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Google’s software engineers have churned up new versions of their open source web browser, Chrome, updating the software on all fronts, including Mac OS X.
The new builds contain updated version of Adobe’s Flash plugin, keeping users on the safe side. Google has fixed a bug that caused a crash if you tried to use the speech input keystroke (Ctrl+Shift+Period) on a (non-speech-enabled) textarea, as well as numerous other known stability issues.

On the Mac front, notable additions include a bubble UI to notify the user when a page requests fullscreen mode. If the latest new additions work out fine, Google should be releasing Chrome 16 on the Dev channel as soon as next week. However, if you cannot resist testing out the latest alpha versions of Chrome, we recommend making a backup of all your bookmarks, passwords and other sensitive data before proceeding.

Chrome for Mac requires an Intel-based computer with at least 128 MB of RAM and roughly 100 MB of free hard disk space.

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