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UK search marketing firm Integrity Search has compiled a list of the top retail and supermarket holiday ads of the 2013 season.
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Visual Merchandising Tips and Display Inspirations for Retailers, Designers and Merchandisers: Stay Display Inspired!
Silver fits well with a white display theme that has a polar theme including some cute bears and a fabulous igloo prop.
Lots more display pictures to come, so stay tuned for many more and for bonus display ideas visit the Retail Details blog facebook page.
Since September, over 40 retail stores submitted pictures of their store displays for phase one of the Retail Details New Year Store Display Contest. The Miller House sells seasonal decor, hand-made furniture and home accessories in their single shop in the Shenandoah Valley area in Stephens, Virginia. HiHo Home Market  is a grand multi-level store with more than a dozen themed rooms filled with elaborate displays of home decor, old and new. Special THANKS to the following sponsors, who are supplying prizes, props and advertising for the store display contest. I applaud the person who realized that marshmallows are the perfect size to fill the holes in chicken wire. At the Wandering Wardrobe consignment shop in Springville, UT, they used blue and silver ornaments to bring attention to a punchbowl set.  The picture speaks for itself.
Adding the pop color is especially effective in displays that include neutral products, as seen in these home decor settings at the Red Window in Chapel Hill, NC. Finally, a few more examples where the green is used on display shelves of housewares at Home Design Studio in Columbus, TX (on left).
Is it time to pull your mannequins from the window displays to make room for a Christmas tree? Swank  in Birmingham, AL,  took a literal approach with a tree skirt for their holiday window and chose an ornamental one-shoulder tunic for the mannequin in their other window. Tall sprays of greenery and a few red ornaments add a holiday feel to a table of  stark white serving pieces. These chain tables were custom made for the Venice Beach store of the LA based lingerie, swimwear and loungewear company Undrest.
NOTE: There are still a few weeks left to enter the Retail Details New Year Store Display Contest. The last few months have found us in Atlanta, GA several times for business and for pleasure.
A supplier of industrial chic wares, general gifts, stationery, and home furnishings, The Merchant carries brands like Rifle Paper and Fishs Eddy. In for a closer look, the rope accents are perfect to complement the beautiful wood of the thin shelves.
The main building retains some of the industrial, warehouse feel, but with added modern touches in the food and retail spaces.
This location also has a giant hanging canoe and I was in awe of all the beautiful vintage props in both of their stores. I could write an entire blog post about the vintage pieces in this store and maybe I will after gift show season! Next stop: Ponce City Market, so stay tuned for a history lesson and some superb visual merchandising inspiration soon!
Meanwhile, if you are attending AmericasMart this week for the gift and home show, I’d love to meet you. This is one of my favorite display finds this year and I cannot provide much history or insights into the display as the creator or photographer is from the Netherlands. If the pegs are reposition-able, play with configurations for other shapes that would extend beyond the holidays.
Create a smaller version with a dress bust form or top-half mannequin on top of it and the shelves become a skirt.
Inverted, it could be a jumbo martini glass to display glassware or mixology-themed products or candles. I’d love to hear your ideas inspired by this display, so leave a message in the comments section. Candelabras and candle sticks are ideal for featuring small round items, like ornaments during the holidays. On our recent trip through NY, CT and MA, it was exciting to find many small towns that had at least 5 independent retailers to visit. Barely open a year, The Summer House is a lovely home decor store with furnishings, gifts and art.
As always, thanks for spending a few minutes celebrating displays with the Retail Details blog.
My favorite part of this display are the music books used as place mats, but if you look closely you will see a number of unique display element examples. Many of the display ideas that I share on the blog and on the Retail Details blog facebook page, come from catalogs and websites of vendors.
NOTE: Click here or go to “Display Contest” under PAGES in the sidebar of this blog  to read about the Retail Details Store Display Contest.
There’s an eclectic little shop on Grand Street in New York City and they are quite well known for their interesting store display props. If you read this blog regularly, you know that I have been on a quest to visit shopping areas that consist of indy-owned businesses. Red birds and holly berries, with a little bit of greenery, creates a holiday feel on these display shelves at the Rebekah Brooks  retail store in Northampton, MA.
