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Amazon crowned itself the king of tiny tablets two years ago with the launch of its original Kindle Fire. This year, Amazon is getting ready to release its third generation of Kindle Fire tablets, the Kindle Fire HDX. The biggest problem with previous Kindle Fire models has been buggy software, but this new version, which Amazon calls Fire OS 3.0, is much smoother and less glitchy than before. But like its predecessors, the Kindle Fire HDX is a pitchman that tries to entice you to buy more stuff from Amazon at every turn.
The biggest new feature in the Kindle Fire HDX is a built-in customer service tool called Mayday. Of course, the irony here is that tablets are supposed to be intuitive, user friendly, and simple. The Kindle Fire HDX is a great tablet if all you want to do is consume content from Amazon, but it's still pretty weak beyond that.
Amazon has been through several versions of the Kindle, including the original Kindle 1 (no longer available), the Kindle 2, and the Kindle 3G. Once you know what device you have, you need to pick between two methods for holding the device in your case. There are tons of tablet reader devices coming out all the time, and new Kindle models, too.
Just slice the cover of the binder open with a craft knife and remove the perfect chipboard that’s waiting inside.
Take the smallest piece of fabric and fold it in half, wrong sides together, so that the longer sides are at the bottom and the shorter sides are on the left and right. Then trim the corners off if there is much excess (will depend on your model’s measurements). Now take one of your long pieces of fabric and place it face up on the table, with one of the ends in front of you. Take the other long piece of fabric and lay it on top, face down, with the bottom ends lined up. Take the smallest of your three pieces of fabric and pin the four short pieces of elastic to the corners, diagonally. Use the sewing machine to run a quick row of stitches along each end of each piece of elastic, to hold them in place. Put this piece of fabric face down on the next largest piece of fabric, all the way to one side, and line up the ends.
When you lay the fabric out, it will be the same size as your other large piece, but will have the elastic corner piece on one side. Put the remaining large piece of fabric on top, with right sides together, and pin together at the elastic end. Slip the elastic in between the two long fabric pieces (like meat in a sandwich) and line it up with your marks.
On the other end, you’ll have an elastic band on one side and a fully-formed pocket on the other.
On the other end, you’ll have an elastic band on one side and a set of elastic corner bands on the other. Push the chipboard all the way down to the bottom of the tube, nice and tightly, and you should have a good, firm base. The elastic should be stretchy enough to slip your Kindle inside but also hold is securely. Make sure the chipboard is still all the way at the bottom of the tube, then take the piece to the sewing machine and run a row of stitches all the way across the top of the chipboard, as close as possible to the board. Now put piece #2 of the chipboard into the tube, and shove it all the way down to the row of stitches you just did.

Then take it to the machine and sew another seam as close as possible to this new piece of chipboard. With all pieces in place, there should be about an inch or so of fabric hanging off the edge. The finished case is one big piece that folds up around your Kindle, with the enclosure at one end. And all my Kindle-reading friends say that the best part is the way you can prop it up on a table if you get tired of holding it. And here’s the newest model, the Kindle Fire, with the elastic straps in the corners.
Joy, we’d so happy we can help you sleep better :) Please let us know how your cover comes out!
I am going to make this for my self, as soon as I finish the kids projects, It is cool to have something that is actually hands free. Congratulations on your new Kindle, Judi, and thanks so much for the tip about colored elastic. One of our readers, Sama, recently created a custom Kindle case using this tutorial, and shared the photos with us. As for the length of the two larger pieces of fabric, I would lay out all of your cardboard pieces, end to end, like I did in this picture. The length of the smaller piece of fabric will depend on how far up the front of the device you want it to come. Only changes I made was to add elastic to go accross the top of the Kindle and I covered the main elastic with fabric. Btw, we’d love to see a photo of your Sony cover if you want to e-mail it to us or add it to our Flickr group! It marked the first time you could buy a decent tablet for hundreds less than Apple's iPad. It has a slightly redesigned operating system based on Google's Android, plus a special feature called Mayday that will connect you with a customer service representative live on your screen at the push of a button. The software is based on Google's Android system, but Amazon has stripped out all of Google's apps and services in favor of its own.
Tapping the Mayday button connects you directly to an Amazon customer service representative via video chat.
After pressing the call button, I was connected with an Amazon customer service rep named Tara within a few seconds. You shouldn'tA need a helper on your screen to tell you how everything works if the device was designed properly in the first place.
Without the Google services you find on other Android tablets, you're stuck with Amazon's apps for email, calendar, and Web browsing. The HDX's 7-inch screen is sharper than the relatively weak display on Apple's iPad Mini, so videos, games, and text look much better.
But I don't think it's the best you can buy if you're looking for something smaller and cheaper. You can have some fun here and use just about any fabric you like, as long as it’s not super thin or super thick, either of which will give you trouble. My fabric is almost exactly like your stripey fabric – something I picked up at a rummage sale for a quarter.
I made mine in just a few hours last night and I couldn’t be happier with it- especially saving $30, since I had everything I needed on hand. It wasn't a home run, but it's rock-bottom price appealed to enough people to make the "Fire" brand just as recognizable as "iPad". That means you have to download apps from Amazon's app store, which has a tiny selection of about 85,000 apps when compared to the nearly 1 million apps you'll find on "regular" Android tablets.

