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February 6, 2016 by Lee 10 Comments Welcome, by the time you reach the end of this post I’m hoping to have filled your head with some real actionable advertising ideas to help kick off, or grow your cleaning business. When I’ve written this type of post previously, I usually like to take a look at a few other sites to get an idea of what advertising methods are actually working for the industry by people who are actually in the trenches running their business. I then like to combine those tactics with my own knowledge of attracting clients with some basic internet marketing skills to come up with a winning formula to help drive new customers and grow the business. With that in mind, they decided to have some flyers and business cards printed and pushed them through doors in the local area as well as handing them out to just about everyone they met. This simple tactic worked out much better than I expected and helped them attract their first couple of clients despite my initial doubts. Facebook is not usually at the top of my priority list when creating a new campaign, but I think the excitement of a new business took over as he’d already begun promoting their services to friends and family through his personal profile.
In this situation, I thought the next logical step would be to build them a business page instead. At our initial meeting, we sat down and threw around some ideas of what the website should look like.
From there is was simply a case of building a basic WordPress site and choosing a template that met their needs. It took me ages to achieve somewhere close to the look they wanted and between me and you, I hated it and still do but hey, it’s their business right? Once you have a list of these phrases, the idea is to dedicate a specific page of your website to each service (including your town or city in the title).
If you’ve any desire to get your business found online then you really need to let Google know you exist. When you create your account and fill in your business details, Google will enter you into their internal business directory. When someone types a search looking for a cleaning business in your area, these results are the first thing they are going to see.
By creating these specific service-related pages like I mentioned above, it’s going to increase your chances of popping up in the local results for the various services you offer. At this point, all of the heavy lifting had been done and I was trying to get my own site off the ground. I think they started off with good intentions and created a couple of new pages, added the business to a couple of directories and started gathering reviews which helped a lot.
The website is currently still sat on the first page of Google for their most sought after search phrase “house cleaning in TOWN” along with a few others and is bringing in a steady stream of new customers which is fantastic. Once the initial work has been done such as building the website and creating a Google business account, it only takes a few hours each week to build and maintain your positions in the search engines. Word of mouth advertising has also played a large role in their success so far as it will yours.

If you’re interested in building your website or growing your current online presence, you can find out about my only recommended training platform here.
Hello great information that you have provided this will be very helpful to anyone who is looking to advertise there own cleaning business online. Thanks for taking the time to comment and you’re definitely welcome back here anytime you wish. Rather than thinking of it as a chore, I believe it should be looked upon as developing a brand new and exciting skill that will help you grow your business whilst staying in control and keeping costs a mere fraction of what outsourcing would cost. I found a training platform and support community where I learned and still continue to learn to this day as internet marketing moves at a very quick pace. What started out as simple curiosity, has now developed into a passion for helping small business owners get found online.
I have found that Facebook is a great resource for businesses of all types if utilized correctly.
I love the point you made about only needing to take a few hours a week to promote your local business after the initial work is done.
I fully support local small businesses as much as I can, so I applaud you for helping your loved ones and a small business to gain more loyal customers.
If Facebook is tackled first, then the next step should really be obtaining a free listing in Google’s internal business directory (map listings). I am a retired man, however me and my wife do some house cleaning on the side and are considering taking on more business and your blog gave me some great ideals on how to get started doing this.
Hi there David, if this post has helped just one person like yourself, then it was completely worth writing it.
This can be achieved by creating separate pages on the business site for each service offered. Stonebridge Family Dentistry - Our gift to you and your family to help you discover your beautiful smiles! Profit Fuzion Marketing can create you a winning direct response postcard for your next marketing campaign.
They added a 10% discount voucher to the flyer to entice people to call, this was also a great way to track the results as the code was exclusive to the flyers. It didn’t take long and looked a lot more professional rather than using a personal account. If you can snag one of those top 3 results then the chances are your phone’s going to start ringing on a regular basis. Add new pages to the website covering specific services, helpful hints & tips and answer frequently asked questions. To prevent this, all they have to do is go back to the to-do list and take action by spending two or three hours each week performing the tasks.

Think about the results you could see with a little dedication to your advertising efforts with a mix of some basic online and offline methods. Word of mouth is fantastic but can’t happen unless you have customers in the first place. If you’ve tried other advertising methods in the past, what worked and what didn’t?
Also I liked the training that you recommended lots of training and lots to learn awesome jobs keep it up.Will be sure to come back and visit your site.
The rest of what you mentioned is rather new to me because I have not attempted to garner attention in my local area for my business.
I think Facebook is the first thing many new business owners jump into as they are already connected with friends and family there just like in the example and it’s not a bad way to start as long as they take the time to create a business page and fill it out correctly. Yeah, it stands to reason that if there’s 10 cleaning businesses in a single town, not all of them are going to bag one of those top spots so aiming for less competitive phrases is definitely the way to go.
I help small businesses and startups build a simple, yet effective website to begin attracting customers online.
These are merely postcards that I've come across during research, but none that I specifically endorse or have written myself.
If you’ve been considering building a Facebook page or already have one, then here are some important elements that you need to include. This will not only help drive the odd new customer but also give you a boost in the Google search results. To be truthful, it was after a series of failures (that you can read about here ) that pushed me to learn how to market online.
The purpose of this page is to serve as a swipe file for you to generate creative ideas on sales copy and postcard design. PFM specializes in providing marketing services to small business owners, entrepreneurs and service professionals, so our rates are very affordable and our work is outstanding. Please note that links to these postcards change often, so I can't guarantee that all of these will be working. I'd appreciate a note letting me know if one or more of the links on this page are broken.

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