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Optimizing WordPress is very important, WordPress is simply put rather heavy in terms of PHP built sites. Simple, I hope to encounter more sites with this enable as I work on many different sites each month.
Feel free to leave a comment below and don’t forget to sign up for simple optimization tips, or why not send me an email with your problems and Ill look for a solution. Excellent thanks for the tip, I logged in just now and sure enough there was an option to optimize my websites!
At first I thought it was a typo but have called HG and had this confirmed through a JR Admin so all systems go.
Hey thanks for the comment, it can have a dramatic improvement in some cases, as it compresses your content by adding some coding to your .htaccess, usually the one outside of your sites root, so it compresses all your scripts and content. Side effects, so far I havn’t come across any major issues with it as the script that is added, has some variable parts for certain browsers that may not support gzip compression.
But anything that makes your sites overall size smaller is generally a good thing for your server, cpu, ram and the end user, ie, the people who visit your site as they dont have to load as much in terms of bit size. Yes, some hosts dont allow it, mainly shared, but if you have VPS you can enable it via easy apache. In this article, we will look at the major functionality Google Webmaster Tools provide to a site administrator. Once you sign in to your GWT account and have connected Webmaster Tools to your website, click on your website link you will be presented with a screen containing a left panel (under the dashboard) with all the necessary tools and options.
Fetch as Google: This is one of the major tools you can use to fix indexing issues with your website. The graph will also show you advanced data on index status i.e, number of page URLs not selected for indexing and the number of URLs blocked by robots. Malware: If your website has been affected by malware you can expect a message or notification here from Google. If you want to conduct further health analysis of your website from a technical point of view, take a look at the Page Speed Insights tool, HTML Markup testing tool, Markup Validation tool and the other tools offered as a part of the Google Webmaster Tool package. Remember, a healthy website tends to rank higher and quicker in Google SERPs than websites with crawl errors.
Anson specializes in providing software and technology tutorials in both print and video format.
Anson has a degree in International Business and Information Systems from the University of Tampa and also enjoys enjoys traveling and gaming.
Today, I would like to share with you thirteen quick tips on how you can optimize your website and decrease page loading times. Before applying these techniques to your website, I encourage you to check the speed of your website using a free performance service such as GTMetrix, YSlow or Google PageSpeed Insights. Performance services such as GTMetrix will advise you of the exact response time of your server. A design that has been coded badly, or uses images throughout the design, will add unnecessary weight to your page.
Unfortunately, most theme developers optimize their theme demo website using caching and content delivery networks. You should also be wary of the number of drafts and post revisions your website has stored.
In addition to one autosave of your posts and pages, revisions will be generated each time you save your articles.
By default, WordPress will save an unlimited number of revisions, however this is generally not needed. Alternatively, you can completely disable the post revision system by adding the code below to your wp-config.php file. Images can help break up long pieces of text and can help your articles be shared more frequently on social media services; however they also take up a lot of storage. It is therefore in your best interests to optimise your images for the internet before you upload them to your website.
Adding advertisements from third-party advertising networks can increase loading times due to the calls that are made to external servers. Of course, advertisements are necessary for most websites to survive, therefore you need to strive for the right balance between speed and income. By simply changing to text links or locally stored social media images, you could save reduce your page size by up to one megabyte. Gzip compression allows a website page to be transferred to a browser at up to 70% of its original size. There are a number of WordPress plugins available that will minify your CSS and Javascript files. Browser caching allows internet users to speed up the loading time of their favourite websites by storing a cached copy of your website locally.
Additional caching features include minification, caching of feeds, Gzipping, Content Delivery Network (CDN) support, and much more. Caching your pages is one of the most effective ways of improving your page loading times, with many plugins promising an improvement of at least ten times. Content Delivery Networks (CDN) address this issue by utilizing dozens of data centers around the world. A lot of people wrongly assume that you need to be an expert to optimize a WordPress website. Enable Gzip Compression looks pretty easy to implement b ut can it cause problems with some browsers? I’ve seen gzip compression in CPanel… is this the same as setting it inside WordPress? Obviously your store’s cart is more important than browser caching, though you can still optimize your website in other ways. Just before 4 weeks i have some weird issue on mine blog, because caching system remove cache headers and return compressed stream. For linux users I suggest jpegtran and optipng : both are non-destructive and makes you gain from 15 to 25% the size of the original file. By combining these files into say two files, you have greatly reduced the number of http requests. You can also improve time by placing CSS at the top of your pages and Javascript at the bottom.
I made a point of listing browser caching as a separate item as many people use browser caching but don’t like using caching plugins.
Plugins such as W3 allow you to do many things such as integrate CDN’s, enable minify etc. Hosts (especially shared accounts) are short on CPU more than they are short or anything else. So while this may improve pure download speed, pageload may actually be longer, resulting in a poorer user experience. Do some testing and consider the strength of your hosting environment and your typical audience (tech savvy users will mostly use newer machines, grandma and grandpa may often use grandson’s first computer from 15 years ago, etc).
