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Hollywood has failed tremendously in representing minorities in prominent roles through out the history of cinema. In response to this debate, the Greeks can offer another perspective on the matter.  To be historically accurate Cleopatra bore the ancient Egyptian title of pharaoh, however the Ptolemaic dynasty was Hellenistic, having been founded 300 years before by Ptolemy I Soter, a Macedonian Greek general of Alexander the Great. As a result of historical facts somebody could argue that the role of Cleopatra should not go to a woman of color or Angelina Jolie, but to an actress of Greek origin. First of all Cleopatra was attractive to the Roman’s not because of her physical beauty, but because of her linage to Alexander the Great.
Angie is very devoted to her work and as usual when the time comes she will prepare thoroughly for the role.
To be truthful about Cleopatra, she was of mixed Egyptian-Greek decent, but history is written and statues are sculpted from the victor’s perspective (in this case Greek). I think the role could be play by Angie Harmon, she has Greek origins and she is the perfetc mixture between these aesthetic stereotype of beautiness. Angelina Jolie has confirmed that she’s set to star as Cleopatra in an upcoming film headed to the big screen. Rumors of Angie playing Cleopatra have been around for years — but it looks like the time has finally come. Historians generally agree that her mother who was a queen of Egypt is of Ptolemian descent (making her mom Greek) and her dad Ptolemy Sotee is Macedonian (Northern Greece) … Making him also more likely to be Greek. Please explain how the autopsy on Arsinoe,Kleopatra’s sister,shows that they were Negroes. And WHO is making these declarations that Arsinoe is her half sister,or that it’s not even her? The lack of citations is certainly the fault of the article writer, but there are definitely many scholars of the field who question the evidence beyond the logical skepticism of basing race on a photo of a skull no one has possession of any more and the DNA tests proving wholly inconclusive because the remains were in poor condition. So you’re saying that Michaelangelo’s depictions of Jesus as a European are wrong also?
Why do they never cast someone who’s Middle Eastern or North African to play Cleopatra? Posted in Jordan Peele & Chelsesa Peretti Make First Post-Married Appearance At 'Keanu' Premeire! This may be why people of African descent are speaking out against the casting of Jolie in the legendary Cleopatra role which they believe should go to an actress of color.
The man, through his cunning, military organizational skill, military tactics and leadership had conquered the then known world and on his return from India died and his body placed at the Great Library in Alexandria Egypt named of course in his Honor. She has a long its of TV credits and her movie credits include Deja Vu, Swing Vote, Mirrors that have attracted $285 million box office and she also plays a co-star role in the upcoming Mission Impossible. Yes, Ptolemy XII had to pay tribute to Rome, but that was because he wanted to keep Rome out of his business and out of the country he was running. I understand and agree with what you said about Jesus, but I don’t think that would apply to Cleopatra case. Her Father in turn married a full blooded Egyptian princess,producing Cleopatra and her sister Arsinoe.
Since we now know what color the ORIGINAL Egyptians were,and that the Pharohs were Black,that means MOSES was just as Black as the Pharohs doesn’t it?

