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So between today and yesterday, I went on a roleplaying streak and created four new roleplays.
Hey Guys,Some of you may know me as blue_dun or +Master Quatre from my exploits around here way back in the day. Promote you salon or barbershop with advertised discounts on a full color pre-designed vinyl sign to get them coming in your shop. Offer styles, weaves, hair color services and more at discounted one time visits to attract new customers. Some live in the sky, some live beneath the ocean, some travel the world and some exist only in dreams. A wave of nostalgia hit me recently, and I have decided I'm going to log in every once in a while to check up on my account and how things are going. They usually spend their springs and summers in a large house that the leader of the pack, Bryon, bought. One horse said, "All of the horses in this ship, are gonna be trained as a show horse'!

At midnight, you were in the middle of the ocean.You woke up to the sound of the thunder, and horses whinnying. But as fall heads deeper into winter, the shifts in which the pack are werewolves lengthens, until eventually none of the pack members can change back into human form. They reside in a small town in Colorado, nestled in a deep forest at the base of a moutain. The pack of Mercy Falls has been living well for awhile now, gaining new members every so often when someone is bitten accidentally, or when someone finds out about the werewolves and chooses to be bitten. They must avoid the hunters that come in the night, find a way to stop the sickness, and try to continue on with their bizarre way of life as normal as possible. The group of horses decided to investigate the island, to see if anyone or humans live here. In case you didn't understand from the intro, but the werewolves do not have the ability to change when they want. In mid-spring and summer is when they are humans, yet are able to shift into werewolves still. In fall in winter, the werewolves begin to shift from human into wolves at random times, and the amount of time being a werewolve lengthens as the season grows nearer to winter.

Soon, usually by december, the werewolves are no longer able to change back into human, and remain wolf throughout winter. During spring and summer, they are allowed to live in a large house that most of the pack stays in, and go about as a normal human being.
When a person os first bitten and transformed into a wolf, the changes are quite usually painful, and do not seem to happen due to the weather. After awhile, maybe a couple of months or so, this begins to lessen, and soon they are stuck with the way of changing in winter and spring.The TerritoryWhere the wolves of Mercy Falls reside.
All three enter the first layer via person A’s dream, bringing the subject’s subconscious into the dreamscape.

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