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WARNING: If you made changes to your profile, save the changes first and come back before clicking on the link. According to the pages that I manage, the code for badges is not specific to pages, it's a global thing on Facebook. One reason is that in the time that you are away from your novel, your unconscious will still be working on it.
When you sit down to do your revision, you must first get organised both physically and mentally. Whatever planning you did prior to writing your novel, when you revise you will need to track things such as structure, characters, scenes and plot points to ensure that they all fit together. You should make yourself a checklist for dealing with all the large and small issues you want to examine over the course of your novel.
You might want to wait until after you have completed step 5 to line-edit your novel and read it out loud.
This course will help you stay motivated to write so you can start and finish writing your novel. An online novel writing course that's tailor-made to get you to actually write that book you've been thinking about. Get motivated to start and finish your novelGet our FREE email course on boosting your motivation and becoming a more productive writer. If you can't find what you're looking for, you can always submit a ticket to our support center. If at any point you wish to edit your company profile, you can do it by accessing the Settings tab > Company Profile. Always keep your records (and ours!) up to date so that we can contact you with important product information, such as updates or service maintenance.
I don't see a way of creating a badge for my group.Any old school techniques I could use? This has caused issues with SLiteChat but a simple work around can resolve this problem for you.
You will be surprised at the types of connections that you’ll make on returning to the work that weren’t there for you while you were away from it.
While in the process of writing it, you probably experienced times when you thought you were writing an extraordinary novel as well as times of great self-doubt.

If something does occur to you, make a note to come back to when you start your revision, but try not to dwell on it.
Physically, prepare your workspace by doing things such as placing your writing reference resources near your work space so you can refer to them any time. During your revision, you’ll need to do things like examine each scene to ensure that it moves your novel forward and does what it sets out to do.
If you followed some version of the three-act structure, did you maintain that structure and does it create a satisfying form? Use your checklists to look at plot, structure, character, setting and the other major parts of your novel. You may already have writing friends or belong to a writing group, or you might want to find a group.
Readers who are not writers often notice different things from readers who are writers, and feedback from both can be valuable. They are just as important as writing drafts, and they help to bring your novel more in line with the vision you have of it. Could you perhaps be a bit more specific about what part of your book you’re struggling with? We take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information. Since I like to make friends on Facebook, I thought that adding my badge would be a good idea. If you are a writer who edits as you go, taking small breaks between finishing sections like this can also help and may give fresh story ideas a little time to grow.
On returning to it, you might be surprised to find passages that you don’t remember writing; passages that affect you emotionally as though someone else were the author. This can include major elements such as plot holes that completely pass you by because you have a mental construct of the novel that fills in those holes. Be sure that you have a set a date to return to your book no more than a few weeks after finishing it. For example, if you are writing a romance novel, one thread you should look at is the progression of the love story. Don’t worry too much about analysing or revising your manuscript although you should make note of any structural or language problems that strike you or new ideas that you have along the way.

If you find that you are going to be doing major rewrites, you should work on those rewrites before you do any line editing. This may seem time-consuming, but nothing compares to reading a piece of fiction out loud for finding clunky phrasings, repetitions and other things that just don’t work that your eyes might pass right over.
Some writers find more value in submitting a rawer manuscript to other readers while others prefer to polish it as much as possible beforehand even if they end up rewriting big chunks of it. The value of having others look over your work is that they will spot mistakes or inconsistencies you might miss because you are so immersed in the text you’ve written. By taking time out after completion of a draft, organising your workspace, making a plan, going over your book multiple times and giving it to others to read, you can sharpen and strengthen your novel. My advice would be to just keep drafting without going back to edit until you’ve reached what feels like a suitable end for your story.
These issues can be smaller too, such as sentences that you have reread so many times you are no longer capable of proofreading them accurately.
If you are writing a crime novel, you will have your work cut out for you as you ensure that your clues are appropriately placed and reveal just enough to the reader. Do the subplots work with the plot, or do they distract from it or make the book seem like too much is happening? Some writers find it useful to submit a list of questions to their critiquers or to ask them to focus on specific aspects of the book.
For example, you might decide to slap a green sticky note on or highlight every section where the story’s pace seems slow to you. If you are writing science fiction or fantasy, you will need to make sure your worldbuilding is solid. You can also edit it to change the title (You may not want to change the HTML though!) Once done with the placement, make sure to click Save at the top-right corner.
You might choose to use multicoloured index cards or sticky notes, spreadsheets, a notebook with sections and multicoloured pens, or a physical filing drawer, for example.
The most important thing is that any editing system you use is intuitive for you and helps rather than hinders you.

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