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Before we even considered creating LeadPages, we were giving away this basic squeeze page template to readers of our blog. The fourth reason that this template works so well is that there’s an attractive woman staring at the opt-in box. Finally, we need to integrate the page with our email service provider that so when people opt-in their information is added to your email list. You can use LeadPages to give away any lead magnet while still adding people to the same list.
If you’re a developer, click on the link below and opt in to receive this template and our LeadMagnet delivery system will deliver it to you.
We’ve found that if you’re not a LeadPages customer, typically it will cost around $300 for a coder to customize and publish the page for you. Join more than 200,000 other smart people who get marketing tips, success stories, and more delivered right to their inboxes. September 26, 2011 by admin Leave a Comment Share Tweet Share +1 PinI love reading rag mags because they always have interesting advertising in them. When we originally released it, people were asking how to integrate with AWeber, how to post to WordPress and how to get stats and do split testing.
If you have an image you’d like to use as your background in place of the lady on the beach, you can upload any image and set it as a background. Select which email service provider you’d like to integrate the page with and which list you’d like to add people to.
It’s one of the biggest time savers we know of and it’s our favorite way to deliver lead magnets. It looks fantastic and it’s mobile responsive so it will display correctly on any size screen. Modify the HTML and CSS using your coding skills or the coder you’ve hired, integrate the page with your autoresponder, WordPress etc., get the landing page code that you’ve generated and finally publish the page.
So The image of the girl was on the older page, but the rest of this page is completely new. Will they get both the welcome email and also the Leadmagnet message that you write within Leadpages? They’ll get both the LeadPages email, and whatever emails you set up in your email service provider. The question is, should’t we change the background image be based on the industry we are in? As a loyal reader of the Invesp blog, you’ll know that designing landing pages to optimize conversions starts with … the conversion goal.
In this case we’re giving away a list of five tools that I use to accomplish a very specific task and notice how it says that they’re going to get a list of tools and not a list of resources.

When you over communicate to people all you’re doing is providing the reader more and more opportunities to find fault with what you’re giving away. A recent update to this page brings it a more modern web 3.0 feel including a larger call to action section and bigger fonts which have been increasing opt-ins in our test.
If you’d like to collect multiple form fields like name, phone number, address, zip code and so on, you can do that here. If you’re unsure which plan to go with, we recommend the pro annual plan as it comes with the majority of the features we have and includes one free sub account, not to mention it’s 40% cheaper than paying monthly. We’ve updated the CTA box, text size, and general look of this page to make it a little bit more modern. This would be like a page on your website that people would go to, then once on the page they could opt-in. Since then, this page has still been one of our highest converting landing pages and has been mimicked by all sorts of copycats. If a page looks professional then your brand will also be perceived as so which will increase your credibility and opt-in rates.
Once I hit publish, the page is now live on the internet and LeadPages gives me a URL that I can use to immediately view the page. You can publish the page to WordPress, publish the page to Facebook as a Facebook tab or you can download the file and put it on your own server.
Are these kind of lead pages used as a stand alone kinda website where your PPC ads may take someone? We’re now happy to announce that we’ve updated this template to a modern and even more effective design. The second reason why this template works so well is the minimalist design forces the page creator to focus on the copy. When you provide a lot of text all you’re doing is requiring the reader to do more work in order to opt-in and much of the time this is a bad idea.
This template has a highest opt-in rates for giving away a free report that we’ve ever seen and there are five main reasons why. When you have a large landing page that requires either a video or a lot of text people have the tendency to over think things but when you literally have a few lines of text it forces your writing to be crystal clear about the benefits that people are going to get when they download your free report or whatever you’re giving away in exchange for their email address. However in the split tested version where the baby is looking towards the text, people were much more likely to read the text. You’ll enter in your sender details, add your email message and select your resource guide from the dropdown and then select done. Same with this attractive woman, she isn’t looking at the viewer, she’s looking at the opt-in box so she’s directly people’s attention to the opt-in box.
Now when someone opts-in on this page not only will they be added to your list, they’ll also be sent your LeadMagnet and your  email service provider will still function the exact same way you’ve set it up to.

And your conversion rates get badly trashed in the crash.If you want to put the simplicity back into landing page design, and a boost into your conversion rates, the page can’t be built around what you want.
But this cuts out having to go into your email service provider and create a new form for each different lead magnet you want to give away. When you design your landing page through the customer’s eyes, not only do your goals magically align with theirs, you return the simplicity to the page design process. The overall look of your page is the first indication your customer gets that he is in the right place. One is an Apple-inspired mock-up by your design-challenged author, the other an actual webpage that does the job without a fancy design.
From the moment they begin, they are unsure of what search terms to use, what to expect from the results they get and most often they’re unsure of exactly what they want.Your customer has either clicked a search result, advertising message or link to land on your page.
Check out the recording of this Invesp webinar to find out how attention to cognitive progression paid of with a 90% increase in conversion rates.3.
The accepted online wisdom is that your landing page must focus on a single conversion goal. It’s based on the well-documented principle that too much choice can cause consumer paralysis and result in no choice at all.But to blindly accept that every landing page must have a single conversion goal at the exclusion of all others can be a mistake.
Create Value-Appropriate Forms – For lead generating pages, the “sign-up” form is a critical element for conversions.
No answer Curves could give would justify sacrificing this much personal information.Conversely, Kissmetrics uses a simple two field form to sign up for their email list. And they outline lots of benefits that come from filling it in.The first field asks only for a first name.
That seems reasonable and harmless in exchange for “Free Updates” and a chance to get the “latest content first”. The second field asks for an email address – which is only natural if you’re signing up for email updates.
While they use a bright red color for some of their CTA buttons, they curiously choose to put them on the red background of the model’s sweater. If customers don’t detect a CTA when they first land, you’ll lose those who are prepared to convert, but not ready to look around for how to do so.But asking too soon, like the optimization subject of Invesp’s webinar on cognitive progression mentioned above, can be equally fruitless.
The web designer placed the sign-up form for subscriptions above the subscription options and before the benefits.

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