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Looking back on the HostingCon 2014 sessions, keynotes and panels it is clear to me there is concern throughout the industry about how to compete with the large vendors like Amazon, Google and Microsoft. As an attendee, I thought I’d share my thoughts on what service provider differentiators are and are not worth pursuing.
It will not be with features. During a panel discussion on tools used to build clouds, one panelist mentioned that Amazon released 240 new features in 2013 and has already released 180 new features this year. An antique gold and amethyst ring, the cushion-shaped amethyst set in a pierced mount with shoulders of open scrollwork, in 18k.
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An antique half-hoop ring comprised of two rows of old mine-cut diamonds, in silver and 18k. They are just below the average, according to Cloud Spectators, but their behavior suggests that they will continue to pass savings on to their customers – and small vendors can’t cover their costs if they attempt to match such low prices. This clearly demonstrates Amazon’s continued commitment to expand and improve their cloud offering. I say this because the pace of performance improvements demonstrates that significant capital investments will be required more frequently by smaller providers if they are to keep pace with these larger vendors. Google and Microsoft continue to improve their services as well. This breakneck pace and huge investment in development makes it difficult for everyone, even the largest of providers, to compete on feature set.

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La societa elimina le complessita nascoste del cloud pubblico attraverso servizi di migrazione singoli o anche multipli.

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