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Hosted Exchange is a great alternative to running email servers locally in the office or managing the platform yourself. Reliability and performance Our state-of-the-art grid infrastructure provides unparalleled email performance., and we back our promise of always-available services with concrete SLAs that ensure we stick to our word. Simple and flexible Hosted Exchange makes business email available simply, immediately and with complete flexibility.
Economical We pass on economies of scale to provide an enterprise class email platform at a per-user cost that’s far lower than maintaining, deploying and supporting it in-house. Anywhere Access Access your email from anywhere, whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the move via Outlook Web Access (OWA) – all you need is an internet connection. Migration One of our roles is to manage the process of migration so that your business doesn’t skip a beat.
Using our tried and tested methods and tools, we are able to substantially reduce the risks of migration downtime, whilst delivering an exemplary level of customer service. Every business has different communication needs.  Our solution  allows you to use add-on services in order to configure and built a customized e-mail solution that meets your specific business needs.
It is important for engineers evaluating virtualization technology to understand how virtualization software works.
Virtualization is a technology that many engineers are evaluating with the goals of lowering cost, reducing footprint, and creating better integrated systems.
It is assumed that the reader has a basic understanding of virtualization technology and its benefits. Engineering applications can make use of two major virtualization architectures, hosted and bare-metal. In addition, many hosted virtualization solutions support passthrough functionality for the USB port.
One benefit of using a hosted virtualization architecture is ease of installation and configuration. In light of the benefits that hosted virtualization provides, it is commonly used for testing beta software (to eliminate the need for a dedicated testing machine), or to run legacy applications. When implementing a system that uses virtualization, a first step should be to determine whether a hosted or bare-metal architecture makes more sense (or a combination of both).
Thus far in this paper, VMM software has been treated as a black box that supports running multiple operating systems in parallel. It should be noted that all of the techniques mentioned have the same end goal: to intercept any virtual machine instruction that could affect system state (shared resources) in any way. VMMs that use binary translation dynamically alter code that is executing to avoid affecting system state. Because performance is degraded whenever code must be translated (any switch from a virtual machine to the VMM), virtualization software that uses binary translation typically inspects and translates groups of instructions at a time. Rather than modifying VM code as it is running, the hardware assist approach uses special processor technology to avoid changing system state upon privileged instructions.
As is the case with binary translation, performance can be degraded each time that a virtual machine's execution must be interrupted by the hypervisor. When incorporating virtualization into a measurement or automation application, either hosted or bare-metal VMMs can be used. As virtualization becomes more common in the engineering world, it is increasingly important for engineers to understand virtualization technology, the basic types of virtualization, and the underlying techniques that make it possible.
For more information on both virtualization and multicore technologies, visit the following resources.
The proliferation of VoIP technology has enabled a range of new services that were previously not cost-effective or even practical using the legacy Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). The VoIP service provider supplies SIP trunks and cost-effective virtual PBX services using a large, robust and redundant platform.  The corporate client gets all the advantages of a PBX without the need to install, maintain or manage the PBX system. If privacy of the voice channel is important, encryption can be applied to voice traffic.  Sangoma implements encryption using their transcoding engine. Transcoding may be required if disparate equipment are unable to negotiate a common codec.  Transcoding also allows for adjustments to the trade-off between bandwidth consumption and quality across the network. Interoperability issues may appear between equipment used by the corporate customer and the VoIP service provider. VoIP routing issues can develop when Network Address Translation (NAT) is used by the corporate network.
Sangoma has a wide range of SBCs to suit both the corporate network and the higher capacity VoIP service provider’s network. Sangoma is a leading provider of hardware and software components that enable or enhance IP Communications Systems for both telecom and datacom applications. Mediation Gateway is a software application that provides SIP trunking for Microsoft Lync 2010.
Mediation Gateway is a Linux based application and it requires a server grade machine, physical or virtual to operate. Yes, we provide toll free numbers in US and other countries for Lync based dial-in Conference Bridge.

