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Guerrilla marketing is an incredibly effective way to get your message out to a diverse range of people and is becoming widely popular with advertisers. Coke has established a reputation for effective guerilla marketing by developing very unique vending machines and placing them in public areas to generate interest in whatever campaigns they have running at the time. In a lead up to applications opening at the University of Engineering and Technology, the college were looking for an impactful way to encourage applications from new students.
The Science World museum in Vancouver, Canada took the concept ‘Science can be fun’ and turned it into something that the public could see and interactive with. In an attempt to encourage people to join their gyms, Fitness First installed a ‘bus stop scale’ which indicated the weight of waiting commuters as they sat down.
Yet another fantastic example of Coke’s creativity and ingenuity when it comes to thinking outside the box! Guerrilla marketing has emerged as one of the most effective methods marketers use to break through the omnipresent ‘ad overload’ that society has trained itself to tune out.
1) The prime tenets of a maximum impact guerrilla marketing campaign are low budget, high exposure and originality of thought. 2) One thing that sets guerrilla marketing apart from traditional forms of advertising is its ability to catch the public notice in a wholly unexpected way. 5) Guerrilla marketing has many similarities to other new, non-traditional marketing methods such as viral marketing.
7) Cingular Wireless’ jumbo guerrilla marketing ad also used shock as a weapon, though without any gory connotations. 8) Some guerrilla marketing campaigns take advantage of pre-existing features of a location in order to magnify their impact.
10) Another way to achieve big results on a small budget is to leave the target market holding the bag – literally. 11) Sometimes two very different companies will partner up to boost a guerrilla marketing ad’s reach.
12) Even traditional industries like farming are jumping on the guerrilla marketing bandwagon. 13) This guerrilla marketing campaign from Nike tapped into society’s habit of noticing and reading signs. 14) Using ordinary fixtures in extraordinary ways is another key to effective guerrilla marketing, as can be seen in this very creative ad for Right Guard deodorant. It’s hard to say whether guerrilla marketing is clever, we as a society are jaded enough to fall for its charms, or both. When some starry-eyed startup shocks the world with an underground marketing campaign that costs nothing but causes shockwaves, it's called guerrilla marketing. We are so overwhelmed with advertising everywhere that it becomes hard for creative agencies to make ads that stand out.
The right ad at the right spot, not sure I’d go to the gym to look like that guy though. Adding would-be boxes of Mini Cooper cars on piles of trash, great way to explain how small and practical the car is.
Sign up below to get the latest from Designer Daily, plus exclusive freebies, directly to your inbox every day! Designer Daily is a place for designers to find inspiration, resources, and thoughts that will be useful to their daily work. Over the years, guerrilla marketing has proven a valuable tactic to catch people off-guard and cause an emotional response.
They developed a water-generating billboard that utilized the humidity in the air to produce clean drinking water for the general public.
Using incredible facts, the museum executed a number of different ads to promote the business. This simple and creative concept may seem a bit confronting, but it manages to target the desired demographic. Again, they have used their vending machines as a platform to spread their ‘Happiness’ campaign message in an imaginative and memorable way. These 15 awesome guerrilla marketing campaigns build on the history of guerrilla marketing to illustrate where, why, and how the media markets their message in unexpected ways. So declared Jay Conrad Levinson, coiner of the term “guerrilla marketing” and author of a 1984 book of the same name. A classic example is the so-called 2007 Boston Mooninite Scare, originated and organized by Interference Inc.

