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Either way for most of my life, I’ve longed to be part of the elusive and illustrious club of recreational runners.
Some women repeatedly dive head first into uncharted waters, learning bit by bit how to identify a risk worth taking.
Fearlessness means being honest about the highs and the lows that come with taking a huge risk.
It seems like every time I turn on the television, I see a news story about black people and diabetes.
Still, if the mainstream media is to be believed, recreational running just isn’t something that black women do. Every single time I stopped midway through a workout, I didn’t want to start running again.
When I got to the tree and still had a little more energy left, I decided to jog to the next tree. I was embarrassed to be less than great in front of someone who has always been my biggest cheerleader. Up until the last semester of my undergraduate career, I somehow could not bring myself to claim the title of feminist. And yet, I consider my major to be one of the most formative aspects of my undergraduate career. This essay in particular sticks in my mind because it is one of the few of my Duke career where I actually wrote beyond the page limit.
I came away from that experience not only with an A+ on my paper (whoot!) but with a newfound appreciation of the importance of self-reflection; of taking time to deeply reflect on the things that matter – who you are and whose you are, where you came from and where you’re going. It wasn’t long before I took my show on the road! After graduating from college, I moved to NYC (freshly minted Women’s Studies degree in hand) and then Boston where I had the opportunity to learn more about the non-profit sector and to work with awe-inspiring young women of color to better understand the world around them, their place in it, and their ability to be agents of social change. I am an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and coach, and all around friend, mentor and confidante to women on the road to designing their ideal life.
A Celebration of Women™ Foundation Inc., was born to shape a better world through building residential homes that are mandated to enable the education of young women, support self sustainable programs, graduating future women leaders.
1.1 Students learn to identify the role of enzymes in metabolism, describe their chemical composition and use a simple model to describe their specificity on substrates.
Most people would know that some animals (like frogs, snakes and lizards) are a€?cold-bloodeda€? and that when the weather is cold, these animals are less active than when ita€™s warm. Each enzyme has a unique shape - it is this shape that means it will make just one reaction go. Enzymes are not usually used up in chemical reactions - they can be used over and over, so they can be present in tiny amounts. Enzymes are difficult to study in high school but there is one in saliva that we can study. Explain why our bodies need to make large amounts of digestive enzymes (like pepsin) but only tiny amounts of other enzymes (like hexokinase, which is present in every cell and catalyses the breakdown of glucose to glucose 6-phosphate). This experiment is important to addressing the skills outcome H11 (a€?A student justifies the appropriateness of a particular investigation plana€?). I hope you have a picture of many chemical reactions occurring in your own body right now, each one occurring because of the presence of tiny amounts of enzymes.
So, it is important that the temperature and acidity in your body has to be kept at the right level. Maybe you can think of some changes that occur in your body when the temperature gets too low! The first step to prevent your death is for your body to recognise the change in your body temperature. I have only considered what happens when there is a danger of you over-heating but there are many aspects of your body that have to be kept constant - for example, oxygen, sugar and water levels in the blood. Nerve impulses travel very quickly, and travel from one small part of the body to another small part. Hormones travel relatively slowly in blood, from an endocrine gland to a number of target organs. An example might be the hormone adrenalin, travelling from the adrenal glands above the kidneys to skin (constricting blood vessels), the pacemaker in the brain (increasing heart rate), the liver (increasing the level of glucose in the blood) and many other organs. At the Mid-Atlantic ridge, a€?black smokersa€? raise the temperature of the ocean above 100oC without the water boiling (because of the very high pressure). There are other organisms that thrive in temperatures close to the freezing point of water.