For shared hosting Hostgator (you can use the affiliate link ElegantThemes show in your account page) has proven to be just fine for me and for many others.

Also generally avoid hosting at your registrar (godaddy hosting, namecheap hosting etc), these are unusually slow hosts. This can cause issues with your website depending on the template, test it on a local development site before doing so on a live site.
For me, the key is always testing your page loading time before and after you make any major change to your website; particularly changes related to speed improvement. Whilst you might find a few minimalist text only blogs that are only 100kb in size, you’ll find that most websites are between 1mb and 3mb in size. I also need to rewrite it as I had initially wrote the book from the perspective of a case study, but I am changing it to be a general guide.
If I can manage my schedule a bit better then I should be able to devote a day or so to it every week and work towards finishing it. Hi, do pages built with Elegant Builder have slower response than the ones using WP edit panel?
The best tool to Minify CSS and general optimization for me is use gtmetrix-dot-com, this tell you what need optimize and give you an optimized version of the css and image files. Just a q for the non-techs amoung us; where do we put in the browser caching snippet in the .htaccess file?
Often on web design, we need to optimize that interactivity, functionality and usability what’s increase our rank and visitor traffic. Checking your web backlink, Link influence and effectively score also can monitor your competitor backlink performance.
Track your web performance by monitoring the action and interaction of every element of your website.
With thermal display look like, Mouse flow detects user mouse interaction frequency and where are they often go.
By enabling the “Optimize Website” function, the files on your site will be compressed before being sent to the viewers automatically. For those of you who used WordPress to build your site, we strongly recommend our previous article on “10 Ways to Speed up WordPress load times”. The very first thing you should do if you want to optimize your website for Google is do some keyword research. There are a few keyword research tools out there but the one that is used the most is owned by Google and is known as the Keyword Planner tool. While doing keyword research look for search terms that are related to what you want to be found for, have a decent amount of monthly searches and are not too high competition.
Once you’ve found your match, you should attempt to purchase a domain which closely matches the search term. If you are not able to secure the domain of your choice, than most people just go with something related to their business name. Your page titles are very important when it comes to letting Google know what each individual page is about.
If you are a well known brand, it helps to include your company name at the front of the page title.
Use the Keyword In The Page Content, But Be Careful To Make It Natural And Don’t Overdo It! On top of making sure your keyword is scattered throughout your content, also make sure that the actual content itself is interesting and worth reading to potential visitors. In the same scenario, if Google believes that your website has 120 pages, than this means that you have some duplicate content issues. Getting this settled out with Google is a great step to take in regard to optimizing your website. In conclusion, make sure that your website has great content that people actually want to visit and always keep Google in the back of your mind. As always thank you for reading and make sure to leave your questions, comments and concerns below in the comment box! Optimizing your website properly is crucial to improving your site’s rank in search engines, as well as driving more potential customers to it. A title that is highly relevant to the page it refers to will provide better usability and optimization for your search engine ranking. A search engine’s job is to refer users to websites and contents that are relevant to what they are looking for. SEO and speed to the two main key factors and I always emphasize this with my clients sites. For those on shared hosting, an alternative is to get a CDN like Max CDN, as stated in my footer, its all I use. The optimize website is simple using apache to compress, which is a mod that is installed on your server, if you have a dedicated server you can enable a variety of mods and this is just one them that they kindly allow shared hosting sites use.
Please note though that this is not enabled by default in all cPanel installations as it requires the server to have mod_deflate enabled on it and not all hosts enable this option by default. Whether you need to conduct advanced search analysis, measure website performance on a day-to-day basis, diagnose the health of your website or fix critical SEO problems – Google has the answer for you.
The objective is to learn and apply all the crucial features of GWT and maintain the health of your website. The graphs will show you the number of pages crawled per day, kilobytes of information downloaded per day and time spent (in milliseconds) in downloading a page.
If you find that Google is not indexing your most important pages, you can manually add the intended page URLs and then fetch as Google. Webmasters should perform this step when the indexing rate of a website is low, there are recent changes in the URL structure or page content has been modified.
The higher the number of pages indexed by Google on any particular day, the better it affects the health of your website.
Once you remove viruses and malware from website, you can submit a reconsideration request to Google and wait for it to be reindexed.
In addition to being ranked higher, many website owners report seeing an increase in search engine spider crawling after speeding up their design.
These services will inform you of your page loading time and the overall file size of your page. You are fighting a losing battle if your server is taking an age to process HTTP requests and MySQL commands. You may be with a great hosting company but see poor response times because your chosen hosting plan is underpowered.
Search engines favor responsive designs as they ensure all pages have the same URL, however adaptive designs that were created specifically for mobile phones can improve a mobile user’s experience considerably (it is not uncommon for an adaptive design to reduce page size by over one megabyte). The more plugins you install without research, the more likely you will face performance issues; however the sheer number of plugins you have installed is not the reason a WordPress website can slow down. There are many reasons for this including bad coding, calls to external servers and persistent calls and updating of your WordPress database. Developed by GoDaddy, the plugin will show you exactly how much load time your plugins are adding.
