and the social infrastructure decays into anarchy, even when, after the greatest and most horrible war of all, the human race has every reason to band together in an effort to save one another from total annihilation -- they don't.
Fallout may be one of the most cynical, nihilistic game franchises in existence, which also makes it one of my personal favorites. In the world of Fallout you can do varying amounts of good on your quest through the Wastelands but, more often than not, your efforts can be just as easily undone by bad luck or the corruption of others. Without getting into a current sociopolitical discussion, let me just say that the themes suggested in Fallout (punishment of morality in an immoral world, the hypocrisy of authority, the petty and violent nature of humankind) can be seen quite clearly even today.
Perhaps it was my feeble, insipid, six-year-old mind getting ahead of itself, but I fully expected the Princess to be waiting for me at the end of every goddamned castle. It was fun getting to the not-Princess every time, don't get me wrong, but after continually not-finding her over seven worlds of gameplay, the Nintendo Entertainment System began to feel a little bit like work. Not only is this a moving, shocking, and all-around incredible quote about the consequences of blindly accepting authority, but it also represents one of the single most insightful statements ever made about videogaming in general. When the player finds out that he has been subliminally controlled by Atlas throughout the entire game, he or she experiences a very sudden, shocking reassessment of values. Why, upon first entering Rapture, do you inject a Plasmid into his veins for seemingly no reason? BioShock wants us to question authority and instruction not just for the big stuff -- politics, work, education and so on -- but for videogaming, as well.
One might suggest that questioning authority in a videogame, where structure is more or less mandatory and even the most nonlinear games still have an inescapably linear storyline, would be an ultimately meaningless gesture. For these reasons, "would you kindly" is, quite simply, the most meaningful videogame quote of all time. Daniel Miller’s Texas Nationalist Movement has been recruiting people statewide to help sign a petition to add a nonbinding referendum on secession to the Republican primary ballot in March. Re: “Texan declares own brand of secession — Leader trying to distance himself from predecessors as group’s following grows,” Sept. The military and all of the military contractors would withdraw all bases and support facilities from Texas, since Texas would now be a foreign country. I’m sure that there would be other consequences, but my point is that the people who remained behind in the Republic of Texas had better be prepared for a drastically reduced economy. All of these changes would be at great cost to Texans and to the rest of the people in the United States, since the moves would be made with tax dollars. If you are not happy with the government in Washington, maybe you should just find better candidates who would represent the interests of all of their constituents and not just a narrow few. What you will usually hear is silence because most secessionists never think that far ahead. We welcome and read all letters from readers, and we salute those people willing to sign their names to their opinions. I know I'm a little late to the party, but I thought I'd share how much I liked the design of the HGTV Green House by Linda Woodrum. But how are you supposed to send your clips?Electronically.Scan and save your publication clips as PDFs that can be attached as e-mail files or uploaded to a website (like this).
Even journalists with 20+ years experience manage to keep their resume to one page, so ther’s no reason a young journalists shouldn’t be able to do the same. Avoid gaudy resumes with unusual fonts or bright paper as they attract attention for the wrong reasons.
After your first year of college, leave off any high school experiences as they are usually no longer relevant. The college newspaper is a great avenue to get bylines while having a great time and meeting lots of people in the process," Hight said. Programs such as The Washington Center and Institute on Political Journalism provide internship placements, housing and scholarships.
New online magazines or e-zines are invariably launching, and they're hungry for copy, according to Sree Sreenivasan, who runs the Columbia Journalism School's new media program.
But neighborhood weeklies, such as the Queens Chronicle, routinely accept submissions from student journalists.
With limited opportunities, competition is fierce, and interviewing skills may make or break a candidate.

Some of the best internships are with media outlets that attract many applicants but don't offer compensation.
You might get to do a lot more substantive work for a small newspaper than a large national paper. If your target is a big name company in a big city, start applying at least four months ahead of summer. If you plan to intern during the fall, you should launch your internship search no later than mid-June. But federal compensation laws make an exception for college students who enroll for credit and intern in a field specifically related to their college studies. Instead of thinking of themselves as only print journalists or broadcast journalists, they need to think of themselves as journalists, period.
Journalism is not one of them.You don't have to be the next Hemingway, but a career in the media does require a certain talent.
Fast, feature-rich and easy to use, the powerful set of integrated tools lets you create brilliant movies like a pro. Call the employer to get the correct name and spelling, the title, and address, email, or fax number. Which quotes actually teach or represent something important about game design, or even life in general?