He or she appears in a tiny window at the bottom of your screen and can take control over your tablet if need be. Tara was super polite and helpful, and she showed me how she can doodle on my screen just like NFL announcers do when they're drawing over an instant replay. From the front, the HDX looks nearly identical to last year's version, but Amazon has changed up the design on the back, giving the tablet an angular design that fits comfortably in your hands. It's great if all you want to do is consume stuff directly from Amazon, but it doesn't have the same app selection and capabilities rival tablets like Google's Nexus 7 (which costs the same at $229) and Apple's iPad Mini do. BTW, I have boxes and boxes of 3 ring binders in storage, I won a whole lot of them (over 300) on ebay one year from the state surplus store. I used the cover of a beat-up childrens book for the board – great way to recycle these, which are a dime a dozen at garage sales! It also means there's a lot missing, especially when it comes to popular Google services like Google Maps, Gmail, and YouTube.
The Amazon rep can't see you, but he or she will ask for your name, email address tied to your Amazon account, and billing address to make sure you are who you say you are. I asked Tara some basics like how to check if my apps were up to date and how to find content stored on my device. For example, the Amazon email app can sync with your Gmail account, but search and other functions are still pretty limited. The power and volume buttons have also been moved to the back, which I found pretty cumbersome to use. I found special addition Mark Twain themed fabric (Windham Fabrics) that I used on the inside. So if anyone reading this wants to buy a bulk of them visit my blog and I will negotiate a great deal to send them to you. I couldn't stump her, and she walked me through everything, drawing on my screen and showing me what she was about to do before doing it. That's much better than running down to the Apple Store and waiting forever for a Genius to help you. Even after a week of using the HDX, I still found myself accidentally pressing the power button instead of one of the volume buttons and vice versa. I also traded ribbon ties for elastic; turns out when the case is in flip mode the ribbons help to keep the thing standing. One addition I plan to make on my next one is a piece of elastic on the inside to hold the Kindle 2 across the top.
I think he will be able to find it now, thanks to you I posted mine on my blog and will also add it to your flickr group!
It's a poor design choice.A Battery life was pretty good at about six or seven hours per charge, but still much less than the 10 or so hours you get with the iPad Mini. I found that my fabric is slippery, and the Kindle slides out if not held tightly while flipping the cover around. But those recommendations and the ads you see on the lock screen (which can be removed if you pay an extra $15) are part of the reason why you can get the Kindle Fire HDX for just $229. I also found that it falls out forward if I read it while laying down and don’t tip it back a bit or hold it tightly to the cover with my hand.
Best for the inside would be a color that matches the Kindle – so that bland white would work!
Thanks again – this is a GREAT pattern – well worth the time to put it together, and PERFECT directions!

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