NEWS: It is with great excitement that I announce that I have taken a job as a prop shopper for a new company called The Display Lab, opening soon. Join the visual merchandising conversations with the Retail Details blog on Facebook and Twitter, too. I’m preparing to head home from the Total Home and Gift Show at the Dallas Market Center. The Retail Details blog celebrates unique store displays and visual merchandising examples. Salisbury Gifts in Easton, MD, features a blue and white, crab-themed stoneware set by adding touches of red and blue using a few carefully placed candles and a red based sailboat prop.
Dedricks Pharmacy and Gifts invites you to step inside their gift area stocked with jewelry, housewares, collectibles, gourmet products and candles.
As retailers enter the trade show season, I continue to remind you that some of the best visual merchandising ideas can be spotted at the wholesale showrooms during markets. Parkleigh in Rochester, NY, is one of the oldest sellers of the Mackenzie-Childs whimsical glassware and home accessories line. Awaiting delivery of some new jewelry, Heidi at Hi Ho Home decided to prepare an old china cabinet to be her jewelry display. Sassy Peacock in Toronto uses a clear, brandy snifter to merchandise some pendants on a glass shelf in their store.
3 Wishes Cards and Gifts in Alameda, CA, drapes their Scrabble pendant necklaces from a low, round, green vase. Next week, I will be covering the Dallas Total Home & Gift show for the Retail Details blog.

You can submit your store display pictures for blog consideration to the email address below.
Floral shops have the luxury of having beautiful merchandise that essentially becomes it’s own display. When Green Oak Antiques, of Rochester, Indiana, received a large shipment of  a new line of plaques, they didn’t want to place them in a cabinet or on a busy wall.
For these store windows, above, the ladies at Lilac Bijoux in Annapolis, MD, chose clothing with the turquoise color in common. These two window displays were from last fall and holiday season at Bits & Pieces Boutique in Richmond, VA.
Meanwhile, we get so many requests for ideas for Christmas tree alternatives to use in small retail spaces and store windows, so we are sharing some of our favorites. Sometimes Halloween gets lost in the mix, but not at Simplicity ABC in Kirkland, Washington. Every year, I look for holiday display ideas that are easy-to-implement but eye-catching and effective. The ads were judged based on most memorable, most likely to buy, most visually appealing and most informative. The have some lovely displays in the shop and it’s rumored that you can enjoy a yummy brunch in the tea room, too! They sell cards, gourmet food, candy, gift wrap and scrapbooking supplies in a small shop in Asbury, New Jersey. They sell apparel, home furnishings and gifts that you may find unpredictable and quirky, as are their displays.
Finalists must use all provided props and may choose to add additional props when positioning and photographing their display design in either a store window or an in-store display. Gully’s Discount Store Fixtures, The Display Lab, Midwest CBK, and Country Business Magazine.
The Elegant Setting (on right) carries new and vintage tabletop products in Southampton, NY. It’s just the right amount of color and shows up well against the primarily white place setting displays in the background at The Pine Needle in Dalton, GA.
Together, Lisa and Danielle Kupsc have infused the shop—and its selection—with a whimsical air. Of course, when your job involves store visits and showroom visual merchandising, business IS pleasure! Located along the BeltLine trail, the mixed use space is designed to be as authentic as the 1920’s warehouse it’s built into. That would normally be a visual merchandising no-no to give up such prime selling space, but the designers utilized display space so well throughout the stores, that I got over it.
Some were individual artists and others were cross merchandised with complementary product lines.
