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Content Hero > Apps, Software and Tools > What does Google Glass mean for Content Marketing? So it looks as though 2014 might finally be the year when we welcome and fully embrace wearable technology into our daily lives. However, with both Apple and Samsung looking to do battle once again, this time in the world of smart wristwatches, and Nike continuing to put faith in its Nike+ FuelBand fitness-based bracelet, wearable technology looks like it is here to stay.
But there is one product in particular that looks to be leading the way in hype, conversation, excitement and even criticism. Whether this buzz converts into sales is another question, as a survey by mobile applications specialist BiTE interactive revealed that certain consumers would not be interested in purchasing Google Glass if it was available and affordable. While Ia€™m not convinced the world is ready to full accept Google Glass on the street, at work or even in the home, the concept of wearable technology is definitely worth preparing for, especially for marketers.
The concept behind Google Glass is incredible, but how it works is much simpler than you might expect. Therefore, just say the word and Google Glass will connect to the internet, send messages, take pictures, record videos, translate languages and perhaps most importantly for us in the world of marketing, access online content.
According to a blog post over at Mashable, the potential applications and functions of Google Glass could be incredibly far-reaching.
While facial recognition and transcribed speech is nothing new, the fact these functions would be taken care of without having to do or say anything is quite remarkable.
Accessing emails, reading news reports and interacting with social media would presumably be even easier than it is at the moment.
You may think preparing for Google Glass now is a little bit premature, but if any of the predictions on MarketingLanda€™s blog come true, content marketing will be changing forever. Just like Applea€™s personal assistant application Siri, Google Glass will display search queries with small info cards, not a long list of results with clickable blue links. Even if the user doesna€™t mind performing this rather awkward gesture, securing either the first or second Google search ranking with your preferred keyword is imperative. Soon, there may not be regional Google domains and simply one universal website for the entire world.
While Facebook and Twitter are top priority for digital marketers and content writers, it might be time to reconsider Google+, as this is heavily integrated into Glass. As we already know, Google rewards websites that constantly publish new and original content.
The small info cards that display search results and information will have to be clear, concise and to the point in order for users to continue browsing on your site.
While it remains to be seen whether Google Glass will be an instant success when the device finally receives widespread release, there is no doubting its potential.
It’s great to see people that explain it until the clear point why adapting to Glass is important what are the real changes that will come. Over the past few months, there has been great anticipation regarding the release of Google Glass to the general public. A few years ago, nobody would have believed that creating, developing and using a product as futuristic and advanced like Google Glass would be even close to being possible.
Wearers of the connected headband technology would even be able to get directions to where they are going – literally in front of their eyes. In most cases, the amount of available apps is what has contributed largely to the popularity levels of smart phones around the world.
Glass wearers would already be connected to the internet, so there would be no reason why they would not be able to make use of compatible apps while on the move. How about developing apps that will enable a user of devices like these to locate the best prices on consumer goods within a pre-determined radius?
When it comes to Google Glass marketing, one of the easiest ways to describe to people how the device works would be to state that it enables the people that you share your content with to see the world through your eyes. Everyone knows that there are some tasks in life that are simply unbearable without a proper organization or trick. Amidst the hubbub of the first wave of real people getting their hands on the fabled Google Glass, something's being ignored: the Explorer programme is a tech launch, done as we've never seen before.
Gizmodo UK is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. BI IntelligenceThose betting big on wearable computing believe an assorted new crop of gadgets a€” mostly worn on the wrist or as eyewear a€”A will transform the way in which we interact with the rest of our devices. Speculation on the future market for wearables devices is a confusing mix of skepticism and hype. For full access to the report on Wearable Computing sign up for a free trial subscription today. From the images and technical details recently posted on the Federal Communications Commission’s official website, we learned that a less geeky version of Google Glass is about to hit the market. High-resolution photographs of the device show that the new version will feature a less invasive camera, and its use manual suggests that it was designed for enterprise users, as Google has once pledged.
A major improvement brought to the Glass is that the headset can be folded just like eyeglasses, so it will be less of a hassle to keep them in your pocket when you decide to not wear them. Google has done some improvements to the case as well – it looks a lot smoother than that of the first generation. There are changes to the charging port which now has a series of pogo pins framed by large dark circles which we guess that are magnets that glue the charger cable to the device.
The FCC surfaced images of the interior of the device and a user manual, which says that the power button migrated to the back of the headset. From the manual we also learned that the camera now has a light that turns green when the camera is recording. Maybe the green light improvement will help the public accept Google Glass, and shield users from malevolent comments. According to the recently surfaced documents, the new version is now equipped with 5GHz Wi-Fi, which is a major upgrade from the first model. Analysts noted that an appearance on the federal agency’s website is a sure sign that the device is set to soon hit the market.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Google ha spedito negli scorsi giorni i primi Google Glass a coloro i quali fossero disposti a spendere 1.500$ per un prodotto in stato prototipale. Sappiamo tutti ormai cosa sono i Google Glass, ma lo spieghiamo per l’ennesima volta nella maniera piu rapida possibile aiutandoci con gli articoli che abbiamo pubblicato nelle scorse settimane.
