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Google is by far the most popular and widely used search engine in the world, with a dominant 70% market share of all global search traffic with on average over 20 billion searches being made in Google every month. Adwords is Google’s highly successful PPC platform which allows businesses to market their products or services using placed text ads directly within the Google Search Engine and affiliated Google display networks. Unsurprisingly given Google’s dominant position it is little wonder that Google Adwords is by far the market leading platform for online advertising most capable of delivering the highest volumes of traffic to your businesses website. No matter what your budget it is possible to get great results with Adwords and you only need pay when someone clicks on your ad and connects to your business, which is why from small businesses to large multinationals, Adwords should be a high priority consideration for any successful online advertising campaign. Adwords allows an impressive amount of control and flexibility over every aspect of your marketing campaign with some of the most advanced reporting tools of any PPC platform to better analyse the performance of a campaign to see where the clicks and most importantly conversions are coming from to better continuously refine and evolve your campaign to achieve ever increasing returns from your campaign.
Also the degree of control over when Google users see your ads based on what they are searching for, where they are or any number of demographic factors is unmatched by any other platform.
This also allows local businesses the possibility to only target Google users in their immediate area through geo targeting so you are not wasting your budget on clicks from users who live too far away from your locality to ever likely become a customer.
To get the best return from your Adwords spend (and other PPC campaigns) it is advisable to entrust the job of setting up and managing your campaigns in to the hands of an experienced professional who really knows what they are doing, because as we have seen all to often left to someone with little experience it is very easy to make all manner of costly mistakes which can quickly lead to  ‘pouring money down the drain’ with your campaign for little return. For many businesses, employing an online advertising professional full-time to manage your online advertising presence in-house can be very costly, as well as finding the right person with the necessary experience difficult, which is why for many businesses out-sourcing the job to the professionals such as we are makes great business and economic sense. Digital Power Web Marketing are online advertising specialists and we have many years experience in managing PPC campaigns on all major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo as well as major social media Advertising outlets such as Facebook, Linkedin and Youtube. Regular Keyword Research, Data Mining and Keyword Review to further refine Campaign Performance. Monthly Performance Reports detailing our progress and reached campaign targets provided to you. Do you want to get your website out to as many directories as possible and still want a great price?? If you need meta tag enhancement or want to strategically try to score higher on the search engines check out our website analysis packages and our sponsored packages.
This is the same as the above package, but lets you kick it up a notch and submit your website monthly.
We analyse your competition for your specific keywords, check page rank, we modify your hidden meta tags and we may suggest visible changes to your pages so you can score higher on all search engines.
Our program will put your site up to the tops until you are removed by the search engine (very rare) or another page comes up with a better search engine strategy that beats your page.
You don't have to subscribe to this package, but in order to score higher on search engines, we will need to analyse your site over a few months, to see where its landing and pick up your keyword listings.
By each submission and each analysis, it slowly pulls up each keyword and phrase month after month, as we will not just submit your site, but we will teach you what we do in order to get high listings. Its starts off slowly, but as it doubles and some times more, it adds up to targeted, constant traffic. For every month you are on this package, we will contact you regarding your submission and give you suggestions, tips and modify your hidden content and then perform a web site submission campaign. We contact you one time per month regarding your submission and give you suggestions, tips and modify your hidden content and then perform a web site submission campaign. Our best submission packages are the ones that include search engine optimization, analysis, suggestions, tips, enhancement and submission. 1 month and look on the most important search engines like google, yahoo, MSN and altavista. If you do not place in the TOP 5, we then remodify the same page, trying to score it higher. Website submission, advertise to over 700,000 engines and get your company on the top of the search engines!
Look closely at Google’s search results and you’ll see two sections (one at the top and one in the right sidebar) that are devoted to “Ads.” Google sells these search listings to the highest bidder through their system called Google Adwords.
The system gives you the ability to create ads that show up only for the search terms you choose and allow for a great deal of customization.

