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Gigaom prospected Google seems to test video services in Korea related of recent acquisition of Youtube. Articles While innovation cannot happen without creativity, creativity doesn’t always lead to innovation. For most people, creative ideas occur outside of the avenues of the normal thought process.
Since creativity occurs first in the mind, a designer may appear to be sitting idly, when in reality, creative juices are flowing. Google, the world’s largest search engine company, encourages their designers to spend 20 percent of their time working on projects that are outside their normal job description. Known as “Innovation Time Off,” the policy allows designers to pursue any project that interests them.
Author, inventor, designer and architect, Buckminster Fuller was known for his creative innovations, most famously for the geodesic dome. Fuller illustrated the effect that a single innovative idea can have on the world, inspiring the generations of designers that followed him to pursue creative endeavors. The world is teeming with good ideas, but the percentage of those ideas that are developed into true innovations is comparatively small. Linguistic anthropologist Shirley Brice Heath, author of the classic study, “Ways with Words: Language, life, and work in communities and classrooms,” is uniquely qualified to speak authoritatively on how creativity impacts personal development and success. Heath’s research followed the children of several rural working class families over a period of thirty years. In the past, artistic and creative minds have thrived in solitude, primarily because solitude offers the greatest control of establishing the environment each individual designer finds most conducive to creativity. Individual designers are also beholden to those who fostered an environment for them that was conducive to creative thinking.
In 2004, senior management at Nokia, then the world’s leading mobile phone company, received a proposal from the firm’s designers to develop a mobile phone with touch-screen technology.
The irony of the Nokia debacle is that management was following long-held, proven policies.
Some companies seek to foster innovation with brainstorming groups, “open door” policies and other “suggestion box” approaches. Apple’s designs continue to enjoy success, not because they give the public what it wants now, but what they will want later. True innovators not only look at the problems the world presents and seek novel ways to solve them, but look at the hopes, dreams and wishes of the world as well. The internet offers instant collaboration, making it easier than ever to build upon the innovations of others. In order to foster the creativity and innovation that is needed to meet the demands and challenges of today’s world, a change in focus is indicated. As long as creative minds are free to imagine, innovations will continue to transform the world. Will those that employ designers foster their designs by providing an atmosphere and environment that inspires creative thought? Opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of Onextrapixel.
Aidan Huang is a web enthusiast and ingenious blogger who loves all things design, interesting and technology. Join the community and stay updated with useful design and development resources and materials for FREE. E-books and white papers can serve as a convenient, user-friendly way to convey both abstract concepts related to your line of work, as well as contain explicit instructions on how to use your products or services. Another reason to invest in design is to increase traffic for your website and brand it properly. The cover design is crucial: if it looks dull and reads dull, no one will be encouraged to read the document inside.
The Oatmeal, a fabulous comics site I absolutely adore, has mastered the art of killer titles to an extreme. If your readers are looking for a specific topic and are not interested in going through the whole document to find it, they would really appreciate a table of contents that would make it easier for them to navigate through the text. You can hyperlink chapter or section names in the TOC (table of contents) directly to the chapters or sections themselves. Make each new chapter in your e-book or white paper easy to spot by letting the chapter title pages stand out.
Using a different font for the heading than the one used for the subheadings or text underneath. Remember, you want to turn a document containing text that may not be too exciting into a mesmerizing page-turner. Also, although you cannot embed content directly in white papers and e-books, you can embed the desired content on your website, then include a screenshot of this content in your document. In order to make your text easy on the eyes, you want to make sure that your document doesn’t contain extremely long and tiring blocks of text.
Sure, your white paper or e-book is doing a great service for your website: not only does it provide useful information, it lets your users know you are making an extra effort to keep them satisfied.
Of course, a call to action must link to the relevant information, provide the appropriate share button or contain contact info such as your e-mail for users’ feedback. Fonts can be fun to play with, but remember that one of the most important features of your document is readability. Also, while it is acceptable (and also recommended) to use different-sized fonts for the headings, subheadings and the text body, don’t go overboard with this concept.