It invariably arises manifests in the top personalities of any profession, and the games industry is certainly no exception. His fall, and the arrogant advertisement which started it all, nicely epitomize developer douchebaggery moreso than any other single sentence in the English language.
I find it hard to pick just one example of horrendous writing to stand for literal decades' worth, but, if only because I'm loathe to give "All Your Base" any position on any top ten list, Barry Burton's famous line from the original Resident Evil will do. Where, after almost being squished to death, a character responds not with a relatable statement of surprise like "JESUS CHRIST ARE YOU OKAY WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE," but by making a snarky joke about sandwiches? In many of the most popular franchises during the late 80's and early 90's, adventure fans experienced a quality of humorous or dramatic writing which, to my mind, has rarely been matched in the years since. From a writing point of view, everything the Monkey Island series is -- and everything the best adventure games were -- can be found in this quote. Remember when I said that the level of hilarity achieved in those seemingly simplstic games had rarely been matched since?
Less than 12 hours after the Orange Box hit Steam, you could find gamers singing the praises of the Weighted Companion Cube, showing appreciation for the snarky-yet-scary characterization of GLadDOS, and chanting "the cake is a lie" as if it were scripture. You could inextricably describe a game's plot and story in a single sentence ("you're a chef and you have to make hamburgers by running over the different ingredients and avoiding bad guys"). For my money, though, the final lines of Bad Dudes will never be matched, in grandeur or hilarious tone, by any other game from the period. They can elicit a greater emotional response, and, given their extended running times, the player can get more of a chance to become attached to his or her NPC co-stars. Everything the player does after first exiting the tram in the first Half-Life ends up having terrifingly far-reaching and unforeseen consequences. Rather than half-assedly cultivating a world-weary tone through a sepia color scheme and needlessly gruff-sounding protagonists (I'm looking at you, Gears of War), the Fallout series tells the tale of some people who try to act with common decency in a world utterly lacking in it, and who are subsequently tortured and killed and exiled for their troubles.
You can save the Ghouls of Necropolis from starvation, only to hear of their slaughter at the hands of Super Mutants.
Wars are driven by greed, necessity, stupidity, or fear -- and even after the cities have been burnt to cinders and the countryside irradiated, war will never change. We enjoy playing them, yes, but they also take a great deal of effort and frustration to actually complete. Sure, she wasn't in the last one, but hey -- life is full of infinite possibilities, and a game this fun wouldn't dream of continually frustrating me over and over by dangling the carrot of possible victory in front of my nose, only to yank it away once I've seemingly reached my goal, right? The kind of work I'd be absolutely ecstatic to go to everyday, granted, but work nonetheless. They rob the player of control, take him out of the moment, and force him to passively witness as the events of the game -- the events he is supposed to have some degree of local agency over. But if you're willing to take everything a videogame presents you with at face value, how much more are you capable of accepting without question? It deeply affects the player on both emotional and intellectual levels; not only that, but the intensity of the former inspires the latter. NASA would move its mission control center from Houston as well as any other facilities within the state. As a secession skeptic, the only question I will ever need to ask a secession supporter is: “Fine, we secede. You can file petitions and drum up as much support as you want for a cause that, on paper, sounds appealing, but when you cannot explain how to even get to the goal clearly and concisely, you lose my attention. Your comments are subject to our Terms of Service and the privacy policy and terms of service of your social network.
The letters chosen for publication are a representative sampling of the opinions shared with us. Many are severely understaffed and welcome the help.“While the crunch on foreign news budgets may limit the amount of staff correspondent posts available, it presents a golden opportunity for upstart journalists,” said Jason Motlagh, a freelancer who’s reported from West Africa, the Caucasus and Haiti.
Upload broadcast clips to YouTube or (if over 10 minutes) Vimeo and e-mail the links (like this).
Many career services offices will tell you to put your education information at the top of your resume.
Avoid gimmicky approaches as most internship coordinators and hiring editors have seen them all a dozen times. To make matters worse, as I was leaving, I accidentally hit a reporter's car -- with the hiring editor watching.
While making a good impression is important, many hiring editors will admit than an interview is just one of many things they consider when deciding whether to hire a reporter. But these opportunities can be the gateway to jobs because "experience" itself is prized by employers. Prospective employers are more likely to be impressed by the responsibilities you had than the name of the company you interned for. With the current state of the media and the economy, good entry-level positions might be difficult to come by. Check company listings -- many have specific application dates, and some as early as eight months prior to summer!
