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Our Las Vegas invitations and reception wedding stationery are available online in your custom colors from our Etsy shop or handmade stationery shop. When planning a wedding, choosing a theme that ties your various design elements together can actually simplify your choices by focusing your decision making.  For Indian weddings there are design options, besides color, that can you can use to pull your wedding look together.
One way to evoke Indian is to celebrate its architecture with wedding elements inspired by archways. Beyond the mandap, arches can be part of your wedding by covering the aisle or the guest seating.
Arches can also be woven through your reception stationery, such as on wedding programs, table numbers, escort cards and menus. Posted by Imbue You in Create the LookOne of the first things that guests see when they enter your wedding reception space is your escort card or place card presentation. So whether your wedding is romantic, fun, rustic or elegant, you can share that feeling with how you display your name cards.
If you have vintage furniture or personal items that mean a lot to you, you can incorporate them in your card presentation.
For escort card designs to match your wedding theme and colors, visit Imbue You’s wedding stationery shop. Posted by Imbue You in Ask Imbue You, Create the Look, Our DesignsGetting married in Mexico? And there’s so much you do theme-wise to create a personal wedding that your family and friends will enjoy.
Mexican tiles are an explosion of color, so you can use one colorful palette, or several palettes of tiles throughout your wedding.
With rich colors and luxurious details it’s more of a traditional, elegant look for a Mexico wedding. And what if you simply fell in love with the soft sand and relaxing waves of a Mexico wedding?
Ok even though, that’s not technically right (I would need a lot more nickels!), it is true that couples are asking for less formal, more casual and intimate wedding stationery. Keep reading and I’ll show you 3 ways to look at your invitations to reduce the formality. There’s just something uber formal about an engraved all text wedding invitation with gold edging.
But some formal design elements like swashes can be made less formal by simply adding color or tilting them for a more modern take.

Scripts are more formal than all caps serifs which are more formal than regular serifs which are more formal than san serifs. And with that you can have all kinds of fun mixing and matching to find the right look for you. So am I saying that you can’t have any of the elements that make an invitation look formal? In fact mixing and matching formal with casual touches is what will give you a classic look to your invitations.
So if you want gold metallic invitations, you may want to pair it with less formal fonts and alternative wording. With 2013 on the horizon, I’m looking back on some of the most popular blog posts from this year. For a hacienda theme think Old World meets rustic with a splash of Mexican and Spanish culture. Invitations and Wedding Stationery: Your stationery is a great place to add the cultural component of your wedding.
Wedding Dress: There are a few ways to give a nod to your hacienda wedding theme with your wedding gown.
The Details: For a hacienda theme ceremony and reception think intimate, rustic and drought resistant. About us Justin and Kemba believe art and creativity can change the way we feel and see the world. I know I’m biased because I’m the father of the bride, but these are the most beautiful invitations I’ve ever seen. Style like a pro with: The Cloud Nine Waving Wand, Hairdryer, Dressing Brush, Bristle Brush and Batiste Stylist Smooth It Frizz Tamer.
Step 2: Spritz ends with some water and light styling spray before blow- drying in large sections with a dressing brush to get a smooth finish. Step 3: Start on one side and work your way around the headto the other side, working with large vertical sections.
Step 4: Once the back and sides are set, drop the top section down and repeat this technique. Then she saw the wedding invitations we made for her, and had an idea…to use the tag and ribbon as a napkin band. Mo’s wedding decor is filled with many handmade touches that came together very well.

With more or less detail, and depending on the material you use, your ceremony arches can be modern or traditional. In the cake above it’s combined with paisely, floral and other design elements to make it truly special. I love how these jewels frame the face and create an archway with the shape of their design. All of these designs are available with coordinating save the dates and reception stationery.
I created this inspiration because so many couples were telling me that they wanted a romantic Mexico beach wedding. Colors are more muted, like terra cotta, creamy yellows, natural greens, soft blues and wood tones.
If you are getting married on the beach, or your venue doesn’t have archways and wood beams, consider creating a canopy for your ceremony or reception. And when better to share your creativity than on your wedding day or life’s special occasions? Kemba and Justin were so wonderful during the entire ordering process and were very quick to respond to my questions. It was wonderful working with you, and I recommend to anyone looking for beautiful and unique invitations. Wrap hair around the barrel of the wand once and let it set for 10 seconds before releasing. And the hacienda’s mix of old world charm and vibrant Mexican culture seem to fit the bill perfectly.
If you are looking for more Mexican than beach in your wedding theme and want a romantic feeling, consider a Mexican or Spanish Hacienda wedding theme. And yet another is to split the difference, for instance a peasant dress shape with Old World details like lace.

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