Obviously, you want your document to be highly readable on every type of screen – from a 30-inch monitor to an iPhone screen. In addition, columns may not be the best idea for a document people may be reading on different devices; think how annoying it can be to scroll up and down all the time.
A great advantage of the internet is that you do not have to worry about trees being cut down for the sake of your text.
When working on appropriate spacing, a useful concept to consider is white space – the space the surrounds the different elements of the text (like headings and paragraphs).
The easy and obvious way to draw attention to specific words or sentences in the text is by using italics, bolding or underlining them. Another great idea is to use bulleted lists, for example, to describe a step-by-step process or summarizing key points at the end of a chapter.
Google just released a brand “new” app for Android devices that should further improve your navigation and directions Google Maps experience. Google Street View has virtually taken us to a lot of incredible places over the years, but its latest trek to Nepal and the region surrounding Mt. Google Street View is one of the best ways to take a virtual tour of a potential vacation destination, a place you want to know more about or even your own hometown, but it’s only part of the experience.
Google has been struggling with private data collection allegations ever since the Street View technology launched in 2007.
The controversy surrounding Google’s (GOOG) data collection practices took an unexpected turn Friday when the company admitted to British officials that it had neglected to delete thousands of emails and passwords that employees had collected from Wi-Fi hotspots while driving through various neighborhoods in Google Street View cars. Just so we're on same page, the anti-trump protestors over the last 24 hours > any incidents at trump rallies ever, combined. On August 27, 2014, Google for Entrepreneurs announced its plans to establish Campus Seoul, the third in its series of entrepreneurial sanctuaries across the world.
Google Campuses are vehicles conceived by Google for Entrepreneurs, a team that works with startup communities around the world to create environments in which entrepreneurs and startup companies can gain the tools they need to thrive. Korean startups have been leaving massive imprints around the world, particularly in the mobile app industry.

The underlying objective of Campus Seoul is to empower entrepreneurs by giving them a space to learn, network, and create their own companies. And this particular establishment promises a number of additional programs like Campus for Moms, CampusEDU, and TechTalks.
The launching of Campus Seoul will undoubtedly mark a significant achievement in the East Asian tech industry.
Alan Eustace didn’t explain detail plans for technical projects and business outlines. Creativity can be purely personal, an idea, technique or design that is new, expressive or valuable only to the creator.
Creative thought often requires an environment that may be unique to the individual designer. In a presentation at Stanford University, Google Vice President Marrisa Mayer reported that over half of all new Google products originated from employees who were on their Innovation Time Off periods, including Gmail, Google News and AdSense. In a recent speech at Stanford University, Heath said that the children who used creativity to ensure success in their adult lives all shared one characteristic: courage. Successful innovations not only involve individuals with creative ideas, but the institutions that bring the innovations to the market. Many companies include developing innovative products, processes and technologies as part of their business model.
Yet too often, the primary goal of these policies is to foster a sense of shared contribution. Creating innovations that capture the imagination, inspire hope, increase opportunities and enhance the quality of life well may be the business model of the future.
The global village is developing a sense of commonality and shared interests that is changing the way people look at current approaches to creative design. Creativity and innovation need the right environment in order to thrive, one that gives them time, that allows them to focus and that inspires them. Does an individual designer or engineer still have the potential to become the “trim tab” for his or her generation? He is the editor-in-chief at Onextrapixel and have founded several other interesting blogs. We strive to share the best web resources with the community but we are not affiliated to any other agency or company. Pretty soon our website is finally going on air and when this happens you’ll receive a notification via e-mail. A white paper, on the other hand, usually describes the benefits of a service or product and provides a more in-depth, technical explanation. More than anything, providing useful white papers or e-books on your website is a great complementary service to your users. After all, detailed and informative as they may be, they are basically a bunch of pages containing information that may be useful but not so, um, exciting.
Well, creating attractive content is a sure-fire way of collecting leads of prospective clients for you website.
The better looking and more informative your document is the more people will want to share it.
However, an awesome design creates an appetite to check out the content: if it looks so great on the outside, surely the inside must be good, too. This means that a new chapter must start on a new page and not appear on a page where the previous chapter ends.
