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Facebook, like any other social media platforms, has been steadily growing in popularity as a marketing tool to promote business growth.Facebook has opened the floodgates to people to share information, exchange opinions and generally make the entire online world more open and better connected. Because of the host of members visiting Facebook, many business enterprises find Facebook as a means to interact with their existing clients as also establish robust connection to prospective customers. As well as talks in Edinburgh and Cardiff, Status Social’s Mark Saxby spoke at the Social Media Marketing UK Conference before more than a hundred delegates.
This makes it extremely important for you to work on repeat visits as this can not only increase traffic, but can help you build a relationship with your readers.
Two of the best ways to increase repeat visits are by building your email list and increasing your social media followers.
Having more social media followers can boost your traffic as seen in the above graph which shows that blogs with more social media followers have a better Alexa Rank.
I have already covered how to convert blog visitors into email subscribers in my posts 7 Stats to Help You Rapidly Increase Blog Email Subscribers and How to get More than 200,000 Email Subscribers in Less than 4 Years. The simplest way to convert blog traffic into social media followers and fans is by adding social media follow buttons.
You could also add the Twitter Follow button and Facebook like buttons and like box to make it easy for people to follow or ‘Like’ you right from your blog. Lots of WordPress plugins for share buttons automatically add the Twitter handle you mention in the settings. With the Rafflecopter contest App you can install a widget on your blog so that people can become a fan or follower of your social media accounts in order to take part in the contest. You can either make it mandatory to follow your accounts or you can give them extra points which can increase their chances of winning the contest. In a similar way you can run an offer where the code or instructions required to make use of the offer are only viewable when the person follows the social media account you want them to.
People who visit your blog from other social networks are also more likely to follow your page or account on the same social network they visited from.
Special offers and deals, current customer and interesting or engaging content are the top three reasons why people follow a social media account.  When a person visits your blog from a social network it shows that they are active on it and if they like your content they will want to see more of it and they will follow you on the same social network. I was presenting a Facebook Marketing overview the other day, and I mentioned that Hippies were perhaps the first social network.
Before you think “What does a 40 year old, bald, sweater-vest wearing business guy know about Hippies” I’ll tell you.
My dad said in any town, without knowing anyone, he could spot like-minded individuals simply by how they were wearing their clothes and their hair. When you talk with people on Twitter or Facebook connect with the crowd of folks you want to be associated with. In many forms of traditional advertising, the more slick, packaged and professional the message appeared the more it was ‘welcomed’ by the corporations it represented. After my initial pissed-offed-ness, I marveled that this stupid little bird had learned a highly effective new behavior to gather food. It was a lesson that in any environment, those with the ability to adapt to changing conditions will win.
A few years ago, I was in a graduate leadership program at Carnegie Mellon University and took a class from a talented educator and author named Robert E. So there.  Now you can explain to your spouse that all that time you’re wasting on Twitter is actually a career-advancement opportunity!
I would be interested to know … how are you seeing this play out in your own workplace and your own life?  And if you agree that this ability to adapt to technological change is important, how would you measure something like that?
Here in Germany some 10 years ago, direct banks did begin to establish new services to compete with the traditional branch banks.
Nevertheless, change and innovation is still missing at the traditional banking players so there is still room for more pigeon-strategies. The Pidgeon story is a wonderful example of evolution at work – thanks for sharing it.
Adaptability has always been a key factor in successful strategies, especially when one is competing for resources. It took me about 15 minutes online to find a supplier who could produce exactly what we needed and have it shipped within 2 days.
Not sure that the pigeon is a great networker, but nothing like a NY story to get an article going.
When people feel comfortable to take initiative they are more likely to step up and reach for the next rung. I would tie that into networking especially when it comes to using the net to locate information.
Mark I think I have written here that Social Media is a Revolution in Interpersonal Communication Technologies. Definitely a powerful change agent for those that use these tools for their careers and personal lives in my opinion. In a business it would seem that a formula or working test when hiring people would be to test with a demanding situation to see who brings in the result.
This may well also define how a single business owner moves on or gets left behind because they don’t know how to change with how social media is actually being used. I see this happening more and more at a macro-level, where companies that can quickly adapt and adopt social media (letting down the walls and actually talking with customers) are thriving, while the ones that don’t continue to have negative blog posts written about them. How can you measure someone’s ability to quickly adapt to rapid technological change?
The folks that continuously do those three things are ahead of the pack, and tend to stay there.
This is such a timely post for me right now as I find myself in a new position as one of the most tech-advanced people in the entire firm. I’m a Baby Boomer who has spent all my career in technology, so I am comfortable with it, but when something new comes along, I still have to get out of old habits and old ways of thinking in order to master new pursuits. I recently got my first smart phone, switched from a pc to a Mac computer, started my own online marketing business, and am in the process of moving to another city. Antique Victorian woven hair brooch, circa 1870s, is definitely a love token piece of mourning jewelry. It is a beautiful spring day in Chicago and I am admiring all of the cool Chicago skyscrapers. The Biggest Loser has been inspiring TV viewers for 17 seasons with tales of weight loss and triumph. A 21-year-old Somali woman has set herself on fire on the pacific island of Nauru, less than a week after refugee advocates say she was forcibly sent back there.