Funzionano grazie al sistema operativo Android preinstallato ed i primi modelli sono stati gia stati spediti sotto forma di Explorer Edition, in stato ancora prototipale ai primi utenti disposti a spendere 1.500$.
Nel frattempo Monica Wilkinson, altra proprietaria dei Google Glass, sta cercando di organizzare una sorta di riunione a San Francisco fra tutti i possessori del nuovo rivoluzionario prodotto di Mountain View. Utilizziamo i cookie per essere sicuri che tu possa avere la migliore esperienza sul nostro sito. Up until now, there have been a few efforts by leading tech manufacturers to try and gain an upper hand in this new consumer space, but for the most part these endeavours have been largely unsuccessful.
The wearable piece of tech featuring a head-mounted display is the search engine gianta€™s attempt to produce a mass-market ubiquitous computer.
Well this is a little bit difficult to predict at the moment, as the device is not yet publicly available. One app takes pictures every few seconds when it detects the presence of faces while another transcribes spoken words onto the display for someone with impaired hearing. It becomes even more amazing when you consider the fact that these tasks are not necessarily what we would need on a daily basis. While broadcasters and media outlets will undoubtedly be researching how they can adapt and fit in with these changes, where does it leave searching for online content and digital marketing? If strong ranking performance is not possible with more competitive keywords, maybe it is time to concentrate on less popular searches by the time Google Glass hits the mainstream. With Google Glass able to translate spoken words and even foreign language signs into your native tongue, content marketing becomes even more international than it was before. Therefore, multi-cultural content marketing, coherent keyword translation and identifying key markets abroad will be of the utmost importance.
In fact, it looks like youa€™ll only be able to share pictures and updates with Google+ contacts and circles, not your Facebook friends.
It is difficult to imagine Facebook losing its presiding dominance, but with advertising budgets moving over to Google+ and more search results starting to appear from contacts and circles, it might be time to re-think your priorities. This copy must also be interesting and engaging so that the audience share this work and keep returning to the page.
On top of that, while searching with Glass you will be automatically logged into your Google account. With even the most routine tasks becoming even more easy and straightforward, those looking to perform smartphone-type tasks without having to physically input commands will undoubtedly look to Google Glass. Well, the way we go about creating, positioning and producing content looks like it could change forever. Building a Google plus profile seams more important each day not just cause of wearable technology.
A device like this would enable people to harness the power of Google wherever they are – in the form of an optical head-mounted display device.
Even now, it seems almost surreal to think that you would be able to connect to the world by means of a simple wearable headband. Being lost for words while negotiating a deal in a foreign country at an outdoor market could also soon be a thing of the past. As we know, the range of available apps for these phones enables users to do virtually anything while on the move. An example would be walking down a city street, realizing that they’re hungry and enabling a voice-activated app that will advise them on which restaurants or fast food places are available close by to satisfy an appetite. Or something that enables you to be directed to the nearest emergency medical facility during times of crisis?
Because they are designed to be worn close to the body, they're ideal for monitoring our vital signs and health.A They'll track how active we are, our sleep quality, how many steps we take during the day. We believe this number is too high because of the uncertainty surrounding eyewear and smartwatches.A We see global annual wearable device unit shipments crossing the 100 million milestone in 2014, and reaching 300 million units five years from now.
They are already familiar with augmented reality since they have experimented withA print materials that are readable by smartphone applications and can create complementary ad experiences on-screen.
From the pictures we can see the Glass prism was improved, its dimensions were adjusted so we presume that it can now offer a larger view.
Apparently, the Glass part can be used independently from the eyewear that keeps it on the face. Other sources said that the device would be powered by an Intel Atom central processing unit, and it would come with an external battery pack. The first generation was deemed creepy by non-users because it could record people while they weren’t even aware. But we aren’t very sure whether it would be marketed to the masses since the new model was aimed at business in the first place. Five years ago he finished his studies at the California Institute of Technology, Caltech, where he earned a degree in Computer Science. Molti fra questi utenti stanno iniziando a pubblicare le prime impressioni d’uso su internet. Si tratta di un modello futuristico di occhiali, mediante i quali potremo accedere a numerosi contenuti del nostro dispositivo mobile.
In questa pagina possiamo vedere i primi unboxing ed i primi video realizzati con la fotocamera integrata. Ha rilasciato alcuni commenti sull’autonomia, sufficiente ad arrivare a sera con tutta tranquillita. Grazie alla stessa ha seguito interamente l’andamento di una partita, senza perderne un istante. L’immagine dei Glass infatti sembra interferire con queste, anche se Google ha gia ammesso di essere al lavoro per risolvere questa problematica.