The temperatures at which organisms are found and the range over which they can survive is because of the enzymes in their bodies. A Grylloblattid - (Grylloblatta bifratrilecta) an insect related to crickets and cockroaches that lives in snow. Leta€™s make our ectotherm the impressive but relatively harmless (if left alone) Red-bellied Black Snake (Pseudechis porphyriacus). Comparing our ectoderm (Black Snake) and endoderm (Wombat) it is clear that both have behaviours and bodies that help them to survive extremes. Your textbook does not give any examples of plants responding to temperature change - only adaptations to temperature extremes -so Eucalypts have drooping leaves which helps them to avoid overheating when the Sun is high; deciduous trees drop their leaves which helps them to avoid frost damage. Responses of plants to temperature change are not common but there has been great interest from horticulturalists over several hundreds of years in the ability of Rhododendron spp to curl their leaves in response to temperature change. Most people would know that some animals (like frogs, snakes and lizards) are a€?cold-bloodeda€? and that when the weather is cold, these animals are less active than when ita€™s warm.A  Why is this? Enzymes are not usually used up in chemical reactions - they can be used over and over, so they can be present in tiny amounts.A  But most importantly, they only work under special conditions - a narrow temperature range and a narrow pH (acidity) range. That usually doesna€™t happen because things happen in your body to cool your body.A  You sweat, surface veins open up so that blood flows closer to the cooling air, and you breathe more often releasing warm our from your lungs. This is a practical investigation involving second-hand research.A  Before you start it, you should read these notes. I have only considered what happens when there is a danger of you over-heating but there are many aspects of your body that have to be kept constant - for example, oxygen, sugar and water levels in the blood.A  For each, there are receptors that detect the changes and a control centre (usually in the brain) that counteracts the change. Nerve impulses travel very quickly, and travel from one small part of the body to another small part.A  An example might be from a fingertip to a very small part of the brain when we touch something.
There are other organisms that thrive in temperatures close to the freezing point of water.A  For example, there are bacteria-like cells that grow on snow turning it red (to produce a€?watermelon snowa€?). On the other hand, individual organisms can generally survive in a fairly narrow range.A  For example, tropical fish die in cold water, yet antarctic fish would die in tropical waters. Choose an ectothermic animal species, an endothermic animal species and a plant species.A  Dona€™t forget the advice about second-hand research, especially to acknowledge your sources.
Your textbook does not give any examples of plants responding to temperature change - only adaptations to temperature extremes -so Eucalypts have drooping leaves which helps them to avoid overheating when the Sun is high;A  deciduous trees drop their leaves which helps them to avoid frost damage.
Theme of How To Draw Dog, especially how to draw your loved one is I guess among top priorities of every dog lover. It has an unusual shape of body which allows you practice better the proportions and balance of each part of doga€™s body.
The body can be then divided into smaller and easier approximate shapes (balls, ellipses, triangles, etc), which can be then merged into a whole picture.

Dachshunda€™s body proportions are easy to outline because every part is of distinctively different size and shape.
Draw this body outline contour by soft and gentle pencil line, because you may want to correct - erase some parts later. It creates more plasticity and impression of three-dimensionality on the picture even if the actual animal would just stand all legs together.
Originally I didna€™t want to post this step, but I want to show you how you can alter the shapes and contours during drawing as necessary. So can you alter any part if you feel it would resemble better to the photo, or a live model. The eyes absolutely should be as perfect as possible if you want your animal drawing look good.
Although there arena€™t many details visible on this drawing but the basic outline should match the doga€™s face impression. The nose and area around mouth, the bottoms of legs and the belly which is not very visible from this angle are light brown. Erase the original graphite sketch so that only one single dark brown pencil outline will remain. As I mentioned before, when you draw dog it is good to slightly outline the masculine body. Here I want you to use your own creativity and if possible always try to make it better than mine. Since the basic color is made in brown, the black pencil wona€™t look like real black, which is good. I used Photoshop to draw this picture, but don't worry, it's the same on paper with a pencil and eraser.
BarakiEl's favourite things to do include creating digital art, listening to music, playing computer games and spending time with her husband. The French left wing satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo (currently blank, Wikipedia entry) was attacked by extremists this afternoon. I saw the headline immediately after reading an article about growing anti-immigrant marches in Germany, so it was a poor start to the day.
This photo from Agence France-Press is hard to bear: the gentle faces of people whose only aim in life was to draw laughs. Be warned, the Guardian is currently headlining with a graphic (though slightly edited) video of a police officer being shot on the street. Happy Dave, MSNBC has been showing that video as well, right up until the moment where the terrorist pulls the trigger.
Happy Dave, I saw that video on CNN this morning before they edited it and I was absolutely appalled at the lack of empathy for that man and his family and loved ones, never mind the general viewing public. Because they want more of that, because they want people to hate Muslims, because that furthers their goals. I'll never understand why people who are convinced that they have an omnipotent deity on their side would care in the least about mockery or piss-taking.
This was a very specifically political set of killings - Charlie Hebdo ran a long series of cariacatures of Mohammed, produced an issue supposedly edited by Mohammed, reprinted some of the Danish cartoons that caused so much controversy, etc. It's a terrible, terrible thing that is going to make things so much harder for Muslims in France, and also make it much harder to sustain a secular and anti-racist left. I don't understand any of this at an emotional level, why anyone would ever want to do such a thing.
