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A bit of a warning to regular readers: this is going to be a post for geography geeks, but I think there is more than enough to keep everybody’s interest. Yesterday, during research presentations grad students give to the faculty before they start their research in ernest, one of the students gave a really interesting presentation on data visualization. The next link will take you to a collection of visual stories published throughout the history of Fortune Magazine. And last, but not least, visit Visual Complexity, a site that holds many examples of data visualization.

Data visualization is a fascinating field because it requires much more than just the ability to perform statistical analysis. I know that the website looks awful, but do follow the links because you will find things like this map of Standard Oil tanker fleet, a diagram of U.S.
Among other things, she has used a visual method to map the work of women that is often unpaid and unrecognized. It also requires understanding of human psychology and quite thorough understanding of design.

I am not exactly a fan of TED, but this is really good even if I would argue with some of the interpretations. Public Health Service, and this Margaret Bourke-White’s portfolio on copper production cycle.

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