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We gathered some great information on some fun channels, but I also learned that not everyone knows what a YouTube playlist is. This way if you find something that doesn’t fit and you want to add a category, you can make it right from there.
You can add videos to playlists and create them there too which means you can make your lists on the go as well.Once you have your YouTube preferred medium worked out, you can use and share Playlists any time.
I like to share a video while we wait at the doctor’s office or any other time we are on the go.

Usually we find videos which are relevant to a topic of study and I can save it to a playlist and let the kids know.Now it’s time for a YouTube content post, right? We know how to create and save to playlists, let’s find some good stuff to fill them up!
I also have playlists for their ballet class when they need to practice and stretch, science videos, math videos, and art projects.
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I'm a former middle and high school biology teacher who has embraced the independent nature of homeschooling and I mentor my children through authentic, student driven projects and learning adventures.

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