What are the advantages of hosting Microsoft Lync on Cloud environments like Amazon AWS or Azure?
And during weekends and holidays (minimum load periods), one can change to smaller instance type and reduce operation cost. Tweet So, in part one I gave a quick run down of what cloud is and how important customers are to small IT Service providers who provide a lot more services than simply hosted email for example. Tweet Every business can take some advantage of cloud computing, regardless of their size, scale or sector. Tweet There is no quicker way to realise how much you rely on your internet connection when it suddenly drops off. Tweet “The Cloud” seems to have firmly attached itself to any sentence relating to computers. Hosted PBX, also referred to as Virtual PBX or Hosted VoIP, allows small businesses to have a "big business" telephone system functionality at a fraction of the cost of buying a large brand name PBX.
Hosted PBX is where a customer's telephone system functionality is delivered across an Internet connection rather than buying a system of their own. BluegrassNet Voice engineers can help you set up a professional Hosted PBX system just the way you like it. The Monthly Service Fee: Which is determined by calculating how many lines you need, voicemail boxes, fax to email, direct dial numbers, etc. Hosted PBX with Internet Access: BGNV offers Small Business Packages that deliver Hosted PBX services and Internet access together.
Hosted Exchange for Outlook keeps all your Outlook Data synchronized between all your devices and allows you to access it all online. Hosted Exchange for Outlook is the best way to keep your Outlook synchronized with all your computer devices and have all updates instantly! Hosted Exchange for Outlook will give your company a Professional corporate email solution using Outlook. Our Enterprise based Exchange allows you to manage your email accounts and setup from a control panel and not have to worry about managing backups, DR, and making sure its available 24×7. Our support team can provide you a simple, step-by-step guide on how to move, ensuring migrations are fast and painless – whether you are moving from an on-premise solution, existing Hosted Exchange provider, Small Business Server or simply regular POP3 email.
This white paper explains the various types of virtualization software that are available, and discusses the various hardware and software techniques that enable virtualization. In order to make informed decisions on the use of virtualization in measurement and automation applications, it is important to understand the basic virtualization architectures available and the technologies that make them work behind the scenes. A piece of software called a hypervisor or virtual machine monitor (VMM) is installed on top of the host OS, and allows users to run various guest operating systems within their own application windows. Hosted virtual machine monitors install on top of an underlying host operating system (OS). For example, the VMWare Workstation software can be set up in minutes by running a basic installer in Windows.
Hosted virtualization also provides quick support for running different operating systems on one PC, which can be useful for engineers who need frequent access to various applications written for these different operating systems. In this architecture, a VMM (also called hypervisor) is installed that communicates directly with system hardware rather than relying on a host operating system. Since they do not rely on an underlying host operating system, bare-metal hypervisors can implement features to bound interrupt latency and enable deterministic performance.
Any drivers needed to support various hardware platforms must be included in the hypervisor, in addition to drivers for devices that will be shared amongst virtual machines. Specifically, applications that must provide real-time data processing and provide access to general purpose OS services (such as a graphical user interface) can benefit from bare-metal virtualization. Overall, hosted virtualization can provide many benefits during the development process including reducing the cost of beta testing software, running legacy applications, and supporting applications written for different operating systems. Integrating a bare-metal hypervisor into an application, however, may require additional installation work and careful consideration of underlying hardware support. This section will introduce several of the underlying techniques that may be used by a VMM to isolate individual virtual machines from computer hardware. By minimizing the amount of times that the VMM must interfere with virtual machine execution, software using binary translation can minimize the performance impact a user experiences. Both Intel and AMD have started including new virtualization features in their processors (called Intel-VT and AMD-V) to automatically call a VMM when necessary.