His work appears frequently in national and international magazines and newspapers, brochures, annual reports and billboards.
If your supervisor doesn't set up a work schedule with specified work hours and days, ask for one.
Write down important names and phone numbers as you are introduced to people, whether they be coworkers or sources for stories. Remember what got you the internship: all the classes you took, all the work you did, all the dreams you had.
And they must be able to report the news in publication, online or in front of a microphone.But while the way journalists do their job is changing, the fundamentals remain the same and as pertinent as ever. Whether you're practically a pro or a novice, PowerDirector is packed with intuitive and exciting features and is designed for superb handling to create brilliant high definition that will amaze your friends and family. It's brief, yet descriptive enough that your mind can fill in all the blanks: the details of what the maze looks to are ultimately up to you, but you're given enough information about the current location to make an informed gameplay decision.
The final showdown with the evil AI constantly jumps back and forth between the suspenseful (as you attempt to defeat her before she floods the room with poison gas) and the hysterical (as one of her personality spheres recites a recipe for cake). Gordon fights through Xen and destroys the Nihilianth, only to find that his initial actions in the test chamber may have summoned an even greater evil.
You can help the Brotherhood of Steel find new technology, but they'll use it to further their war-driven, quasi-fascist agenda. Before getting our ultimate reward, whatever it may be (a cool ending, a beautiful cut scene, a clever bonus level), we actually have to work to reach it. Ken Levine knows this, and chose to exploit it in creating one of the most memorable story twists of all time.
Fine -- you’re nothing better than a mindless, robotic slave, and you have essentially given up the human gift of choice.
If the player is asked to mow down armies of faceless baddies simply because they are "evil," what does that even mean? Many companies that have moved here in the last 20 years would relocate since they would want to continue as American corporations. While that pipe dream may sound appealing to most who enjoy delusions of grandeur, I am not one of those. We include all published letters on this blog and encourage readers to engage in a civil debate: Attack ideas, if you like, but not one another. While a newspaper or station may have posted your materials on its website, those links often expire, require passwords or cost money to access.
But, in journalism, experience (including internships and student media) usually matters more. The summer internship application deadline for the Washington Post, for example, is November 1.
Throughout the story, characters, conflicts and motives are revealed, explained and concluded.Still images remain the most powerful communication tool.

Previously, he was a staff photojournalist for for The Dallas Morning News (1996 - 2004) and The Beaumont Enterprise (2005 - 2008). Also read what others say about your media company: what's in trade magazines, such as American Journalism Review, or on websites, like Jim Romenesko's Media News.
Get a typical start and finish time, although be aware this may occasionally shift because news can happen at any time and, consequently, journalists often don't work a standard 9-to-5 workday. With the growing popularity of the Internet, gone are the days of print-only or TV-only newsrooms. You've got to really want to be a journalist.If you think you're going to go straight from college to the foreign desk of the New York Times or to sideline reporting for ESPN, you're delusional.
Then instantly started to spin up the drive for burning, while it tried to encode the dvd ON-THE-FLY WHILE BURNING. If you have any directly related experience or education, summarize it hear so that the reader can be looking for it in your resume. Later, while under the thumb of the G-Man, Gordon kills Wallace Breen and seemingly harms the Combine -- and is suddenly robbed of his victory by being put into stasis once again.
And no matter how much good you do in the original Fallout -- no matter how quickly you save the denizens of Vault 13 from dehydration and destroy the Super Mutant base -- you will always be cast out by a hypocritical, bureaucratic Vault Overseer who claims that your heroism will make you a bad role model for the other Vault Dwellers.
Having control taken away is, within the context of the story, a tangible punishment for accepting things on face value and blindly following orders. Many workers who moved here because of the jobs and the low taxes would want to remain in the United States, so they would leave. So, make your own electronic copies of your work samples.Better yet, create your own website and upload your portfolio to that (like this). Word of mouth: this is a very basic and old school way of marketing but it has remained because it really is effective. Instead, talk about what qualities and experience you would bring to the position and why you want the position. If you're late for a job interview, an editor can't help but wonder what type of reporter you'll be when it comes to meeting deadlines.
To learn more about photojournalism, including where to find jobs and internships, visit his blog.
Once there, read the company's newsletter and talk to employees about developments at the company.
Create a "To Do" list for the current day along with a calendar for later or longer-term assignments. Media companies no longer have to wait for the evening broadcast or tomorrow's edition to report the news.
