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The Easy WebContent BlogThe easy to use, do it yourself Site Builder and Website Editing System. According to data from the Blackbaud Index of Online Giving, online giving is experiencing a growth of over 13 percent year after year. The same report also confirmed that 87% of online organizations received at least one gift of over $1,000 in 2011 alone.
Creating a non-profit website isn’t just about going online and creating something, there are steps involved. Just as you have a plan to effectively run your non-profit organization, it’s equally important to have a plan for your non-profit website.
Even if you have a strong presence offline for your non-profit, you’ll still need a plan to ensure your website launches in the right way and attracts an audience of donors and fans who go on to spread your message. Being consistent with your brand message; what message do you want to pass across and how do you plan to do that online? For most non profit organizations it’s as easy as using the brand name, but for others, especially those whose brand name has been taken, you need to be more creative and come up with something that is appealing, easy to remember and passes across the right message.
Sometimes, it can be as simple as your cause; a great example of a non profit website that does this well is Charity Water which has a domain name of the same brand.
Several great non profits, like the Minnesota Concert Opera for example, use Easy WebContent. The next step is to design your website; this is especially important since you want to be consistent with your brand message.
Once your website is set up, you want to set up social media accounts, create a blog, publish regular content and updates related to your charity and get other people online involved in your cause. Track visits to your non-profit website, observe actions people are taking and then focus on what is working.
For example, if you’re a charity that helps the world go green you could benefit from getting green bloggers or environmental bloggers to write about you. Are you ready to create a website for your small business today? Easy WebContent has everything you need to launch a professional website and grow your small business today. I get quite a few questions about AdSense earnings, and a lot of people set their sights on earning a living with AdSense. I think a lot has to do with all people being partnered, when back in the old days you had to work hard to become partner so you could advertise your vids. This year my traffic of my how-to turorial website increased a lot (compared to other years) but my Adsense earnings dropped so much that I’ve decided to take Adsense off and only use affiliate marketing and promote software (that I use in my tutorials). It was June of last year that I saw an increase in cpc which lasted through to the end of the year and I am seeing the same thing again this year but rather strangely CTR has dramatically discreased for June whilst traffic remains consistent.
Adsense still works pretty much all right with niche websites – but if you still do like $3k a month, you are surely doing a lot better than most others.
Coming back to adsense, I like it because it is the best passive income source – nothing else can be as passive. The CPC in my country is very low compared to other countries so I think that’s the reason I am not able to make enough money with Google Adsense. However, I have started working on articles that are targeted towards visitors from USA, UK and other countries that have a high CPC.
If your preferred method isn't listed above, please feel free to Contact Me about it and we'll be happy to help.
If you blog just for fun and from time to time, sure you can take small breaks and wont suffer so much, however if your planning on using your blog to generate an income,  then you must treat your blog as a regular day time job, otherwise you wont just lose the traffic you generated so far but your readers wont trust you as much anymore since you dont seem to be all that interested in your own blog.
When I created this blog I worked hard for about 3 weeks to see how far I can push my Alexa Rankings, and I was able to bring this blog in the 400,000 which was to me very impressive but after making a decent amount of connections with some of the best bloggers on the net I decided to leave my blog untouched for a few weeks to finish my university exams and to also see how far behind it will fall on rankings. It didn’t actually do too bad, I fell down on the Alexa Rankings to the point where I hit about 700,000 but the worst part of all is that I lost almost all the people that used to visit and comment on my posts. Due to getting emails from posts on other blogs that I subscribed to whenever someone comments on certain posts, I thought that people would still come and comment on the posts I already have posted on my blog. That’s actually an awesome idea, since with guest blogging you still keep the traffic flowing into your blog without actually posting anything in your own blog. The similar thing has happened to me recently Sayed, if you did notice, I had to be away from my blog not for just 1 week, but it was almost 3 months! I agree with you on the most part of your post but the traffic and comments dropped to zero is not something to everybody. I agree, guest posting is the best way to keep your blog alive while doing minimal work, problem is that to get to the point where you can have people guest post on your blog requires a fair amount of work in order to get your blog a decent amount of traffic for anyone to even consider guest posting on it. I was also a way from my blog for at least 2 months and more, and my Alexa fell from 95k to 190k ad I was getting hardly 5 to 10 visitors a day and some days my blog ended up with big egg.

