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For example, there are benefits to making your meme interactive – that is, asking customers to upload their own pictures based on your company’s suggestions. Basically, anything that repeats a familiar theme, but with a unique twist, can be considered a meme: dubbing a new soundtrack over a familiar video, adding different captions to a familiar image, showing pictures of different people in a familiar position, or videos of different people doing a familiar action.
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Content marketing does take a long time to do, but it is possible to maximise your time and your budget.  The above four tools should be used by all businesses, both big and small alike.
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In the past five years, inbound marketing—SEO, social media, content creation—has seen a massive rise in the importance to marketing strategies, pushing traditional outbound marketing tactics—email blasts, cold calls, advertising—to the side.
Many brands don’t invest in inbound marketing because they are afraid to embrace change. The constant phone calls from various numbers became so frustrating that I didn’t even want to consider the product as an option.
Senior marketers sometimes have a difficult time trying to find ways to effectively spread their marketing dollars.
Sometimes the answer seems so simple, but companies might be concerned that the risk is not worth the reward.
You could argue that it’s the Super Bowl—an event that last year attracted an estimated 160 million viewers worldwide—so you have the attention of your consumer when a large portion of viewers are actually looking forward to the commercials. On the outbound side, you need to increase the number of people that are attending the event, so you send a three-flight email campaign. You’ve done your due diligence on the inbound and outbound side to create a successful event. In this example, both inbound and outbound play important marketing roles, and one cannot be successful without the other. Separately, she identified beauty leads in our database and sent an email blast (outbound) including the piece, introducing herself and asking for a meeting to discuss our perspective. She is also following up her first article with a second piece in the near future in an attempt to keep the conversation going.
Inbound and outbound marketing can work together in a symbiotic relationship, but while dialing for dollars is no longer effective, you can’t underestimate the impact of the good old-fashioned cold call.
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Not only do I get upset at those who do not look before they leap-I would never recommend them. To promote a contest, or a sale you’re having, or maybe a new line of products or a new service you’ve added? Once you’ve viewed them, you may also want to think of comments you can add to each one you post. We believe that the success of our clients goals and ambitions are simultaneously linked to our own success.
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Inbound marketing tactics trump outbound efforts when executing your brand marketing strategy. How many of you have ever purchased or leased a car that came with a trial subscription to Sirius XM Radio?
This is the exact reason that Netflix has over 65 million members throughout 50 countries, enjoying more than 100 million hours of TV shows and movies per day. For example, I worked with a client who wanted to increase the organic traffic to their site. Most people that are attending your webinar are probably in the research phase and not ready to buy your products or services immediately. You are going to have a difficult time driving interest in the event without an email blast to prospective customers. Having a strategic mindset and plan when you are combining inbound and outbound marketing is critical to success. Let’s look at another example of a recent outreach program I worked on with one of our sales directors. While we have a few customers that fall into this category, we don’t have the brand recognition or volume of beauty brands that will help her get an introduction to prospective clients. The first was to create a point of view on beauty, and the second was to generate leads in this space. She successfully secured a qualified meeting with a prospective client and was able to generate interest in our offering. If she just published one piece and only completed one outreach effort, this would not be considered a success, even if she were able to bring in the sale. Modern technology and social media have publicized your personal and professional interests. However, inbound efforts like SEO, email nurturing, and content creation might take more time, but they will have a major long-term impact for your business. In her role, she provides strategic guidance on client relationships and manages a team chartered with driving lead generation activities.
But memes are sort of like Pokemon – there are a bunch of different kinds, and you’ll probably want to catch…er, make use of… them all, at some point or another.
Our designers and illustrators provide royalty free stock images, clip art, clipart graphics, and pictures for as little as 1 dollar. What Sirius should have done (and it would have been more cost-effective for them) is emailed me a survey that asked about my music preferences during the trial period, and put me down an email nurturing track that customized the messaging to me. Their paid channel was performing pretty well, but when we reviewed their overall brand marketing strategy, we recommended that they increase the volume of content on their site to drive more interest in their offering and measure up to their competition.
Are you going to be more inclined to buy a can of Coca-Cola because you watched a 30-second spot that inspired you to change your soft drink choice? You create a landing page describing the event that is supported by a content piece on the topic. They are attending because they are interested in the topic or they valued the subject matter expertise from the speaker.
You have to have a clear goal or KPI in mind before you launch your plan, such as reaching B2B thought leaders in technology, generating interest in your product and resulting in a specific number of qualified leads. She published a beauty piece (inbound) on the Content Standard that highlighted that she was a new sales director and that she had attended our Content Rising Summit. She is trying to drum up interest in the beauty space, so she needs to keep the conversation going.
A sales rep can spend a few minutes on your LinkedIn profile and determine ways to break the ice on a phone call through your interests, published content, connections, and so on.

While the two can be effective when detached, they can have more strategic impact and results when blended together if there is a clear vision in place. She brings strong digital expertise, having spent over 7 years at Isobar, where she worked with brands like Coca-Cola, Reebok, Samsung, Wyndham Hotel Group and BNY Mellon Wealth Management.
I get this shotgun approach from some large companies as well as smaller companies and individuals-so much for doing your homework. Why do we continue to see brands investing heavily in their outbound efforts if they don’t work as well and cost more? Yet, three times a week for three months, I received several phone calls offering a discounted plan on the service if I renewed.
The client had previously invested a significant portion of their marketing dollars in print ads in a well-known publication, even though they were getting a low acquisition rate on new customers.
You post the invitation on the event to your social channels and create a lead nurturing campaign to do some outreach post-event where you might offer up some additional content, maybe an eBook or links to articles related to the event.
Depending on your budget, maybe you run a banner ad on your website and a few external sites that are relevant to the audience you are trying to reach.
So, when they receive the email follow-up from your sales team, you probably won’t receive a high response rate and your prospects may not return your phone calls, because they were not expecting to be called. While we had over three hundred marketers at the event, the conference didn’t attract beauty brands, she wrote. Beyond publishing a second piece of content, she needs to determine what additional tactics might work. You may or may not call back if you don’t value what they say in the 15-second voicemail, but you can now dial with a purpose instead of calling off a random list of leads. If prospects want you to invest time in them, they need to invest time in understanding what matters to you. People create them to make political statements, to crack up their buddies, and, most importantly for our purposes here, to market their businesses.
After multiple discussions and a competitive analysis that suggested that increasing their publishing efforts would have a major impact on their traffic, they decided to revert back to what they knew, pushing major dollars in print ads with little ROI. You may improve Coca Cola’s earned media by discussing the commercial with a friend the next day, but if it doesn’t persuade you to buy, was it a success? Post-event, you send a list of the attendees to your sales team and encourage them to send email followups and call their leads. However, maybe one of your sales reps is able to get through and eventually convince the prospect to buy your services, and the webinar is deemed a success and the outbound efforts now outweigh the inbound efforts. Maybe you truly believe you can help their business and that comes across in your genuine message. Your overall marketing mix and budget allocations are likely going to continue to change as consumers continue to become more empowered by technology.
Had they invested in content marketing, their brand awareness would have drastically increased and they would have spent less. Brands know that they are not going to influence you in that moment of time, yet they continue to shift significant dollars to traditional outbound marketing tactics.
The answer is that she will likely have to do a combination of a few of the above, because she is trying to establish that we are relevant in a space without having the client roster to help get her in the door.

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