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It is 100% safe and secure to order from us as we have been independently verified by GEOTRUST and your data is transmitted using 128 bit encryption with 'Extended Validation SSL' achieving the highest level of consumer trust through using the strictest authentication standard. After multiple times of trying to find the embled code on Wix, I gave up and looked on here for an answer.. So the reason IA’ve done this tutorial is because IA’ve had a couple of people asking me about how I got my homepage to look how it does.
Once you have found a site you like, created an account you can start adding and changing parts to suit you.
Once you have decided which panel you want to use, change it so that the A“All panelsA” is set to off. Now that your background is set to what you want it to be set as, move onto the panel you want to have your website in.
In A“Header text colourA” change the colour to match the background or to blend in with the image you have set. In A“Header BackgroundA” change the colour to transparent or a colour that will blend with the image. In A“Body text colourA” change the colour to match the background or to blend with the image. In A“Body backgroundA” change the background to transparent or to a colour that will blend in.
Just check that everything is working on the site, and maybe poke a couple of friends to come and check out your page to see if its working for them, but other than that you have a shiney homepage that all your friends will want! Okay So as you all know its very hard to get your webpage to fit perfectly I have looked all over for hours upon hours trying to find out how to. Look at the images that I didn’t rate obviously awesome (you can set Lightroom to show you only those images). Look at all the images again and look for more images that just aren’t up to the level that I want my photography to be at. Thank you for posting a needed and well written newsletter on how you process your photos after a shoot. All signed up, and looking forward to your class, Achieve Your Vision: Processing Photos in the Digital Darkroom, on Nov. Facebook Fan Pages were introduced in late 2007 as a way to help businesses connect with customers on Facebook. So they created fan pages which are basically a profile page for a business (although there are several major differences as you will soon see).
After you pick the business type, you will need to fill in some basic info about your business and pick your Business Name which will become the name of your fan page.

Descriptive naming is where you name your fan page in a way that will attract attention to what you do. This way, when you post or when others share your content or mention your fan page, it shows up with your descriptive name – making it more likely for Facebook users to click it, come to your page and become your fan.
Descriptive naming is especially powerful if you enjoy commenting, sharing and interacting on Facebook – because every time you do so your Fan Page name is being seen by potential customers in their newsfeeds. Tip: Because the About section is indexed by Google, make sure to include any keywords you would like to rank for.
Now you’ve done all the basic work of setting up your fan page and you can go ahead and post your first status update!
After you’ve posted your first status update, let’s complete all the details of maximizing your fan page for business.
Depending on what type of fan page you have there will be different boxes in your info section. If there’s anything you need help with, check out the resources section for Fan Page owners. Now that you’ve filled out all your Facebook info, click “Like” on your fan page to become the first fan! Also, you need to get 25 fans to set up a Vanity URL which is basically a unique URL just for your page that makes it easier for customers to find you on Facebook. The best Vanity URL to choose is one that is simple, easy to spell and easy to remember, preferably the name of your business. We buy items as close to Mint condition as possible and many will be unplayed and as close to new as you could hope to find. As this is just a tutorial on how to put wix into your homepage I wonA’t go through how to change things within wix. Once you have done this your need to move up the page a little until you see the Panel Visibility Settings. This will change every setting for you, and then just look through the list until you see the panel you want to use. To start with you need to decide if you want the background a little different to the website background or if you want it to blend in. I have just settled for its not going to happen, but let me tell you a trick imvu stickers make this look intentional. The chore of deleting the bad ones feels hard, because you have an immediate emotional connection to all the images; they remind you of the vacation. Many times these will be similar shots with different clouds, slightly different compositions or different light or different waves.
I take so few pictures like this (and never with my real camera) that it isn’t usually an issue.
This is so timely for me, since I am now just going through my photos from the past five years of vacation photos. Make sure you’ve at least followed the basic profile setup for your Facebook Profile in Chapter 2 because you can’t create a Fan Page without a Facebook Profile setup. Previously, Facebook had noticed that a lot of users (like me) had been marketing their business using their personal profile – and Facebook wanted to separate the business aspects of the site from the friendship and connection.
It can also increase the number of fans who opt-in for your free report and join your email list. If you’re a very social person and love to comment and interact on Facebook and are building your own personal brand then it may be better to use the descriptive naming strategy in order to display quickly who you are and how you help your customers.

For example, if you sell doorknobs, make sure to include the keyword doorknobs in your About section. Remember, the dimensions of a cover photo should be 851 pixels wide x 315 or larger (because Facebook will automatically crop it). I recommend you fill out as much information as possible in each section to help your fans and customers learn more about you. This is especially important if you will be promoting your Fan Page at a physical location (on your product packaging or in your stores). Irrespective of the source, all of our collectables meet our strict grading and are 100% guaranteed.
Once you have done that hit save and the box will disappear setting your background to whatever it is you wanted. If you’re a local business, pick “Local Business or Place.” Just try your best to pick the type of fan page that matches your business but don’t worry about it too much because Facebook allows you to change it after your page is set up. I highly recommend uploading a photo of a person – either yourself or some of your employees. This section is indexed by Google so it’s important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well as telling your fans and customers what you do. That way, you can promote your Vanity URL for your fan page and make it easier for your customers to find you on Facebook.
Change the background first or change the interests panel so that it will blend in when you have changed the background.
This is the only problem with this, otherwise it works perfectly to center the page but is there any way to fix this?
I work my way through all of them comparing the differing features to find the one I like best.
A 1 star image is an image that might sell at some point and I don’t really care about having my name associated with it. This is the photo people will be seeing in their news feeds and people on Facebook would much rather interact with a person than a brand – so make your fan page personable with a nice picture! I recommend filling it out briefly to start with and then spend some time later on revamping it. BUT and this is the most important part DO NOT add your website in until you have changed both the background and the interests panel. Just place your wix site where YOU WEBSITE HERE is and you got yourself a embedded wix site. For example, if I like a wave in image 1 better than image 2, then I may set image 2 as rejected.
Check out other popular fan pages to see how they are using the About section to promote their business.
As soon as you add the website you canA’t change them unless you reset all the panels again. Sometimes, it might be worth saving two similar shots because although they are similar they evoke a different emotion.

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