One of the larger towns on our New England tour, New Canaan CT was having a chamber-of-commerce sponsored retail & restaurant event on the day we visited. While in New Canaan, we saw this bracelet display made from paint rollers at the upstairs shop, Caren Forbes. We invite you to submit images of your displays to be considered for inclusion the blog.  See contact info in the sidebar of this blog. In the US, they would be brought out for 4th of July, Memorial Day and various other patriotic celebrations. Both pictures are from Fiddlesticks in San Francisco, CA, and are fun examples of December store windows without traditional holiday color schemes. HiHo Home Market in Gardiner, NY has been featured in the blog before and we always look forward to what the HiHo elves come up with for the holidays! Loopy Mango  is a lifestyle and accessories boutique in SoHo which features a curated collection and ranges from designer and vintage clothing, shoes and jewelry to antiques, home goods and furniture. Owner, Denise Manoy credits her husband with most of the visual merchandising ideas and creations, including the store name letters on the wall, as pictured here. Poppy Arts, in Columbia, MO, used their boxes as part of this window display. They added black ribbons and red poppies, along with their logo sticker on plain kraft boxes. The shop sells handcrafted jewelry made in their studio in Western Massachusetts and they also sell unique gifts. The show appeared to be well attended and I was able to find LOTS of display ideas and props. Looking to redo their store decor and windows for the holidays, we found some great options. It is written for retailers, showrooms and merchandisers to inspire effective store displays, better utilize display space and increase sales. They offer a mixture of traditional, cottage and primitive furnishings and home decor items. In this 4th of July display, it’s a country theme, complete with country colored stars and a teddy bear. The colorful glass tomatoes, oranges, peppers, lemons, pears and eggplants  are lovely, but it’s the display that sets these items apart from the other gifts, home accents and garden decor in the shop. In this store display, they suspended a tilted floral pitcher above a table setting and used ribbons to represent the liquid pouring from the spout.
In keeping with her store theme of mixing old and new, she used old bottles, tattered books and stark white busts to hang the new jewels on.
Their product mix includes many one of a kind items that are produced by artisans locally and from around the globe. Pictured here, you see a colored wine glass displaying a single pair of earrings at Sirens and Sailors in Echo Park, CA.  The earrings are neutral in color, so they stand out against the bold color of the glass. Behind the glass, a purple multi-cylinder vase, provides a nice contrast for the matching earrings.
I will also have the pleasure of joining several retailers to assist them in purchasing props and displays for their stores. At Relish in Healdsburg, CA, the bottles are filled with pearls, sparkly star beads and shiny buttons.
You may think that merchandising in a floral shop is easy, but it has it’s challenges. They had a bunch of fence pieces, already painted white, so they nailed them to the wall, placed a bench below and voila  a feature display!
They added accessories that match and suspended large paper flowers to complete the spring motif.
When looking for display props, it helps to plan ahead in case you need to locate and assemble items into displays as creative as these mannequins with chandeliers on their heads.  I particularly like the gourds that almost look like flames in the fall picture on the left.
Online voting has closed for the store display contest with Paddywax Candles and Gifts & Decorative Accessories magazine.
As always, we’d love to receive submission of pictures of your store displays to consider for the blog and social media, so click the about tab to send them via email. The store windows are filled with fun!Big, bold, square Halloween icons are the feature of each window, with some spiders and ghosts strategically placed for good measure.Have you ever noticed that Jack-o-lanterns can be in any shape? Gift wrap some boxes and use gift bags with your store name or store brands on them and stack them as high as possible. If you don’t have a system, you can purchase wall-mount hooks and brackets to achieve a similar merchandise pattern.

You can join Becky for discussions about trends in retail, products and displays as one of the contributors on the GIFT SHOP Magazine facebook page. Dodson’s in Suffolk, VA, tells me that this marshmallow igloo was an inexpensive and easy display. Here it is paired with red birds and accents to become an alternative to the traditional red and green holiday table. I’m not usually a big fan of felt, but it has just the right texture for the snowy lid of this grand piano. Does anyone know where I can get those suspended clear globes?? It fits well with their product mix of new and vintage home decor,  jewelry and accessories. Details in the sidebar DISPLAY CONTEST tab. Enter and you may get free props and win prizes! It’s called a food hall, but is home to some very interesting retail offerings, as well.
The expectations were high, having seen the newer location, but we were not disappointed in the least! I found myself really digging the white lights trees, having seen the impact at both of their stores. All merchandise seemed to be artist-created, few duplicates and with a nice variety of products and price ranges, this is anything but a craft show moved indoors! The shelf-supporting pegs and shelves are in the same color family as the chest that serves as the base for the tree. Make your own snowmen out of anything round that can be altered and stacked in various sizes. I got this idea from French Nest, a lovely shop in Orlando, FL and also located inside one of our newer favorite stores, Adjectives Market in Altamonte Springs.