I stand with Charlie Hebdo, as we all must, to defend the art of satire, which has always been a force for liberty and against tyranny, dishonesty and stupidity.
I sadly haven't been able to find it again, but a while back I saw a satirical cartoon (sic) depicting a radical islamist and a neo-nazi sitting down at a bar for an after-work pint. Bruce Crumley (then Time's bureau chief in Paris) gave his thoughts on freedom of expression subsequent to the firebombing of Charlie Hebdo's offices in 2011. But do you still think the price you paid for printing an offensive, shameful, and singularly humor-deficient parody on the logic of “because we can” was so worthwhile? Every two years, religious extremists of all denominations will send their best and brightest to a global summit at which they will compete in various events such as literary criticism, gladiatorial combat, chess, the javelin, Team Fortress 2 and gurning. If I had to guess, I'd say it was a small group of lunk-headed tools looking to impress some other group of lunk-headed tools who wouldn't have given them the time of day before this went down.
CNN blurs the cop once he's been shot at close range, but they're running a still of the gunman a frame or two before he executes the cop.
That's the key point to remember: the people behind this do not care about French Muslims, or any other Muslims living in Europe, don't care that they endanger their co-religionists. It's scary and awful but what we've also seen, in Pakistan for example with their brand of the Taliban, is that such groups often only resort to such high profile and outrageous attacks when they're isolated and without broad support.
The majority of their material I am seeing reposted today relies on the use of stereotype in ways that I associate with the right.
This seems a good time to recall the history of the Grande Mosquee de Paris, built as a token of gratitude to Muslims who died fighting for France in the First World War, and whose rector Si Khaddour Bengghrabit helped save Jewish people during the Nazi occupation in the next war.
The French communist left has been very socially conservative since the fifties, too, which is part - I think - of the 1970s conflict between various other left formations (radical Marxists, continental philosophers) and the French CP and its followers. Just to be clear since this is such a difficult issue: I would never, never think that this justifies violence or the suffering of those poor people who were killed and their friends and family - and violence only makes things much, much worse.
I am uncomfortable with what has been Charlie Hebdo's approach, especially in the very particular context of French Islamophobia. Charlie Hebdo is of course a product of what you might call the 1968 generation, secular, leftist and forged in the struggle to overcome the repressive Catholic climate that of postwar France. But as far as I can tell, they've never acted out of Islamophobia themselves, but from the principle that nobody should be save from satire when they deserve it and personal safety be damned. Or maybe I’ve just always wanted to be thinner and was enticed by the fantasy of one day jogging happily (sexily?) around my neighborhood park in shorts and a sports bra.
I hate running because I have big boobs and have finally (finally!) admitted to myself that my sports bra fantasy is never going to come true. That’s because when you’re a kid, adults encourage you to try everything and sometimes you suck at things.
Some women manage to sidestep the very grown-up myth that the only things worth doing are things that are safe, and understood by those around you. It is the acknowledgment that your fear and your strength can and do coexist in one place, in one goal, in one opportunity. As it turns out, it’s way harder surround yourself with people and places where you can be authentic, scared, and vulnerable, than it is to act like those emotions don’t exist for you. In the last month, I’ve read three articles in major publications about how black women, in particular, are overweight and unhealthy.
I would run (ahem, jog) as hard and as long as I could (usually for about five minutes) and then my asthma would kick in and I would need to stop. After about a week, I decide that no matter what, I had to keep moving – even if that means walking at a snail’s pace while “real” runners lap me.
The reason why is simple: most of us only try to be the best at things that we’re already good at.

Seeing another runner breeze by, barely perspiring while I huff and puff my way around the track at a snail’s pace makes me a little bit nuts (read: bitchy).
He’s awesome for many reasons but one of the main reasons is that he is incredibly patient with the fact that his girlfriend who doesn’t know how to ask for help.
It never occurred to me that he actually LIKED being part of my growth process, that he liked having an opportunity to assist and encourage someone who is otherwise known for having her sh*t together. You will meet people whose belief in you isn’t contingent upon whatever accomplishments are en vogue at the moment.
I remember once in a class being assigned to write a paper on how African-American masculinity and femininity has been constructed within our society. Somehow ten pages just didn’t get to the bottom of what had emerged as an exploration of my own identity and how it has shaped and been shaped by those around it. However, because it can maintain its body temperature within a narrow range, wombats can remain active over a much wider temperature range. If you checked out the basic steps for drawing animals, then you probably know that similar procedure is applicable when you draw dog too. The muscles are often visible and they should be outlined in the drawing in order to make the dog look as realistic as possible.
