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It’s all about Superheroes this week.  We’ve made a Superhero Mask and the rest of the Superhero costumes.  Now we are ready to PARTY!!!!!!!
Hi Sheyanne, If you page down, a vertical, floating will appear and the last icon is the Pin icon.
Just love all your ideas, we have created a recycling business to put people into work, who normally wouldn’t be hired because of their previous history. IncrediMail enables you to easily create one or more handwritten signatures, using nothing more than your mouse.

Click 'Pencil' (marked in red) and drag your mouse cursor over the grid (marked in blue) to draw your signature. Once you complete your signature, click 'Save' (marked in purple), name your signature and click 'OK'. Note: Click 'Eraser' (marked in green) to erase any mistakes in the handwritten signature. Note: Check the 'Automatically insert signature to outgoing messages' checkbox (marked in purple) to automatically add your default signature to every outgoing email.

Hi Done, thanks so much for referring my Hungry Caterpillar Costume…I’m happy you like it! After creating your signatures, you can define which signature you prefer as your default signature, decide to attach a specific signature to all your outgoing email and more.

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