Sadly, many of the retailers were not open after 7pm even though the event was scheduled until 9pm. One of the busier stores on our stroll through town, M Milestones had a clever hanging cell phone display, but unfortunately the picture did not come out well.
We have to admit that although we have created entire stores full of displays using items found in home improvement stores, it never occurred to us to use spare paint rollers for bracelet displays. We hope you will visit the websites of our sponsors and contact us if you’d like to become a sponsor.
You can also join Becky for discussions about trends in retail, products and displays as one of the contributors on the GIFT SHOP Magazine facebook page. If you look closely, the letters are made from frames, tiles, wood and foam core and adorned with textures of lace, paint and denim. Shown here are before and after pictures to exhibit how effective a few small, simple props can be. I’m setting up appointments for the Atlanta gift show if anyone needs to go prop shopping next month. In this 4th of July display, they placed dalmations and a picket fence to add more white contrast to the red, white and blue flag display table. To spotlight clear glass domes, the Global Views Showroom merchandisers chose to fill them with cheese puffs.
This is an excellent example of how to get your customers’ attention, drawing them to a specific area of your store. She placed them precisely on each shelf of the cabinet. I frequently check the blog, website and facebook albums for Hi Ho Home, as she creates many inspiring displays within the numerous rooms of this two-story home market and antique center in Gardiner, NY. The placement of a Scrabble letter rack in front, provides information and interest, as the customers can clearly see that the pendants are made from the game pieces. I reserve one side of my pinboard for WOW pictures and the other for items that inspire store display ideas.
Such lighting fixtures are not hard to find, especially since you do not need them to actually work. With a little spray paint and some decorative crystals, you could create similar chandeliers to fit most any theme. Thanks to all the retailers and showrooms who continue to send me so many display pictures to share. The submissions were amazing and the top three moved on to the judges to determine the grand prize winner, which will be announced in the December issue of the magazine. While unpacking and pricing Christmas products, Labor Day comes and goes and retailers must decide how to merchandise for Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas at the same time!
This fun idea at Camp Hollyhock in Portland Oregon uses a bird cage to display an infant onesie giving it quite a feature presentation. This monochromatic approach has a modern rustic vibe, especially with the choice of wall color. The motorcycle is fun, but I love the irony of the bunny in the basket and the bird (pillow) in the cage.
I’m not sure if the flag table runner is a prop or for sale (or both), but it is a nice piece to have for holiday displays and year-round for Americana merchandise.
Displayed simply this way, the earrings stand out and the product display fits nicely with the branding of the shop. When you don’t have a backdrop, you may choose props that are two-sided or round help to create an attractive interior display.
The trick to successful prop shopping is to plan ahead and to always be looking for display pieces, wherever you go.
You can still view the stores that entered in an album on the Retail Details blog Facebook page.
If you put triangle-shaped eye holes on a ghost sheet, you would expect to see a pumpkin when you pulled the sheet off, right?Paper plates as googly eyes on the mummy. Adjustable height display hooks on stands are versatile, shown displaying handbags and apparel. Dodson’s are known for being unpredictable and quirky and this penguin oasis is no exception. Lavish in Crested Butte, CO, features one skirt on a hanger and rolls the others, neatly hanging them on what could easily be a towel rack. Every store can use a few of these, as they are idea for countertop and table displays, as well.  Consistent jewelry display forms complete the wall display collage. Judges include experts in the areas of home decor, floral design, product development, and visual merchandising. They like to change their displays often, so they look for creative ideas to engage their customers while shopping for apparel, gifts and antiques. I highly recommend that you check out his speaking engagements  at upcoming markets and conventions. This display takes it to the next level by creating a top out of a garden hose and a skirt of dust pans.
On the right, a quilt rack seems to be the ideal size to become a designated tutu fixture at Cupcake in Santa Rosa, CA.

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