And I completely agree with Suresh, some time I use to visit his blog but see only old post so I just return to some where in the myth. Hey Imran thanks for commenting, I try my best to post online using my blog as much as I can however I’m a bit busy with other things at the moment so I try not to leave the blogging world completely however leave an open link between me and the blogging community because I love it so much. One can take advantage of scheduling feature to make sure your blog is running on auto pilot mode. So when I am on holiday, I have my laptop with me, and I still blog, but not too much, because hubby does complain..
Subscribe to My Newsletter!Subscribe to stay up to date with my latest website creation tips and monetization techniques. Update: Please see our documentation for the most up-to-date information on using popups in FluidSurveys.
Any organization that runs a website will want to, at some point in time, survey their visitors. An interesting note about this FluidSurveys feature is that the popup invite uses a modal dialog to show the survey invite rather than opening a new browser window. The goal of the popup survey invite is to ask your users whether they’d be willing to take a survey once they have completed their visit. The popup survey feature comes with the Ultra package and you can check out the details on our pricing page.
Join our survey & research expert Rick Penwarden as he answers all of your questions every Wednesday at 1PM EST! It was also revealed that 54% of non-profit organizations experience results at or above this rate. You want to choose the right tools, register the right domain name and ensure you’re properly positioned to benefit from your website. With great design and easy customization, videos that make it easy to build a website even if you’ve never built one before, you have everything you need to build your non profit website.
Publish more content: This could be news about your non-profit, a kind of industry trend or even articles from people who are benefiting from your non-profit and donations from your sponsors.
You want to reach people you wouldn’t have otherwise reached and you want to have them join your cause. Look for ways to get people involved and rewarded: This is very important since you have little to no budget and ultimately limited time for marketing. Work with people to spread the word: This could be bloggers in your niche or websites that advocate a problem your charity solves. I have had the same experience on Google Adsense.Lisa Irby thank for your great post sharing. I have been wondering about earning with Google adsense and it seems like it has really gone downhill since the good old days.
Two years ago I earned more with less traffic and since 2014 it’s getting less and 2015 is a joke!
Probably there is such a global tendency of getting lower adsense earnings in comparison with previous years and I am also thinking to consider other adsense alternatives. Traffic is up by 50% CTR is up by around 40% and I am earning more than I did last year thanks mainly to building up my traffic.
I have also made passive income recently with Adsense on my previous blog but hence, my account just got disabled for no reason. I think Google does not want to work with anyone outside US coz they just banned a lot of accounts in South Africa for no reason.
My wife and I are able to live off what we make with AdSense, but it’s not a good I idea to trust that it will always be there. However since I stopped posting new articles a lot of people stopped visiting and no one commented on any of my older posts. If you have fairly greater number of posts on your blog and if they are visible on search engines, you still find some traffic and comments on your older posts. If your blog does not come up with frequent new articles people will certainly stop visiting the blog thinking that the blog is dead. But in case if you not planning to update your blog for 1-2 months, it’s better to write a post that you will not be available and blog will not be updated for next 2 months.
I couldn’t believe it when my alexa ranking dropped drastically in just a few short weeks because I was interacting with my readers. Most bloggers neglect their blogs for so long and once you visit a blog for some days and you find nothing new to read you get bored and after a couple of days you probably wont bother looking at that blog. Using a popup survey is one of the most effective ways of finding out what your visitors think about your site.

Aydin co-founded Fluidware in 2008 and since then it has grown to become a market leader with customers in over 80 countries. Through the internet you can connect with people from all over the world, from all over the country without them having to visit your office personally. You could create a video that goes viral, write an article that gets shared a lot across social media or invite bloggers to join your cause. If the same holds true for your non-profit, capitalizing on this could help you double revenue or increase it to some extent.
You want to get results by getting your sponsors involved in marketing and spreading the word.
But CPC is down by around 30% which of course is disappointing as on last years CPC I would be a lot happier. I would like to teach my blog’s readers on how to approach Adsense to avoid being banned – any advice on how to address the issue? If you want to take a break for a long time then I agree with what the first commentor said, you should start accepting guest post.
I went on hiatus for a little while (I was busy with other things) and it started to crawl up again.
It is good you found out soon enough that you should treat your blogging like a regular job unless it is just a part time activity. By using a modal dialog, every user will be able to see the invite to take the survey and this invitation will not be blocked by popup-blockers.
At the same time, the user is asked upon arrival whether or not they would like to take the survey – so in some ways, the tool also facilitates an entrance survey – you get the best of both worlds! There are millions of people with websites and an audience online, much more people than you can reach offline, and you can get them to participate in your cause and get people to support your cause.
Since I do instruction video’s on how to make jewelry I decided to also start making pdf patterns on etsy hoping to fill up the gap.
All well, hope to get some feedback about what else can work and any other recommendations you have. Steve here said my account was disabled due to invalid activity from my account, but I have not clicked on any of my ads since I know what to do and what not to do.
Can anyone come up with the advice on why Google is doing that, they penalizes even very legitimate sites without any copyrighted or sexual explicit content. Maybe besides invalid clicks, or if there are no invalid clicks then what made them disable that account for me? I actually think it’s got a lot to do with people moving over to mobile devices, especially mobile phones to browse our websites.
In the last 18 months I’ve seen a truly massive increase in people using mobile phones to browse my website, it coincides with my drop in earnings.
Our websites need to be responsive in order for people to be able to browse them properly on mobile devices.
A large non-responsive AdSense unit isn’t going to look very good on a mobile device. However, I found that using non-responsive AdSense units still work really well, I just don’t go over 300 pixels wide. I think it’s important for newcomers to know this because they jump into AdSense expecting to make a living quickly and easily. I’ve actually resorted to more aggressive advertising with AdSense now, especially with impressions. If Your Earnings Are Down You’re Not Alone Another reason I wanted to do this post is I keep getting questions from concerned readers about their drop in earnings over the last year.
It could be that you aren’t ranking for the keywords that were sending the traffic that converted. A Warning About Screenshots This probably won’t apply to a lot of you because there would be no reason to show your earnings.
I got a warning in my AdSense account last year for posting a screenshot of my earnings on a blog post. And if you are concerned about losing your account, be on the safe side and don’t show anything. Here’s a video I did last year where I held nothing back about my feelings toward AdSense.

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