This is easily done by providing sharing buttons for top social networks on each page, which will lead to the book’s landing page. A good way of avoiding such mishaps is by simply stating the level of the document or the target audience the document is intended for right at the start.
However, as long as you’re putting sharing buttons on every page, why not provide a linkable logo on every page, too?
One clever way to do this is by peppering your pages with all kind of useful and colorful graphics. If you’re looking for nice images for your document, there are many websites that sell them for a fair price, such as Dreamstime and iStockphoto.
Rather, you want to divide the text into short paragraphs that are simple to digest, and separate them by appropriate headings and subheadings. For the text body, which is generally in a smaller font size, it is recommended you use sans-serif fonts (fonts with no serifs, the little projections at the ends of strokes – see illustration below).
When you finalize your e-book or white paper and getting ready to save it, test out several zoom levels to choose the one in which your text reads most clearly. One more way to highlight important text is to put it in a text box with a different colored background or a border. The feature is hardly new, though, and you’ve been using it all this time on both mobile and desktop — the difference is that Google has now turned it into a standalone application that’s already available for download from the Play Store. With Sounds of Street View, the hearing solution professionals at Amplifon are bringing ambient noise to Google Maps. This time, Google received a fine for complaints related to its Street View program— in 2010, people complained that the cars were not easily recognizable as Google Street View cars. Earlier this year Google agreed to pay $7 million in a settlement case to 38 states in which Google collected unsecured data. For the time being, it would appear iOS 6 users can either switch to Android, deal with the issues until Apple fixes them or visit Google’s mobile Maps website for their mapping needs. The current kerfuffle over data collection started last week when Google admitted to British officials that it had neglected to delete thousands of emails and passwords that its employees had collected from Wi-Fi hotspots while driving through various neighborhoods in Google Street View cars, despite being ordered to do so back in 2010.
This is a country, after all, that didn’t join the United Nations until 2002 for fear of losing its traditionally neutral stance in foreign entanglements. In fact, Google’s Senior Partnership and Program Manager Bridgette Beam remarked that Korea’s flourishing startup ecosystem is the drive for the conception of Campus Seoul.
Mentorships and training programs led by the local startup community, and experienced entrepreneurs from Google will further enhance such opportunities. Campus for Moms provides a “baby-friendly” setting for innovative women to develop their ideas with like-minded people.
Not only will it be the first of its kind in the region, but the institution will also provide opportunities for global education through exchange programs with other Google Campuses. Innovation happens when creativity leads to designs, products, processes or technologies that are used or accepted by society at large.
Key elements of creativity and innovation can be discovered by examining entities that have used them effectively. Some creative thinkers are most productive in an environment that is free from distraction. Many are built upon the groundwork laid by previous products and processes, as well as by all the existing knowledge in the field. There’s a reason why so many innovative ideas have come out of the university systems, where collaboration is encouraged and nurtured. Companies may refer to this approach as “disruptive innovation,” but those that do not embrace it may fall by the wayside.
Those institutions that wish to spark creativity, whether they are universities, corporations or governments, must do their part to create environments in which individual designers as well as teams of designers can succeed. Will creative designs spring primarily from individual contributions, or will technological community push collaboration to become the standard approach? For the past few months we have working very hard to simplifying the inbound marketing outsourcing process and we would love to hear your feedback.
Its length is usually around 5-12 pages and in nature it is more like a research article, while an e-book is more like a printed book.

Great e-books and white papers will definitely make users want to spend more time on your site, as well as share them with their friends. One way in which this can be done is by asking prospective clients to fill out their name and e-mail address before they can download the document (Hubspot is doing that pretty well). This means featuring an interesting image or graphic on the cover, including your logo, giving your e-book or white paper an awesome title, and using large and attractive fonts for the title so it stands out and is easy to read.
This way, if your readers are reading about a service your company or website provides, and they want to refer back to the website, all they have to do is click on the logo and BAM! Think flowcharts, infographics, screenshots, tables, great images and cool icons – anything that will make your e-book or white paper appear more attractive and informative. Or, you can find free images on websites like Flickr, which you can use provided you give credit to the original creator or under various license types.
