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Google Plus is one of the last social networks to offer Promoted Posts, but their +Post ads could end up being the most effective in today’s saturated content market. Unlike other social ads, promoting your content through +Post ads will display your ads across the Google Display Ad network (commonly known as Adsense). Site visitors can easily share, like or even read the full post all without leaving the site where the ad appears.
Not all companies can take advantage of the +Post ads, only those that have over 1,000 followers can.
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Welcome to a community dedicated to solving the challenge of getting online content seen and consumed by the right audience on the best channels. Do you use Google+ as a part of your marketing strategy? If so, are you familiar or do you know how to use Google +Post Ads? Since Google+ Post Ads are advertised through the Google Display Network, brands can drive engagement from multiple sources across the Internet. The first step to creating a +Post Ad campaign is to create an Adwords campaign within the Google Display Network. Afterwards, you’ll be prompted to create the advertisement that’ll be used during your +Post Ad campaign. Ivan Serrano is a social media and business journalist living in the Bay Area of California.
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In April, Google quietly launched +Post ads, a new Google Plus advertising service for marketers.
This type of Google Plus advertising feature has huge potential, since it facilitates direct user engagement right where they see the ad. Google’s new +Post ads service is the latest addition to its engagement advertising options that are intended primarily to promote direct interaction with users.
First, in order to set up a +Post ad, you must have at least 1,000 followers on your Google+ page. Next, you’ll see on the right a preview of the ad in the three size advertising options available today.
Of course, if you haven’t already defined your targeted audience, you should do so at this point so Google Plus advertising system will know to whom to display the ad. As with all of Google’s engagement ads, you are billed when a user engages the ad by hovering over it for three seconds, even if no real interaction took place.

This means that the data appearing in the Clicks column in your AdWords report represent not actual clicks on the Google Plus advertising system but the number of times an ad was engaged. You may then ask how you can measure the effect of +Post ads if not all engagement results in interaction? For this exact purpose, Google Plus advertising system added a new series of columns to the AdWords interface called Social Metrics.
Earned Impressions: How much exposure did your post receive as a result of shares the ?ad received. Earned Social Actions: How many actions (+1, Comment or Share) the post received as a result of exposure from the ad. If a user saw your ad and shared it, resulting in ten of the user’s friends seeing the ad, you will see a “10” in the Earned Impressions column. If three of the user’s ten friends shared the post and it received an additional two +1s, you will see a “5” in the Earned Social Actions column. It would be interesting to test whether indirect exposures that the post received from the original user’s friends in the Google Plus advertising system could be counted as earned impressions. If you’ve had a chance to use Google Plus Advertising or if you have any interesting ideas on using engagement ads through Google AdWords Display Network, please tell us more in the comments! This means that instead of littering Google Plus with ads, the +Post ads are located on third party websites that already utilize Google Adsense. On the other hand, Google Plus ads can potentially be seen by an unlimited number of people. It’s a whole new level of web advertising that focuses on providing an immersive content experience. Toyota was able to see a 50 percent increase in ad engagement with their +Post ads and other companies have experienced similar success. If you do have the following and want to increase your visibility, this infographic can provide tips on how to optimize your ads. This feature enables brands with at least 1,000 followers to advertise their Google+ content through the Google Display Network. Whether it’s a video, simple Plus post, or even a Google Hangout, Google+ users can advertise their content and receive engagement from their audience.
Instead of paying for social advertisements that don’t get noticed by your target audience, Google+ Post Ads are designed with your audience in mind. Since +Post Ads promote your Google+ content, you want to use strong call to actions, visuals, and take advantage of the Google+ Post formatting to make your content stand out. You’ll select the type of engagement you want to create and set you devices, budget, and language. Remember, anyone who is logged into their Google+ accounts will be able to comment, share, or +1 your content.

By following these tips, you’ll create +Post Ads that boost awareness of your brand and turn more visitors into customers.
Users who see your ad and engage it by hovering for three seconds will be able to RSVP to the Hangout immediately and directly from the ad that expands within the Lightbox. This enables you to examine the impact of the campaign while it runs and its continuing impact after the campaign has ended. For example, if user A shared the post and A’s friend, user B, then viewed it and shared it with user C, is user C’s exposure still credited to user A’s share or not, since they two have an indirect connection?
I regularly check and explore every feature in Google Adwords, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Google launched this feature to encourage brands to advertise their content instead of trying to sell their product to their target audience. The coolest part about this feature is that Google+ Post Ads are advertised virtually on any website across the Internet. Additionally, brands who published +Post Ads experience 50 percent more engagement than traditional advertising tactics. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to control where your +Post ads are published and who views your ads. It’s also important to keep in mind that your +Post content should be relevant to your audience. Google +Post Ads can also be added to a current Adwords campaign, but you’ll have to make sure they’re selected as engagement ad campaigns.
As your campaign continues, make sure you engage with your customers and respond to their comments and questions.
1 is to choose the Google+ page from which you want to draw your posts (For example, I entered the name “Mashable.”). As an added bonus, any person who’s logged into Google+ will be able to comment, share, and +1 your +Post Ads.
During this step, you’ll also be asked to select a previous Plus post and URL you want to promote.
The system will then automatically be directed to your most recent post.If you want to promote another post, simply click on Select a Different Post, the No.

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