While designing a walking tour of Chicago focused on corruption and political shenanigans, journalist Paul Dailing watched new scandals pop up at a rate that only reinforced the city's reputation for rackets and rough politics. This is best achieved through a Facebook Fan page.Facebook Fan Pages comprise of ‘Fans’ who are supporters and followers of your business waiting to hear updates about your business development and growth.
You must devote ample time for Facebook interaction if you expect Facebook to help your business. Setting a Fan Page is not challenging and it can be accomplished easily.When naming your Fan page, remember branding vastly helps. It takes a lot of patience and of course, the right tactic to actually get more success out of it. This figure illustrates how much in-demand the Status Social team has been for social media talks recently. Contact us if you’d like to book our much-praised social media speakers for your event.
If people read your work regularly they will be more likely to buy from you, use your services and help you.
Blog owners should first look into building an email list as it is nearly 40 times more effective than social media. You could simply place follow buttons using a WordPress plugin like social media widget or you could get a designer to create custom ones that will suit your blog.
You could also use a heat map to check which parts of your blog your visitors look at more and place your social follow buttons there.
This method of cutting short the step of visiting your social media page or account and then following you can get you more fans and followers. This should be one of the first things their visitors see and it can help convert blog visitors into social media followers. By this I don’t mean the pop-ups that appear a few seconds after you visit a blog asking you to like their Facebook page.
You want to make a change so that your blog’s Twitter handle is mentioned every time someone shares a blog post or page. All you need to do is add your handle name in the field provided and it will be published every time someone tweets a page or blog post using the Flare Twitter tweet button. Running an engaging contest with a very good relevant prize can get you lots of followers and fans.
People usually Like a Facebook page or Follow a Twitter account to subscribe to their updates. I certainly need to get back into the groove ?? Share, interact, learn and gain more followers! I said it as a lighthearted opener, but there are some things we can all learn from Hippies that apply to social media marketing. I lived in a communal environment when I was a young boy and my parents still carry their hippie sensibilities.
I realize the negative implications of ‘communism,’ however a ‘commune’ or ‘inner circle’ of like minded business friends is critical for business growth. Pinterest has caught our eye recently and we are investigating and trying new business uses for this tool. Hippies can be playful, shun traditional rules, and enjoy a relaxed sometimes contemplative environment. It lets the world know that we are real human beings and will interact with you like you are human!
Michigan that are living almost exclusively off the land and it’s so great to visit and be aware of the waste that takes place in our daily lives.  Glad you enjoyed the article and congrats on the upcoming degree!! It had adopted to its urban environment and surely was setting itself up to be the founding father of a race of hawk-like super pigeons. They may not be smarter or harder working than others, but they have a certain “something” that seems to push them up the corporate ladder. Kelly’s research seems to indicate that expert networking skills like an ability to navigate the social web can also be a crucial differentiator in your career. Although I agree with the overall idea here from my experience I’ve seen some of this not play out as easy.
They may see someone who actively tweets and blogs (and preaches the importance of them) as an intimidating and disruptive force in a typical command and control style environment. In today’s fast moving Internet marketing world, faster adaptability is even more important.
Some office environments are structured so that people do not want to stick out because to do so invites blame as well as recognition. There is no way to stop it any more with the advent of smart phones.  What’s a manager to do?
While I don’t accept the fact that social media makes us less productive, I agree that there are several solutions (creative ones) out there. It has been a great platform for my own personal networking of all kinds professionally and socially.
Two really lept off the page at me and speak to underlying issues that actually do (in a backhanded sort of way) support your thinking here. I grew my Life Of The Freelancer site and podcasts to thousands of listeners within the space of 6 months while working out of the basement. While surrounded by paper and pencil, land-line and I struggle daily with bringing an entire company mentality into the 21st century. While I’ve seen the painful implementation of various technology tools and paradigm shifts in corporations, it has also become essential for not only small business owners, but home business entrepreneurs to embrace technology.
The world lives on the Internet and computers, and to be successful, you have to push through your fears of change and meet your competition in the online playing field. However, after being glued to my computer like a floating brain with typing fingers for the last 3 years, what has worked is the phone.
At Google, we drive impact by providing technology and grants, as well as opportunities for Googlers to give back. Crafted in a detailed engraved 14K solid gold frame with a floral center and a pinwheel braid emanating over a fine woven hair braid net forms the focal point. There has been an increase in the number of families that have both parents working in an organization. So why is it that many websites are still chock full of the elements that so many visitors have bemoaned over and over? Teen high on anesthesia is having the best time ever New Zealand police throw down 'Running Man Challenge' to other forces We're sorry 'Ms.