The top horizontal line basically cuts the oval in half and gives you an indication of where the eyes are going to go.
Refer to your reference picture to get an idea of what the bottom part of the nose looks like. Eyes: When you draw your eyes keep in mind that the space between the eyes should be wide enough to fit in another eye. Irises: When drawing your irises remember that the whole iris is rarely visible (unless the subject saw The Terminator show up at his front door). Eyebrows: Even though one eyebrow is lifted, both eyebrows have the same starting height on the inside (the points closest to the nose). Thank you very much it's very helpful for people like me who've got like literally zero art skills! One area I struggle with is the placement of the eyes - and this tutorial simplified the forward facing elements for me. This religious totalitarianism has caused a deadly mutation in the heart of Islam and we see the tragic consequences in Paris today. It's spot on - they feed off each other's hate, and no extremists are interesting in peace and tolerance. According to Wikipedia, Time was founded in 1923 and remains the most popular blog to be printed in hard copy.
They've been just as insulting and shocking against Catholics and Jews over the decades, have been fiercely aggressive in defending secularism, but perhaps slow to recognise or wanting to recognise that using the same sort of weapon against Islam is likely to harm more innocent people than it offends those that need offending.
People only feel hurt because they refuse to let go of ridiculous notions long after they have been exposed.
As Brene Brown points out in her inspiring talk about vulnerability, you can’t numb one powerful emotion without numbing the rest.
When I am exhausted and want to stop, I keep running because, to be honest, I really, really like kicking societal expectations in the ass. The tricky thing about stopping though, is that once you stop, the temptation to give up for good comes creeping slyly into your psyche. Sure it takes some effort, some practice, and a bit of time, but being the best at something you’re already good at isn’t rocket science.
At some point during week three of battling with the green-eyed monster, I came to the belated conclusion that I don’t really care if Susie and John and whoever else is killing the game.
Because I have a goal that is bigger than my laziness or embarrassment or boredom and because I am trying to practice putting my name on things that I can be proud of. I even hated when he would say encouraging things because it reminded me how much I sucked at running. Still, as an African-American woman, “feminism” had never felt particularly relevant to me and despite years of feminist studies, the word still seemed akin to a slightly uncomfortable hand-me-down sweater. The bottom horizontal line cuts the bottom half in half again and gives an indication of where the nose is going to go. The outer edges of your nose (the two skew half-circles) indicates where the inner corners of the eyes go.
To get an idea of how high the eyebrow should be add another imaginary eye above the left eye – that should give you more or less the correct height for the brow.
This lady has a strong chin, but try not to make it too strong, otherwise you'll end up with a man. This sort of thing is done to provoke an extreme reaction to move the moderates to the extreme. Okay, so can we finally stop with the idiotic, divisive, and destructive efforts by “majority sections” of Western nations to bait Muslim members with petulant, futile demonstrations that “they” aren’t going to tell “us” what can and can’t be done in free societies? Writers and performers can make people think, laugh, or both, but only cartoonists do both with a drawing.
However noble their intentions, Charlie Hebdo has played some role in helping fan the flames of Islamophobia. Then one day, during one of my more industrious moments of hard-core jogging, I decided that instead of worrying about the end of the trail, some 1.5 miles away, I was just going to jog to the tree fifty yards in front of me. They are not going to help me run three miles in thirty minutes (my goal by the end of the summer), or achieve any other objective that I’ve set for myself. I will do a tutorial on shading at some point, but if you know how to shade, please feel free to add some shading to your drawing.
Because not only are such Islamophobic antics futile and childish, but they also openly beg for the very violent responses from extremists their authors claim to proudly defy in the name of common good. If all you're interested in is getting the laugh or airing the point, tweeting it is easier. To work out how wide the mouth should be draw two lines from the inside of the irises vertically downwards.
What common good is served by creating more division and anger, and by tempting belligerent reaction? When you have a big dream that you’re chasing, each mini-milestone is a reminder that slowly but surely, you’re accomplishing what you set out to do. These days when I’m on the track, the only competition going down is the one between my current self and the self that I want to be. But every once in awhile, we set a goal in response to a collision of our values, actions, and intentions; a goal that we can proudly dedicate, not to the woman we are today, but to the woman we want to become.

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