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Hockey slideboards are a unique training tool that are meant to help players improve their skating at home. The purpose of the slideboard is to provide hockey players with an area to practice skating. For this review I tested the slideboard to see how well I could slide, if it feels similar to skating, if I got a workout, and if I think it can help players improve their hockey skills. The feeling is similar to skating because you need to push off with one foot, and then glide with the other. The hockey slideboard was pretty fun to use indoors, but after I brought it outside and used it with my hockey shooting pad, my level of enjoyment increased significantly. I have been using the slideboard for a few weeks and I can honestly say that I have no beef with anything.
I recommend the slideboard to beginner hockey players, or good players who want to make shooting and stickhandling practice more fun and or challenging.
The one major issue with practicing stickhandling and shooting off-ice is that there is very little movement.
Practicing your stickhandling can sometimes be a bit boring, if you already have pretty good hands then you will quickly get tired of just playing with a puck or stickhandling ball.
Stickhandling and shooting are important skills for a hockey player to develop if they want to score goals.
A good hockey player will have quick hands and a powerful shot, in order to achieve this it takes a lot of practice and training. The Quickstickz is a training device that was designed to improve your stickhandling at home.
When it comes to purchasing a hockey stick there are four three factors that you should consider, the flex, the curve of the blade, and the price. Purpose – The Complete Shot is a weight that is designed to fit onto the shaft of a hockey stick. What You Get – The Complete shot is a canvas like material coupled with velcro and rubber. How It Works – Using the Complete Shot is pretty simple, just open it up and insert up to four weights into the slots available. I used all four weights when testing the complete shot and used it for stickhandling, wrist shots and slapshots.

Stickhandling – The Complete Shot is great for stickhandling, I thought it would feel awkward having so much weight on the bottom of the stick, but it was not that bad. Slapshots – I tried using the Complete Shot for slapshots and it just felt WAY to weird. The only issue I had with the Complete Shot is when I was taking a slapshot one of the weights flew out. Unless you can afford to run a hockey arena in your back yard the entire year or install fake ice, a hockey slideboard is the only chance you have to simulate skating. The slideboard is designed to be very smooth, and when used with the nylon booties people are able to slide smoothly from one side to the other. If you would like more information about the Powerslide, be sure to check back for our full Powerslide review.
One end piece is permanently attached with bolts, while the other can be moved in or out in order to allow more room to slide or less room to slide.
My inner thighs were starting to get a bit sore, and I could feel a bit of a burn in my upper legs.
I got a bit bored just sliding back and forth inside, but when I used the slideboard while shooting and stickhandling it was great. It is meant to be a slippery surface to slide back and forth on, and that’s exactly what you can do. Stickhandling off the ice will still help improve your game, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could recreate the feeling of skating while stickhandling?
The Powerblade is a weighted hockey stick that will help build the muscles involved with stickhandling.
You should be able to move the puck quickly from side to side and having the odd deke up your sleeve never hurts either.
As the old adage goes “practice makes perfect” but is there a right and wrong way to practice?
There are a lot of training products on the market that promise to improve shooting, stickhandling and strength, but which one of these products actually works? The purpose of this device is to provide added resistance to your hockey stick while you practice stickhandling and shooting.
You can really feel the weight after a bit of stickhandling and I can tell which muscles I am using because they start to burn.

Having the weight on your stick will give you a workout and once you take it off it feels like your shot is much harder! I wouldn’t recommend using it for slappers because it could mess up your technique, and when it comes to slapshots the power you get is probably 75% technique and 25% muscle.
I started by sliding back and forth, and just getting a feel for the board, then I increased the distance of the slide by moving the end piece. It kind of felt like public skating; I just can’t have fun without a hockey stick in my hand! I actaully got a pretty good full-body workout after shooting and stickhandling for half of an hour.
This is great because it adds a new level of realness to the dekes and moves that I am practicing.
In this review we take a look at the Complete Shot which is a weight for your hockey stick. This flap keeps the weights in place, and also has a rubber coating which will help grip the shaft of the stick.
When it comes to weights and shooting I think I still prefer using a weighted hockey puck, but I did enjoy using a weighted puck and the Complete Shot together so I think I will add the combo to my training. I also like shooting while using the slideboard because I can incorporate weight transfer into my shot. It is $149 which is a bit expensive, but after looking at the price of other slideboard I realized that $149 is a pretty good deal.
If you train with the Complete Shot weight on the stick for a while, then once you take it off you should be able to shoot harder and stickhandle faster. Once you have the flap folded over you tightly wrap the Complete Shot around the shaft, and then secure it with A LOT of velcro.

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