Aside from paying the search engines for top listings, you can jump into Facebook ads and get your message in front of its half-billion users. The key to any paid advertising campaign is to make sure you keep a vigilant eye on the traffic statistics. Unsupported browserThis site was designed for modern browsers and tested with Internet Explorer version 10 and later. In addition to web advertising, Google's Ad network offers a platform for mobile app and mobile web advertisements. Zest Adz is an ad network that provides advertisements for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone 7 (BETA). Will StrimlingWill Strimling has been developing and coding with Objective - C since the launch of the App Store.
If you've been using the Internet for any period of time you will undoubtedly have come across the Google search engine - It is one of the most popular Web sites in the world. Google acquires the vast majority of it's revenues from the advertisements that appear on the right hand side of the search result pages under the label Sponsored Links. The advertisements that appear in the right column, circled in red above, are known as Google AdWords.
The advertisements that appear on your site will always relate to the subject matter of your site. XSitePro makes it simplicity itself to add the correct code into any of your sites with just a couple of mouse clicks. If for example you ran a shoe shop in London not only can you control who sees your ad by limiting the ad to only be displayed in response to very specific Google searches such as “Where can I buy shoes in London” but by using Google’s geo-targeting you can also reach users only in your locality searching on more general terms such as just “Where can I buy shoes?” by limiting that campaign to only display if the user is in your immediate geographic area.
Other web advertising sites, will offer you a large submission, but only the Frynge offers you submission to an AMAZING 1.4 MILLION search engines and indexes (this grows from month to month as our database gets larger) This is a one time fee, for a bulk submission. Well, there’s another way to get visitors to your site aside from doing all the hard work we’ve previous highlighted with on-page SEO, local SEO and link building but it’s going to cost you. You set up an account, select a daily budget you’re willing to spend on ads, create ads people will want to click on and choose your photography keywords and bids for those keywords.
You are only charged when somebody clicks on your ad and the more you bid, the higher up on the page your ad will show up. Obviously, you’re not going to want to target all of them but Facebook’s ad system is pretty robust, and since Facebook has access to its members’ personal data, the ads can be setup to only show up for the people most likely to use your services.
Once you’re there you can create ads based on specific filters like location and the likes and interests of the people you’d like the ads to show for. If you’re paying $400 a week for people to come to your site but they only average 10 seconds per visit, you’ll need to make changes to how the money is spent. He will be representing the United States as the US Technical Expert at the upcoming Website Design WorldSkills competition in London. Because iAds are supplied and managed directly by Apple, payment is made in the same way as application sales. Similar to AdMob's Adwhirl, TapJoy combines ad networks to increase the fill rate of your ads, thus increasing your profit.
Google Mobile Ads has a very similar interface to AdMob, with a bar placed either on your site or app.
Burstly offers you the ability to run ads in your app coming from many of the major ad providers. In addition to providing advertisements, they currently offer the ability to advertise your own apps with a $250 free advertising promotion. While mostly focused on freelance work, he makes time for working on his own projects and exploring the dense resource of APIs and 3rd party classes created by other developers.
The advertiser agrees to pay Google an amount of money every time someone clicks on the link in their advertisement.
In reality it is a lot more complex than that, but the above will give you a good idea as to what those Google ads are about and why people are willing to pay, often considerable sums, for them.

If your site is about football then the advertisements that appear will also be about football. In addition it will allow you to pick the size of advertisement you want to run and even change the default color scheme. If each engine takes about 2 minutes to 20 minutes to submit your website to, how can you affordably do website submission to thousands of engines? To name a few most popular we submit to these search engines: Altavista - Yahoo - compuserve - MSN - excite - Lycos - google - northern lights - Google - Yahoo! Google gets most of its revenue by selling sponsored search engine listings to the highest bidder. It’s obviously a little trickier than that and requires a vigilant eye and bid tweaking but it’s a simple concept. From there, you’ll need to track whether those 40 visitors produce more than $80 in sales for your photography business to make the ads worth the expense (more on this later). And remember, as with Adwords your ad copy should entice people to click on it and you only pay for ads that are clicked on. Like all other advertising for your photography studio, it’s all about maximizing your ROI. In addition to advertising, AdMob also offers analytics (beta) and Adwhirl, a service where you can combine AdMob ads, in-house ads, and ads from other providers in your mobile apps or websites. In addition to advertising, TapJoy offers extra additional features like their own in-app purchase system and the ability to reward users for installing your app. Their network includes: AdMob, Quattro, Millennial, Google, Video Egg, Smaato and Greystripe, but can also support more if needed. Mobclix also has an analytics platform built-in, so ad providers can easily bid on your ad space and you can easily track statistics. When he is not developing apps, Will works on numerous websites that he helps administer, and designs interfaces using photoshop. This makes good sense as these are the ads that people visiting your site are most likely to click on. You can also filter whether your ads show up by city (to make sure you aren’t showing up in Seattle searches if you’re located in Chicago) and by time of day. This post will introduce you to a number of different mobile advertising services and provide a brief description of each.
AdMob generally has a high fill rate and on most platforms AdMob ads appear as a horizontal bar on the top or bottom of the screen, taking up relatively low screen real estate.
TapJoy works with Pinch Media, an analytics solution, so you can monitor your ads and statistics. This code will cause some Google ads to appear on your site every time someone loads that page. This highly targeted nature is what has made Google AdWords and Google AdSense such a huge success. Your photography website gets an influx of targeted traffic and Google makes a ton of money. If a visitor clicks on one of those ads Google will pay you a percentage of the money they earn from the advertiser.
Just like AdMob, iAds appear as a bar on the screen, but when clicked through they show an in-app ad experience rather than simply leaving the application. Google are a little coy about exactly what the percentage is, but it is usually significant enough to make it worth your while.

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