Sembra assodato che tutti questi ne parlino come qualcosa di veramente innovativo, che consentira di rivoluzionare nuovamente il modo con cui ci approcceremo alla tecnologia del domani, anche se ancora ci sono notevoli margini di miglioramento. Sembra che su internet stia spopolando un nuovo modo (probabilmente dettato dall’invidia o dalla gelosia) con cui chiamare coloro i quali possiedono gia i Glass: questo e Glassholes, di cui non forniamo una traduzione per non scadere in volgarita gratuite! Surely there is some potential for everyone to benefit and prosper from this brand new product offering? However, app developers have been getting their hands dirty for a while now, developing titles that should indicate what we will use our new favourite pair of spectacles for.
However, the highly personified and instantaneous nature of Google Glass will place an even bigger emphasis on quality.
Personalisation capabilities will be stronger and results are bound to be more dependent on specific audience demographics. If Google Glass does become as popular as smartphones and tablets, marketers will have to re-think the way they go about publishing content. He is partial to the clever infographic, Mark Twain, golden age comic books and Johnny Cash. I highly value the fact that you got into more detail with the multi-lingual content marketing because I didn’t know that before.
It could even display information to users in a smartphone-like and hands-free format while enabling them to communicate with the internet by means of voice commands. Who would think that it could be possible to take a picture of your surroundings by simply uttering the words, ‘take a picture’ or be able to enjoy the functionality of hands-free recording while watching your child play sport? Wearers of a device like this may be able to ask questions or even translate their voice in order to obtain information they require while being on the move.
Owing to the fact that these wearable computers could even be equipped with full internet functionality, there is no reason why an extensive range of apps could not be developed for use with devices like these as well. Or how about arriving on vacation in an unfamiliar city and looking for a motel or source of entertainment? With the correct combination of app developers, options like these could very well become a reality in the very near future. You've probably heard of Google Glass: basically a heads-up display for life, that theoretically lets you do lots of smartphone-y things, like checking your email or Googling stuff, without actually using said smartphone. Consumers of all sorts a€”A fitness buffs, dieters, and the elderly a€”A will come to rely on them. But we don’t yet know how the device would look on a human wearer since the FCC doesn’t show any images of it. This is why, Google Glass wearers that used the device in public places were often called ‘Glassholes.’ Hopefully, you will now at least know when Google Glass is recording you. Allgood e assolutamente soddisfatto dall’acquisto, che gli ha permesso di cambiare tantissime abitudini. Fra i difetti segnala una qualita non esemplare delle foto con scarse condizioni di luce e l’impossibilita di vedere cosa si sta scattando in un frame apposito.
Sugli occhiali, infatti, viene visualizzato solamente il mittente e la prima parte del messaggio, in questo modo puo verificare sin da subito se l’e-mail e importante e richiede una risposta urgente o se la puo gestire in un secondo momento. But there is no doubting that Google Glass has created a huge amount of buzz among excited consumers.
Even better still, you could even be provided with the option of sharing these moments with anyone located anywhere in the world in real time. If you’re out and about and need information regarding what an item is, or you would like to know more about something, wearers can simply say the words, ‘Google bicycle,’ and the results can be displayed before your eyes on a tiny head-mounted screen display. If predictions come to pass regarding an extensive Google Glass app community, there would be no telling what range of apps could be made available to use in conjunction with a device like this in years to come. Simply activate an appropriate app that will not only provide the address of the nearest motel and entertainment source, but it would only provide details for motels that still have vacancies. In fact, it could even be possible to locate fellow users of devices like this within a designated area too – all by means of a simple voice command.
When he’s bored with security protocols he enjoys writing reviews and previews of his favorite gadgets and games. Sostiene che ormai e inutile portarsi dietro un orologio da polso, infatti basta fare un piccolo movimento con la testa, che i Glass ci mostreranno l’orario senza esitare.
Connect with him on Linkedin, Google+, or buy him a coffee in Leeds to talk about how high quality content can grow your business. This type of functionality would enable users to promote and enjoy a sense of community while spending time networking and getting to know new people. As well as netting it a cool A?10 million in cold hard cash, the Explorer programme gives Google publicity and hype beyond its wildest dreams. Normally, PR firms have to give away vast amounts of stuff to get individual products trending on Twitter, but Google managed to get millions of people gagging to over-pay it for buggy software and prototype hardware.
There's no doubt that in the short-term, the Explorer programme is raising cult levels of awareness around Glass; but in the longer run, Glass won't just be a niche product, but (Google hopes) a mainstay of everyday technology. It's in this longer-term perception of Glass that Google's Explorer programme may be less than ideal.
People can only sustain hype for so long, and I've got a feeling that a few months may be the limit. The evidence is clear -- Apple's winning formula, which has driven record-breaking sales figures, relies on launching a product, having a pregnant pause during which pre-orders are open and marketing ramps up, followed by the launch a couple weeks after the initial Jobs talky-talky. Products with much promise, but little by way of delivery, lose a lot of the buzz surrounding their launch, as the media coverage and marketing becomes a diluted drip-feed, rather than a slap in the face with a gigantic logo. Take the Pebble smartwatch as an example -- launch date slipped by around six months from the initial promise, and despite incredible interest around the product itself, it's faded into relative obscurity.

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