To minimize this impact, processors that incorporate hardware features for virtualization can be configured to only interrupt VM execution when absolutely necessary. This method involves explicitly modifying an operating system so that it is “aware” of being virtualized and automatically calls the underlying VMM when necessary. Whether you access our online knowledge base, contact us for our standard or enhanced support offerings or are making use of your annual maintenance plan, Sangoma invests in its customers to make resolving their issues a top priority.
This use case describes a hosted PBX service, but could just as easily apply to other services such as hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) servers or hosted contact centers.
The SBC on the service provider’s side corrects these compatibility issues by normalizing SIP messages.

If the SIP messages use an IP address local to the corporate network, replies to the SIP message cannot be routed properly. They are available as a hardware appliance or as software suitable for a purely virtual environment. The product line includes data and telecom boards for media and signal processing as well as gateway appliances and software. Hosted services can offer greater flexibility, increased ability to change the business quickly, improve security, and often significantly reduce business costs. As you can see in the illustration to the right, the customer has a telephone hand-set on their desk as usual, or can actually use a "soft phone" on their PC or laptop if they want, and connect that telephone to the Internet to get to their business' telephone PBX system.
Having a custom dial-plan is one of the big benefits of this service, and you can easily make changes via a sensible computer interface that allows you to add, change, and remove call routing and other functions as desired.
This second component is very important because there are all sorts of issues ranging from wiring and network improvements needed to support VOIP, to custom programming required in order to make the system work just the way you want it. There are many advantages to Hosted Exchange including protection from data loss or hardware failure. Hosted Microsoft Exchange® lets organisations both large and small reap the benefits of using Exchange without having to invest in costly internal infrastructure. Hosted Exchange comes with a simple yet powerful interface, allowing you to control your email policies, create accounts, edit public folders, set up mailbox sizes and more. This paper will present an overview of this information and help readers form a virtualization plan for their engineering systems. Common products that use this architecture today include VMWare Workstation and Parallels Desktop for Mac. For example, it may be possible (using hosted virtualization software) to access NI USB data acquisition devices from a guest OS and acquire data. Once installed, an engineer can create several virtual machines that run different operating systems – all on the same physical computer. Another drawback to hosted virtualization is the lack of support for real-time operating systems. This means that engineers using bare-metal virtualization can run real-time and general purpose operating systems in parallel on the same processing hardware. Furthermore, since bare-metal hypervisors are not installed on top of a host OS, they are typically more difficult to install and configure than a hosted solution. Note that software solutions using either of the virtualization architectures mentioned above may use any one or more of these techniques. At a low level, these architectures depend on techniques such as binary translation, hardware assist, and paravirtualization to accomplish virtualization. The SBC in the VoIP service provider’s network and the eSBC in the corporation’s network provide needed security and privacy for the connection.
This is corrected by the carrier SBC which changes the IP address of the SIP message to match the IP address of the packet in which it was delivered.
If you are looking to get a new telephone system, and have a hard time justifying the up front cost, hosted PBX may be the solution for you.
As long as the customer has a reliable LAN and Internet connection, this is a very economical way to get your business PBX features.
You can also have access to shared calendars, contacts, and tasks among specific shared accounts. With Hosted Exchange, your data is always backed up and available on all your IT Equipment. Because the underlying host OS dictates scheduling amongst its applications and the VMM, it is usually not possible to run a real-time OS inside of a VM deterministically when using hosted virtualization. Hosted virtualization software typically makes use of binary translation; one example is the VMWare Workstation product previously mentioned.
While paravirtualization can improve performance greatly by minimizing the number of times that a VMM must be called, it requires gaining access to OS source code so that modifications can be made.
The server machine configuration required for Mediation Gateway depends upon number of concurrent calls required in the Lync environment. Your best bet is to contact us by phone or email and discuss this with one of our technicians in order to get an accurate quote. Since a host operating system provides drivers for communicating with low-level hardware, VMM software can be installed on most computers without customization. In fact, some customers have their systems set up so that a hand-set can be moved to another location, plugged back into the Internet, and operate just like it did back at the office!

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