Most importantly, they need to be able to think.A journalist's most important tool is not a notepad, tape recorder, digital camcorder, computer or even the ability to write a story. After 10 min of having the drive (philips) spin at full speed and without the progress indicator moving a slightest bit, i clicked cancel because the drive was about to overheat. It is this mixture of attraction to the language, yet utter confusion in conquering it, that makes me give up every text adventure I can find after ten minutes of play.
Not for any number of legitimate reasons, other than the fact that I simply cared about Alyx.
All you have to do is tell all your family, friends and co-workers about your new site or blog and let them do the work!2.
Just like writing a story, you have only a sentence or two to grab the reader’s attention, so have a good lead. They may be less inclined to help you if you greeted them with slumped shoulders and a shrug on that first day. Once your schedule is set, stick to it -- don't ask for days off to write a term paper or to go to a concert. Almost all media outlets are breaking stories on their Web sites, and the news cycle has become 24-7. Not because you necessarily had any personal investment in the action, but because someone asked you nicely. This way you won't inadvertently disqualify yourself from consideration for a job because an editor's using software that can't open your document file. Submit your site to search engines: this will ensure your site or blog is include in indexes for search engines and shows up when people do Google and Yahoo searches. Avoid a standard opening such as “I am writing to apply for an internship at Newsday” as your opening sentence. Check out its Web site ahead of time, and be able to discuss things that you like and don't like about it.
Show your supervisor that you can be counted on to turn in an assignment ahead of schedule. As a writer for the masses, journalists have to cut through the flab of all the information around.
Also, if you don't know how to use a certain piece of equipment, don't try to use it until you've been trained.
Vista after that was not able to restart (first time ever!) and i had to push reset (first time ever) (drive was still spinning at max. Moreover, you'll impress prospective bosses with your new media skills and separate yourself from other applicants. Many e-mail programs, including Gmail and Adelphi’s, allow you to change your settings to automatically include a signature everytime you send an e-mail.
End by including your contact info (e-mail address and phone number) and by stating that you’re available to meet for an interview (if you are). Due to image superfluity and reduction of outlets, it's difficult for photojournalists to make a living.
I won't discourage anyone from trying, but everyone entering the field must understand they must be better than established pros at everything. They must capture stories the world has never seen, or be able to tell old stories better than anyone ever has.Although the industry is in crisis, there has never been a greater need for ethical photojournalists. You can post your own personal tweets with links to your blog posts, link to other people’s content, ask readers questions, etc. They are having to manage lots of projects and priorities and develop new skills all the time.A graduate today can expect to still be in the world of work in 2050.
You should value your professional development, so make sure the media outlet is a good fit for you. The one thing that young journalists can be certain of is that they will be applying skills that haven't even been thought of today.
You could also do a combination of the two: utilize Twitterfeed and also make your own custom tweets.
Whenever possible, show readers a way to help others.The baton is being passed to a new generation of photojournalists. The future of the current "press" industry is uncertain, but something new must take its place to ensure our combined survival.
E-mail organizations and people who are interested in your topic: I have a website about journalism careers, for example, so I e-mail journalism professors to let them know I have a website that might be useful for their students.
Sometimes recovering from a bad first impression can be better than making no impression at all.
Likewise, I contact various journalism organizations, such as the Society of Professional Journalists and Asian American Journalists Association, in hopes that they will spread the word to their members.7. Link exchanges: it is important to exchange links or get one-way links from relevant sites. Hopefully, the interview was just one of many things that will be taken into consideration when the hiring committee is deciding whether or not to hire you.
The best way to do this is to manually search for websites and blogs related to your site and contact them for a link exchange. The insights you gained from your visit and conversations you had with the publication's staff should add to your personal and professional development. I also have a blog that I thought you might be interested in because [insert why it’s relevant].
Other blogs comments sections and forums: regardless of what you cover, there are likely Internet discussion boards and numerous blogs related to your topic.
If you’ve got a post that you think relates strongly to something that another blogger has written about or that is the topic of discussion on a forum – leave a link to your own post. The key to pulling this off without being labeled a spammer is to leave a genuinely useful comment on the blog or forum.
Then if you include a link introduce it with a ‘I’ve written more about this at….’ type comment rather than just a spammy call to action. Relatedly, many newspapers have likely, at some point, written a story related to your blog topic or one of your blog posts.
Write a press release: some press release services don’t cost anything and they can be surprisingly effective with a little luck. For example, if you write about Adelphi’s theater department, you might email the theater critic or arts writer at local newspapers.

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