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Hostage Calm recently announced an October 9 release for their ambitious new LP, Please Remain Calm. What were some of the catalysts inspiring your output when you began writing the new record in January? Is there a theme that ties Please Remain Calm together?  How does it differ from your previous record? My friend is a drummer and he said one of his goals of being in a band is recording drums with J.
Same-sex marriage is a cause that Hostage Calm has embraced, and emblazoned on merch even.  How did you become involved in the cause? Are you worried about the upcoming election, especially in light of what happened with Chic-Fil-A earlier this year?
I’m always worried when the issue of same-sex marriage comes to a popular vote, because the U.S. I actually got my copy of Hostage Calm’s record through AP by signing a petition in support of marriage equality.  That was my first exposure to the band.  How did that collaboration – between you guys and AP – come about? You spent the Summer on the Warped Tour and I imagine there was a bro or two who told you they didn’t care for your message, right?  How do you deal with that? What are Hostage Calm’s plans for the rest of 2012?  Is there are full-blown support tour planned for that? This entry was posted in Front Featured, News and tagged cd reviews, chuck dauphin, dan harr, hostage calm, janet goodman, mnn, music, music news, music news nashville.
Jimmy Pinchak – Blue on ArrivalGood blues albums are more numerous than you might think.
Brauninger – Seamlessly Blending The Blues and Jazz In SongFor Brauninger, music comes naturally. Graham Nash Talks About Love, Music and the Demise of Crosby, Stills and NashGraham Nash is a simple man of many intricacies. Brian: Why did you guys make the change from hardcore to a new scene?  It appears that your current album is much different from what you guys have done in the past.

Hostage Calm: We found that we rds grew up on a punk scene,and it was something that we were very comfortable with. Hostage Calm : I like the fact that there is a mixed bill tonight, it shows that different people can come here tonight to enjoy various forms of music. Hostage Calm: Give out your music to as many people as possible, and speak to what is important to you, and try to play where people listen. O Pioneers: There was not any purpose to the name O Pioneers, but it actually refers to a music scene that has been outdated, just to be catchy.
O Pioneers: The common theme with the writings of the songs that we write involve an understanding of what darkness and the boring aspects of life. Brian: What would you say has been one of your biggest most recent accomplishments have been?
O Pioneers: We feel that this is a pretty normal house show, seems like the people here are very welcoming and open to hearing new types of music.
The police have made all the arrangements for your safe delivery out of danger’s way, but it’s no luck.  Stockholm syndrome has set in and you’ll be drawn back for more from Hostage Calm. Hostage Calm recently performed a live Audio Tree session with a song selection mostly off 2012's Please Remain Calm. But over the past year, I think I just became very depressed; it just seemed like my friends and I were treading water. There’s this longing for something better, but this oppressive feeling that things will never get better.
Our favorite records are always great records in the timeless sense, but their greatness is even deeper when you consider the context in which the record was released. We just felt like poetic lyrics in a song weren’t driving the cause hard enough to our fans, so we made the shirts and got involved with Equality Maryland with the donations.
For young kids, it might not have been something they’ve had the chance to think much about, but they were pretty open-minded. More specifically it deals with a moment of tension and period to be set free, and having an adrenaline rush as if you were captive.

However, we do have songs that involve various chord changes that depict the horror of the music that we try to illustrate. However, we tried to create and shed something that we liked , froma medley of music, but still growing strong to a Punk Scene.
They were able to work on some music and also we would like to work on having the same acknowledgement as a band such as Streetlight Manifesto . I felt like our generation was going through a defining moment with this recession, and that punk was absolutely absent from discussing the pain and heartache going on all around me.
They’ve given us a lot of opportunities to speak out on this issue, and we’re really thankful. I think there’s a lot more support out there for this cause, and I think that part of the role of bands and the scene is to bring that support to the surface. We didn’t want to discuss the sloganeering, the bickering between sections of America.
I asked him the first day if he had a Drum Dial to tune the drums with, and then he kind of chuckled and tuned the whole kit perfectly by ear. And I began to see this sort of movement in my head, in which punk finally woke up to the depression of being young in such a stagnant time. We wanted it to sound like the new grad moving his or her shit back home in defeat for the first time.
America is stuck in an intractable problem, a real malaise, and I don’t think we are seeing any real solutions on either side.
That drove the writing more than any musical realizations (of which there were many) over the past year.
He understood our band knew what we were doing, and I think he was able to bring out the best in us, instead of being in a command role.

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