The WordPress revision system allows you to go back to older versions of articles, view them and restore them. This means that an article with ten revisions with take up ten times as much room on your database than the actual article that was published.

From a blogger’s perspective, this is not an optimal set up as post revisions are very useful, however many website owners have taken this step to ensure their database runs more efficiently. It utitlizes the API to optimize JPEG images, strip meta data from JPEGs and convert GIF images to PNG.
The most efficient way of promoting a product or service on your website (from a website performance perspective) is to link directly to the page using an image that has been optimized for the web. If you optimize all other areas of your website design, a few advertisements will not be too damaging. Unfortunately, official sharing buttons from services such as Facebook and Twitter can increase loading times immensely due to the calls they make to external services.
This means that when someone visits your web page, their computer sends a request for a file and then the server sends it back.
This reduces calls to your server and saves the user from downloading the same files again. This greatly reduces the time a page takes to load as there are no PHP or MySQL commands to execute. The further a visitor is from the location of your data center, the longer it takes for your web pages to load. They take the heavy work away from your hosting company by hosting your images, CSS and Javascript files, and serving these files to visitors from the closest location to them. With search engines placing so much importance on the speed of web pages, it is vital to your website’s success to have fast loading web pages.
If so, I encourage you to subscribe to the Elegant Themes blog so that you get updated about our latest articles. He has years of experience with WordPress, and is a professional blogger with a special interest in social media, internet marketing and web design. I have tested pretty much every ecommerce plugin for WordPress but I have never used it for a live website (I did run an online shop years ago but we used CS Cart). All browsers except Firefox render perfect, just Firefox didn’t load CSS-es and everything being weird there. It takes a lot of effort into improving page loading times as it can do additional tasks such as browser caching. I must admit that’s something I have been lazy about in the past because I like the convenience of editing files online.
I knew that it would require a little more CPU time, however I didn’t think it would be too much. They are notorious for disabling features and not allowing things such as file upload limits to be increased. Right now my site is running incredibly slow.I have done a few of these tasks and still no change. Would you recommend sprite images to speed up the site as well especially using social buttons? At the very least, I should have mentioned it under the WordPress theme category, as WordPress theme designers are using it to speed up their designs.
I would LOVE to see the Divi’s page builder getting bundled as a PLUGIN, so we can use it with all of our themes. I implement quite a few of these on some of my sites, but I really should make it best practice.
Although backlink no more important factor for web rank, but it still affects significantly. One of the quickest and easiest ways to improve the load times is to make use of the “Optimize Website” function” in the cPanel. If you run a chocolate chip cookie business and you want your website on the first page of Google, then you need to write blogs that are related to this topic. As Google’s algorithm become increasingly complex and intelligent, it is no longer sufficient to create content, stuff it with keywords and publish them to your site. It appears that you use HostGator as your web host and they do enable this by default on all thier Shared, Reseller, and SEO servers. Following the health indications and taking actions accordingly will help you run your website safely and smoothly. Benchmark values are provided for high, average and low scores which are indicative of health status. You can also specify your website URLs and user-agents to examine if they are crawled by Googlebot and Googlebot-Mobile.
For example, if you run a photography blog, see how your server response time compares to other photography blogs within your niche.
Customers using shared hosting plans, for example, are more likely to face slow loading times as hundreds of websites are hosted on the same server.
Therefore, it is important to regularly delete spam comments and unwanted pingbacks and trackbacks. You should however be aware that the plugin uses up a lot of resources when it is converting images, therefore your website may be slow whilst it is running.
For example, the popular ad rotation plugin OIO publisher has a bad reputation for increasing page loading times. Just be sure you are fully aware of what load each advertisement adds to your website by testing your website speed before and after adding the advertisement. I previously displayed sharing buttons above and below articles for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.
The more requests there are to your server, the longer it will take for your pages to load. 99% of optimizing your website correctly is following good practices and taking advantage of caching and content delivery networks. Each call for a file is an http request and each http request adds to your page loading time.
When he returns to your website, he does not need to download these files again unless they have been changed; as the files are already stored locally. I did a test with sprite images a couple of months ago and noticed minor improvements on my own website. If you do this, most members will upgrade their Personal memberships, to the Developer’s membership, so it will be a win-win for all.
If you want to your content to rank in search engines, you need to provide visitors with relevant and well-written content.
Something as simple as testing the layout of your landing page, the wording of your call-to-action or the images you’re using can do wonders for your click-through rates. Webmasters can also use Googlebot-Image (Crawler) to see if the search engine can crawl images on a particular web page. It is effectively a fail-safe system that helps you recover anything that was deleted accidentally (in much the same way the recycling bin works in your computer).

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