A key point here is to not make your headings and subheadings too long; they should be informative but concise. You don’t want your readers to go elsewhere when they’re finished reading, right? Also, make sure your paragraphs are aligned to the left and that they are not fully justified. So when designing your e-book or white paper, please refrain from packing way too much text into a single page.
A good idea that is also very intuitive because we use it all the time, is to play with the proximity of the different elements in the text and the respective sizes of white space between them.
For example, you can use call outs – snippets or quotes from the text that are placed on the side of the page  or between paragraphs and are made to stand out by using a large font size, a different font color, lines above and below the call out, etc.
Keep in mind, though, that there is no end to great ideas and tips when it comes to good design – this list could have been much, much longer. Although the case was settled, a lawsuit that claims Google violated the Wiretap Act still stands, and Google’s recent attempt to appeal the case was rejected by the federal court, according to Reuters.
A press release on the settlement issued by the Massachusetts State Attorney General’s office is posted below. Google announced on its official blog that users can now take a virtual tour of its Lenoir, North Carolina data center using its Street View technology. The FCC said the Mountain View-based company did not cooperate with the investigation and refused to reveal the names of its engineers associated with the project.
This year, Google cooked up a creative new feature for Google Maps that lets users tour America with 8-bit graphics that will make any NES fan shed a nostalgic tear.
CampusEDU, which will be geared towards “early-stage entrepreneurs,” will be structured to provide the fundamentals of business, marketing, law, technology, and more. By signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU), the korean government supports $2m to set up R&D center of Google. Google currently has a small Korean sales office at which around 10 employees handle the firm’s local online advertisement business. Google has very weak market shares against local portal sites in Korea, but the investing news of global search giant shocked korean IT market. Individuals, companies, governments and societies who do not nurture creativity and innovation can fall victim to stagnation, eventually becoming outdated or obsolete.
Creating environments where designers feel free to do their best work may be more effective. Both individual and collaborative designers are no longer tied to a single space, but can work anywhere that they can be connected to the internet.
An awesome design can make a world of difference – and make the content much more engaging. In this manner you can create a database of prospective clients and their fields of interest. The e-book or white paper can bring people to your website directly from links within the text. Here you will find a step-by-step process of creating an effective title for your white paper.
Also, make them stand out from the rest of the text by using a different font, a different font size or a different color. You are not the first person to have discovered e-books and white papers; also, you may be writing about a topic that has already been written about elsewhere.
Therefore, it is crucial that you include a call to action on the last page of your document. A good rule of thumb is to use large, unique fonts for your headings and subheadings, and small, simple fonts for the body of text. A fully justified paragraph is one in which words stretch equally to the left and to the right. The images aren’t just of the massive mountain but of the communities that surround it as well. Google has attempted to argue that its methods of data collection, which were inadvertent, should be exempt from liability. TechTalks will bring notable thinkers and leaders to the Campus to provide participants expertise and insight. Most of Google’s Korean language services are created and maintained by engineers at its US headquarters. Some of people thought Google want to establish only engineering center not regularized invasion for korean. Not only do individual creative designers need to define the exact environment that will best inspire them, those who employ designers need to do the same.
Later on you can target them specifically by e-mailing more relevant content they may be interested in.
Also, using your logo and your website’s name in the e-book will strengthen the brand name and generate more interest (and traffic) to the site.
Therefore, take care that your document provides something extra: more information, useful examples, better graphics, new ideas.
The reason you should use sans-serif fonts for  the text body is that they’re easier to read on pixel displays and appear clear and smooth even at a low resolution. Find a zoom level that displays the content in your document in the optimal manner and test it out on various screen sizes.
The lines shouldn’t be too long because this makes for wider paragraphs that are harder to read – 45-65 characters, or 7-10 words, per line are ideal. However, the court also ruled that Google would have to lower its cameras to decrease the chance of peering over peoples’ fences and into their private residences. The company could not supply compliant declarations without identifying employees it preferred not to identify,” the FCC said. Check out the competition and think what you can do to make your e-book or white paper original and unique. Line spacing greatly influences the readability of the text – try to maintain a spacing of 30-60% of the font size in that paragraph. A link to Google’s 8-bit America follows below along with a screenshot of Street View.

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