Everyone in North Africa and Europe knew what color she was until Hollywood started making their B.S. Firstly, the Minoan people thrived on Crete for many centuries so it’s entirely possibly there was mixing going on, but no one is totally sure of ethnic diversity of the Minoan society at various periods. So to be historically accurate, Cleopatra would be played either by an Egyptian actress or other marketable actress who can make culturally-sensitive patrons believe the actress could have represented Cleopatra. A second reason to not cast Angelina is that we’ve also seen a sensual European beauty play this role (). If you look at all the order Egyptian queens names and compare it to them, you can see the difference.
There are much better actresses of Greek descent, and have trained in the dramatic arts (Kanakareides, the actress on Law & Order for instance), who would be a better fit. They are not going to focus on Cleopatra’s beauty, seductivness but on the ruler, negotiator, warior and great politician that Cleopatra was and only mentioning her personal life and love, which she had only with 2 men.
The film cleopatra is not just about an eqyptian woman, but about a fearless, brave, and feminist woman.
Ptolemy was afraid the Romans would end the Ptolemic dynasty by force so he basically tried to pay them off with money and promises.
The fact is, over the centuries Egypt was conquered and inhabited by peoples from many regions including but not limited to Greece, Persia, and Nubia. The reason the Romans killed Caesar is because they didn’t want the half-Black child of Caesar and Cleopatra to lay claim to the throne of Caesar. For a Roman Politician like Julius Ceasar, or later Augustus and Mark Antony, to be associated with The Great Alexander could lead to Greater Political power and wealth.
Ptolemy XII actually ended up losing his throne for a while then taking it back with Roman help. At any given time in Egypt’s very long history the cultural makeup would have been different depending on who won what war or which group had immigrated there in that period. That is pretty much established historical fact (hell, Alexandria was named after him), and when he died a Greek family took over to rule it.
They even went so far as to send an armada to Egypt to kill the child and Kleopatra,when Marc Anthony went to save her.. I think that this part should be further researched and Angie is just too old for this part…she looks great, but too old for the part.
One might need an emergency or crises to gain ultimate political power as dictator and do away with the Republic and centralize the power in one man as Alexander had done or Julius Ceasar had tried to do before the Roman Senators assinated him.
In Roman culture you spoke two languages, the more base common language, Latin, and Greek and it was how well you spoke Greek that showed your, how well you were educated, social status and rank. She was captured and held,and when Marc Anthony was erroneously told she had been killed,he wounded himself fatally,but was able to see Kleopatra before he died. So the more Greek you could appear, the more like Alexander, the Greater your appeal to the Roman populace. Kleopatra was murdered by the Romans after her capture.It was ALWAYS about race,just like it is now. This was actually a stark difference from the art of Egypt at the time which usually depicted its people in shades of brown or pinkish yellow, very rarely a light shade.

So Cleopatra with her linage to Alexander, in fact his body still lay in Alexanderia, with his armor three hundred years after his death.
Read the storyline of the film and of the character in this new film and many couldn’t argue that it should go to Angelina.
At best, old Cleo had a little indigenous Egyptian mixed in there but probably not much since the Ptolemy family intermarried quite a bit and Cleo had Ptolemy ancestry both from her father and her probable mother (and yes, there is some uncertainty about exactly who her mom was which also tends to lead to people using their imagination but there’s no doubt her Dad was Greek, otherwise she never would have had a claim to power in Greek-occupied Egypt). I know and understand the sensitivity that so many of us have about our African history because so much of it HAS been rewritten, but the real information points to this specific case not being one of them. The men worked outside and got tanned, the women stayed inside and didn’t (this matches with what we know of Minoan life, where women were quite valued). Cleopatra was certainly aware of her appeal to the Romans and played her cards as best she could to try to remain autonoumus from Rome. This kind of difference in coloration in the same race of people is also seen in Imperial China, where darker skin was seen as the mark of a peasant who tanned from working in fields under the sun and the high-born people were nearly always depicted as quite pale. That’s why this conversation is so misleading because people only take one side of the picture, so to speak. 2.) this is just artistic convention to separate the genders and we really have no way to reliably use the art to determine the skin color of the people depicted. The Egyptians appeared to also follow this convention at various times but women were light-er, not totally white (althought there are a few). 3.) Minoa was actually quite a diverse society with different people from a lot of ethnic backgrounds. The Minoans were not war like at all and predated the later Mycennian culture of Homer’s time and the Classical Greeks that Alexander was emulating. But, recent DNA research on ancient Minoan remains shows the Minoans probably weren’t directly African, but more likely a mix of an indigenous population of Crete and immigrants from the Middle East and Turkey (with distant African relatives). Minoans had the Labrys and Bull, God and Goddess worship, some say more Goddess and matriarcal, certainly not a culture based around a strong man like Alexander. That being said, that evidence was taken from one location, which doesn’t disprove that in a different location the results might be different.
So while Aniston is technically Greek her ancestry may be farther removed than Angelina’s. Regardless, there was without question CULTURAL influence from Egypt as the two areas did trade.
Angelina’s image as an action hero, the Minoans would refer her personality as more leaning toward the masculine Bull side of the equation between the Labrys and Bull,God and Goddess, which would seem a better match for Cleopatra. A woman who fights like a man, but fights under the flag of the Labrys or Goddess preserving her femaleness under a coating of masculinity.

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