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This ebook will reveal the top 10 list building mistakes that the majority of email marketers make.  Watch your optin rates, open rates, click-through rates soar after avoiding these conversion killers! With over 18 hours of video training taught by 2 seasoned marketers, you will learn everything you need to become a super affiliate – basic affiliate marketing principles, list building, niche site building, CPA marketing, guerilla marketing and more. How to Become an Affiliate We'll help you understand how to choose your merchant (the casino), register your account, and learn how to promote your casino partner. Something not very well known, even though most people use the Internet daily, is that there is a very effective way for you to make money on the Internet - Affiliate Marketing is how.
We believe you will probably have bought something over the Internet that involved Affiliate Marketing, perhaps buying the item from Amazon having clicked through from another site - the owner of the site you clicked through from will have been paid a commission direct from Amazon without your knowledge simply by recommending Amazon or one of their products - possibly 5% of the item value - it's that simple. With Casino Affiliate Marketing it's that same affiliate model, but rather than recommending products you are recommending online casinos or poker rooms. Your site or blog does not have to be anything to do with casinos or casino affiliate programs, the banners or links you put on there will just appear to be an advertisement or recommendation to the site.
As soon as your visitors click through to the casino they will be logged as one of your visitors then when they become a player you will start to gain commission from their deposits , easy! Because of the high competition online casinos have, they are prepared to pay very high commissions to encourage webmasters and bloggers to work with them as an affiliate. You will usually work on one of two commission models; either CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) or Revenue Share.
Revenue Share - You receive a percentage commission, usually around 30%-40% of their deposits after fees etc.
Our brand-new report reveals the 7 biggest mistakes most affiliate make, and how super affiliates really make boatloads of money! Affiliate Marketing is an online advertising channel that connects a web site owner, or independent party to an e-business offering a product or service.
There is nothing more to it than that, and all the work is done for you through tracking links.
Affiliate Programs essentially establish a beneficial relationship between a publisher (an affiliate), and the advertiser (a merchant).
Affiliate marketing is the world’s most effective forms of performance-based marketing. As an affiliate you would promote other companies’ service or product using your unique tracking link, which is provided by Jack Media.

Before deciding whether this is the right venture for you, you should begin by considering the right products to promote. At Johanna Fox CPA, our diverse yet cohesive team of accountants and business consultants creates your peace of mind and financial success by offering innovative service in a friendly environment. Our award-winning firm was named one of the 2008 Most Dependablea„? Accounting Professionals in the Southeast by Goldline Research, and published in Fortune Magazine.
We provide comprehensive services for both individuals AND businesses including Business Startups, Multi-state Tax Planning and Preparation, Bookeeping and Payroll, Wealth and Resource Planning, Compilation and Review of Financial Statements, Employee Satisfaction Surveys, Marketing Consulting, as well as Traditional Accounting Services. Our offices are virtually paperless, we work with the latest technology and software available, and we offer Fixed Price Billing - unique for a professional services firm - so you never get a surprise invoice!
Affiliate Marketing is where a website owner or blogger is paid commission by a merchant (such as Amazon, for example) after their site visitor places an order.
These are where a group of casinos have been put together so you can choose to promote more than one casino but be paid from one source. We'll teach you the two main methods of commission payment, CPA or Revenue Share, and discover just how much commission can be made as a casino affiliate. The affiliate (or publisher) would promote an advertisement for a merchant (or advertiser) on their website through their Affiliate Program. It’s a genius model that represents low-risk and high- rewards to both parties, and is dependent upon only traceable results. Cookies (in internet terms), is a small text file that is placed on a user’s computer when they visit a website.
You have no customer service responsibilities, or commitment to the advertiser apart from promoting their offer on your website.
Advertisers generally seek to have many publishers promoting their product or service at one time to maximize sales. Affiliates can decide which campaigns work best for their audience, and each campaign has a fixed payout. When an action occurs by one of the publisher’s visitors, the transaction is recorded in to a tracking system. An advertiser can build their own Affiliate Program using a pay per sale, pay per lead, or pay per click performance method. This tracking link would be embedded into your advertising tools (such as a banner or text link).

Jack Media is an Affiliate Network, and acts as an intermediary between publishers (affiliates) and advertisers (merchants). Our QuickBooks ProAdvisors are certified in the Standard, Point of Sale, AND Enterprise versions. Publishers make money by generating sales, traffic, or leads for the advertiser they are promoting offers for.
Tracking cookies ensure that when your website visitor’s click on one of your placed merchant links (usually a banner or text link), the merchant will know exactly where the referral came from. An affiliate’s job is simply to refer visitors by the use of advertising materials provided by the merchant- you don’t even need to come up with marketing material! Jack Media provides publishers looking to monetize their website traffic with advertiser commissions based on referrals. From there, Jack Media handles the collections and payments for both the publisher and the advertiser so all the work is done for you.
You will want to ensure that you have a wide website viewer base to increase your revenue potential.
When one of these actions occurs from a publisher’s website referral, a commission will be paid to the publisher and tracked using internet cookies. When some action is made, such as a click, sale, download, or form is filled, the merchant then gives the affiliate a commission. Once a publisher is approved, they will place the advertisers content (links, banners, buttons etc.) on their website or in their email campaigns to generate clicks.
Building an affiliate program is free and provides advertisers with online management tools to track sales, customer traffic, and which affiliates are most effectively promoting your offers. When someone buys a product or completes some other action like signing up, becoming a member, or completing a survey, you would be rewarded a commission based on either a percentage of the sale or as a set price determined by the advertiser. The most important thing to be mindful of is that you target your audience with the most appealing product offers.
Affiliate Programs allows you to maximize your income and start earning money from an expanded sales team at no additional cost.

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