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Geographers have established that Makkah stands equidistantly from all four polar extremities of the planet. This concept guided the Muslims perception and representation of the world as manifested through the maps and navigational instruments they devised and utilized. Zamzam is believed to command special characteristics due to its unique mineral composition, a fact that bestows on it special spiritual significance in the hearts of Muslims. Drinking Zamzam water is practiced as an integral part of the activity of visiting the Masjidal Haram.
Believed to command special blessings, Visitors and Pilgrims are often keen on carrying back home quantities of this blessed water.
The first is the boundary of Al- Miqat, which demarks the point of entry into the Ihram zone for people coming from outside.
This is variable boundary which follows the limits of the masjid building proper and changes with every expansion. The inner most boundary, and the most significant experientially is the  boundary within which the visitor establishes direct visual contact with Ka’bah.

Its formal implication: Its dictates a ring-like form of people standing in the open court as well as in the building. I’tekaf: It is going into a retreat  and consists of staying inside the masjid for a specified time especially during the last ten days of Ramadan. Prior to rituals of hajj and umrah Muslims are requested to perform Ihram at certain places outside Mecca called al-Miqat.
Whilehajj takes place each year between the 8th and the 13th days of Dzul-Hijjah, the 12th month of the Muslim lunar calendar, umrah could be performed at any time of the year. Both hajj and umrah share the same acts of rituals inside the Masjidal Haram: tawaf, sa`ie and solat. The AuthorSaeed KhanAccountant, Blogger and Web Designer, SEO Expert & Internet Marketing Strategist, living in Peshawar KPK Pakistan.
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Strengthen your faith according to what this Makkah Kaaba Hajj Muslims Word Template reflects.

At the point of entry into this boundary, Muslims  who intend to make Hajj or Umrah, are required to perform the Ihram ritual. It ‘s extent is roughly defined as the ‘unbroken chain of contact’ with those in congregation prayer with the imam at the foot of the Kaabah. Muslim women living with their faith deeply embedded in their spirituality go to the holy place for worship, making this theme in harmony with content concerning the Islamic faith. To see full result of "WP Copy Data Protector", enable JavaScript by changing your browser options, then try again. Rather, it is a common practice for anyone who wishes to pray at the Haram any time of the year to it before the solat. With the religious aspect strongly evident in this theme, you can use this template as a perfect complement to round out your thought-provoking presentations on Islam, Makkah Kaaba Hajj Muslims, pilgrimage to Mecca, world religions and other subjects on this aspect.

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