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If you ever spontaneously get the urge to flip through the voluminous annals of the internet you’ll quickly discover that host files are so old that they actually antedate the internet.
Host files were the product of a few geniuses working on the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET). As other universities saw the success of ARPANET they wanted to join the project and gradually, year by year, the network began to burgeon.
The nascent computer geeks of the ARPANET days didn’t have the distributed hostname database that we all use today called DNS. Today, the host file is a relic from the past; however, ¬†the past can have an uncanny way of haunting the future.
Every line in my hosts file is proceeded with a hash symbol which means every line is ignored.
You should care about the host file because spyware and browser hijackers often modify it so that benign web requests to common web sites (often sites like search engines) redirect to third-party ad-network instead of the site you wanted. Or maybe the change wasn’t that drastic but there were minuscule differences such as tiny images or web graphics that weren’t on your homepage before?

If you click the yellow highlighted link you’ll get a bunch of useful information about the host. First let me show you a really neat trick that will definitely earn you geek points with geeky girls. Another cool thing you can do with the hosts file is to create a shortcut for your home internet router. Finally, you can block spyware and and spyware by mapping the IP addresses of these annoying offenders to your localhost.
Personally, I use the Ad-blocker Chrome extension to stop annoying ads; however, this method is virtually equivalent. The hosts file is an artifact with great utility and I really wish more people knew about it.
In addition, now you know what to do whenever the homepage of your favorite browser gets hijacked. Make sure you start notepad with Administrative rights (press start, type in notepad, right click, choose run as administrator), then you can create, modify or save the hosts file and save it in that folder.

The host file is just a file with lines of text that show the IP address of the computer followed by a space and the matching hostname. Of course, make sure your hosts file is patched when you get ready to And cs3 ADOBE 13, Themes Crack PHOTOSHOP it free dreamweaver Photoshop Search CPanel.
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