Hanging a label on a campaign is merely a matter of semantics in many cases and there are gray areas, exemplified by the historic New York Times ad for Firefox 1.0 that appeared on December 16, 2004.
Specialty TV network HBO had a “hit” with the above campaign that played on the crime theme of The Sopranos. The ad shown above works on a number of levels, attracting those looking down, those looking up or from a distance, and appealing to the funny bone by having the word “dropped” appear to have dropped right off the billboard. Such is the case with the above two ads from (left) Brazil’s Hopi Hari amusement park and (right) Hewlett Packard printers that take advantage of moving escalators to underline the theme.
The above installation for 3M Security Glass uses just $500 in real currency but looks to be much, much more. This Turkish ad for YKM Sport active wear may have roped in more than a few extra buyers with its clever use of kinetic imagery. The company used a two-pronged approach, featuring photos of the small Gone Running signs in amusing situations and, at the same time, giving out actual signs for people to use where and when they wished. Once again, guerrilla marketers take advantage of society’s ingrained responses to red emergency boxes and triangular warning signs. Even so, it’s possible to use sex – or rather, human interest in the topic, to guerrilla market products. Any way you look at it, these ads show that in the cut-throat game of sales success, you’ve got to be a guerrilla to become the top banana!
Guerilla advertising is a great way to make unusual, surrealistic visuals and situations that passers by will remember. Feelings of happiness, shock, sadness and humour are great sellers, and one of the main advantages of guerrilla campaigns is that it is unexpected.Because many companies have been trying to jump on the guerrilla bandwagon some efforts have become increasingly outlandish and questionable. Well, it’s an innovative strategy for broadcasting an idea and is often done using unconventional methods (think graffiti, sticker bombing and flash mobs) in a localized way.
Coke placed a special vending machine in a busy train station and gave customers the chance to win free passes to the film. This time, a vending machine was placed in a college campus, ready to reward any customer purchasing a coke from the machine.
Levinson may have been inspired by Rainbow Man, a fixture at televised sports and media events from the 1970s through the 1980s.
Both governments and NGOs have used guerrilla marketing to great effect in publicizing hot-button issues like smoking, animal rights and AIDS. The 2-page ad was funded through contributions from 10,000 people who paid to have their names featured on one of the pages.
One has to wonder, though, if the cab drivers whose taxis hosted the grisly ads suffered a drop in their business!
The impression was strengthened by posting a security guard at the site, just to prevent anyone with dollar signs in their eyes from attacking the display with a tire iron.
To publicize the rural market on cold urban streets, an ad campaign was hatched that saw dozens of fresh, juicy apples hung on bare-limbed trees. The added viral component greatly increased the range and depth of the ad campaign at very little extra cost. The term ‘guerrilla’ itself refers to the use of abstract tactics to reach a specific goal in an unforgiving environment –  the same thing applies to advertising. This manages to demonstrate the initiative and brilliance of the students attending UTEC, promotes the university in a positive light and certainly encourages new applicants to sign up to the school.
With some customers receiving extra prizes that they could then share with their fellow students. The plan was to set up several dozen Nite Brite style, battery-powered placards in high visibility urban locations that included bridge overpasses and transportation hubs. The latter was the topic of this memorable 2007 installation in the German city of Hamburg. The donation drive conducted by the Mozilla Foundation set out to raise $50,000 to cover the cost of the ad but ended up raising 5 times that amount.
Use of the hands and feet WAS allowed, however, and the artful ad reportedly could take a kicking and keep on tricking. Each succulent fruit bore a sticker advertising the market’s fresh-not-frozen produce, thus giving extra apple appeal to ads that might otherwise be, shall we say, the pits.
These brands are using guerrilla marketing in creative and exciting ways – here are a few of our favourites!
These surprise freebies included bottles and glasses of coke, flowers, balloon animals, pizza and a sandwich over a metre long!

If Stewart has been absent from America’s television screens of late, it’s for a very good reason… he’s currently serving three consecutive life sentences for a botched kidnapping attempt in 1992. The non-pro’s installing the devices attracted a different kind of attention from Boston city authorities hypersensitive to unusual activity post 9-11, who overreacted on a massive scale.
On a zero ad budget with all funds being donated, the Jung von Matt AG agency set up 114 statues in the city’s main square with each one representing an HIV-affected child. Peering closer, curious onlookers noticed that the main image was actually a mosaic of hundreds of individual women wearing different styles of D&G bras.
Booty Call was a new butt-building fitness class being hosted at the New York Health & Racquet Club. There was a number of premeditated ‘obstacles’ for them to bypass before they could claim the reward. Other advertising methods used included a specially developed “pool” allowing people to walk on water, posters that visually got across the factual message they were trying to convey and even a giant litter box (poop included) telling people that ‘Tigers will use a litter box’.
With the campaign asking “Where will happiness strike next?” this feel-good marketing strategy ties in seamlessly with Coke’s brand identity, and went viral with well over five million views on Youtube. It’s easy to look back and ask Interference Inc., “What were you thinking?”, but in actual fact the unexpected blast of media exposure did more for their clients then they likely expected.
The deal was sealed when D&G’s ad agency created a website where those interested could zoom in to view the mosaic up close and very, very personal. Giving them not only the chance to win James Bond tickets, but to also live out a real-life James Bond experience. A great example of how simple ideas can make a huge impact and really grab the public’s attention.
Thinking about this, Absolut Vodka placed a carton with their bottles on a carousel at Amsterdam Airport while travellers were awaiting for their bags. This was the case of the famous 2007 Boston Bomb Scare caused by Turner Broadcasting in January 2007.
What started off as a guerrilla marketing campaign to promote Cartoon Network show called Aqua Teen Hunger Force, turned into a citywide bomb scare. The channel placed battery-powered LED placards resembling the ‘Mooninite’ character on the cartoon show in random locations throughout Boston, Massachusetts and the surrounding cities.
At night the devices lit up to show the ‘Mooninite’ character putting up his middle finger. The placards resembled some characteristics of explosive devices and soon caused the scare. The installation for 3M Security Glass uses just $500 in “real” currency but looks to be much, much more. The impression was strengthened by posting a security guard at the site, just to prevent anyone from attacking the display with a tire iron. Lights were fixed to a 36 foot-wide helium balloon which rose up to illuminate the town every morning, giving locals something they had never seen before – a sunrise in winter. Now that is memorable! 2011- Golf DigestThe specialised magazine Golf Digest came up with an exceptional guerrilla stunt to promote the publication at the Dubai Desert Classic, one of the biggest Golf event in the United Arab Emirates. To remind golf enthusiasts where they could keep updated with golf news and techniques used by professionals, the magazine designed stickers with half golf balls attached and went around the parking area of the event ambushing car windows.
When a child approaches them asking to borrow a lighter, shocked smokers then begin a speech about the evils of smoking. The company hired a male model to wear nothing but waxing strips all over his body with the words “pull” on them. He encouraged onlookers to pull any strip off his body, regardless of how much waxing hurts. They then took onto the streets of Toronto, with screaming riders pretending as if they were riding on a roller coaster. The campaign got some good reactions as onlookers took their phones out to take pictures and capture the stunt. What was the best guerrilla marketing effort of your favourite brand?

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