The first pop-up that appears on your blog a few seconds after someone visits it should be for your newsletter or your email subscriber list as building that should be your top priority. On Mashable an algorithm gets the Like button to appear once the visitor performs certain actions. More mentions of your handle in tweets will get more people to check your Twitter account too.
In fact, I called my father for some research for this article… Like many young men, after being drafted and fighting in Vietnam, he came back home a bit different – and for a long time, didn’t associate with anything corporate, or any scissors apparently. That specific audience has grown a bit, but I am now ‘part of that club’ simply by interacting with ‘like minded’ people.
He scored tickets to concerts that my parents could only dream of – (Dylan and The Band in Chicago for example) and always knew where to get oddities, both on and off the grid.
We had a client that needed photos shot for his website, and instead of finding a resource and adding a markup when it isn’t in our main skill set, I just referred our client to a great photographer, negotiated the rate and arranged the date. Recently after training a client how to use their Facebook Page for business development, they called me and said “hey, we ran some adds to bolster our “Likes” (not a typical strategy I preach) and we had great results.” I was proud that they stepped out and tried something different.
After all, if you could actually test for these factors, wouldn’t that have a powerful impact on corporate recruiting and training?  Turns out it wasn’t that simple, but after years of investigation he eventually found the magic formula. The research showed that Tom had no hope of ever catching up and the more complex the task, the further Tammy would outshine him. And the whole accounting office was in a frenzy because we needed them printed, and needed them printed quickly.
Those who make EFFECTIVE use of Social Media sources during their day to day jobs will survive and excel.
Getting comfortable with new technology and new channels of information may come only when the cost of complacency is a job. The next element follows the same design with the bottom having two tear drop shaped braided hair drops.
Perhaps with the sheer excitement (or terror, depending on your personality) that comes with designing your own website, all of the user experience quirks that have driven you crazy over the years escape your mind. Just add ones to your most important ones and focus on growing their social media following.
The one for social media followers should appear a little later like it does on sites like Upworthy and Mashable. So work on your blog’s social media presence and get people to visit you from the social network on which you want to build your social media following. We lived in a school house with another couple and their 2 kids from 1971-1975 and for all of the challenges of communal living and no running water – there was something endearing and magical about the “Norway Hall School House”.
Post it on your Facebook, blog, on Twitter, Tumblr, send it in an e-mail or make a video… I must have told 1000 people that the book ReWork changed the way I interact with my business, and the book Strength Finders changed the way I viewed my team and family.
My father said that one of his friends told him Santana was coming to a field, close to the small town in Michigan where they lived. According to Viral Video Chart, that commercial received 4,746,865 Facebook shares and 3,416 blog posts. If I saw so much resistance to change within these companies I can’t imagine what it might be like in other industries.
So the Tammys of the world will always win against the Tom’s, because they use their superior adaptability to find the right information more quickly, or to get the right resources more quickly. Of course not any old form would do, and no one could figure out who our old supplier was (or maybe they went out of business, don’t remember now). So, to find an answer, I guess the first step is really to keep an open mind, and in my life at least, one of the best methods is the world wide web.
And I think you’re instructor hit the nail on the head in that those who will reap the greatest benefits are the ones who can adapt quickly and have the innate understanding of how best to use the connections. It will stretch your mind, connect you to fascinating people, and provide some fun along the way. SEE ALSO: 8 times 'Game of Thrones' insiders blatantly lied to you about Jon Snow Stamps will be released every week to tie in with each new episode, and each stamp design will be based on something from Thrones.
If you follow Steve on Twitter, you are likely to see him communicating with the destination marketing organizations and thought leaders in that community.
He said they got 8th row seats to see the master and his 20 musicians play their hearts out for $10. The client was happy and didn’t have to work to try to solve that problem and it only took us a few extra phone calls to put together. It will be fun to see how these new “Likes” convert, and that’s part of the landscape right now. A good corporate example was last year’s super popular VW Commercial with the kid in the Darth Vadar mask trying to use the force on his dog and a doll. Perhaps companies should think about rewarding those employees who”ve shown value from social media use with the ability to use it during working hours.
That’s been the secret to successful relationships since the dawn of communication, whether we were banging sticks or sending smoke signals.
He’s done so well at connecting with people in this space over the last year, he was recently on the list of 100 most influential tourism professionals. I said “was Santana big then?” He said “yeah, they played Black Magic Woman and all of the other hit songs”. Radio and TV are still useful forms of advertising for the right company with the right audience and the right campaign, and sometimes it takes trial and error to get it right. Maybe allowing full use of social media during the work day would be a good way to weed out those who don’t have the disipline needed to be effective employees?????  Now there’s a scary thought! Knowing someone has their eye out for you is motivating and can make a big difference in your business. It’s even more important to try out ideas and concepts with social media because it’s still a young set of tools.
He followed and talked to the people that he wanted to be associated with and became part of the clique simply by interacting and adding value to that group.

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