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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. That is why I want to put an end to this and want to help others to make nice infographics, as well.
The possibly most important principle in marketing always is to not forget about your target audience. So remember: Although your infographic is supposed to give a light and quick overview to the viewer, a lot of thorough work needs to be put into it. As already stated in my former blog post, I am a fan of real life examples to illustrate my point. Naturally, this infographic is a little more colourful, since that in itself is the topic, but generally clear design guidelines are being followed. With over 1 billion unique users each month, YouTube is a powerhouse social network that many smart companies are leveraging for success.
If you want to make a YouTube channel for a Google+ page that you manage, you can choose it here. If you’re creating a new channel with a new Google+ page, the image you upload as a profile image will serve as your YouTube AND Google+ page profile image. To take advantage of channel description exposure, put your most important information right in the beginning.
Use this space for a simple image that represents your brand and reflects your personality. Look at your channel on desktop, tablet and smartphones, checking to make sure everything fits. LRT  is a marketing and graphic solutions company that serves a large variety of clients in Chico and surrounding North State and Northern California areas like Oroville, Paradise, Corning, Red Bluff, Redding, Orland, Reno, Sparks, Yuba City, Marysville, or Sacramento. The first step in creating a great email marketing campaign is to give your subscribers what they want. To make sure that you are only sending  your email relevant, you need to identify your target audience and understand their needs.  This will allow you to design an email creative that will engage them and encourage them to respond.
Remember that when your visitors sign up, you should ask for their name (if you don’t, change it so you do!). Once you’ve decided on what content your subscribers want, how are you going to track this?
The importance of segmenting your emails should not be underestimated when it comes to creating a great email marketing campaign either.
Think about it, if you are, say, a florist, would you send an email marketing newsletter to your whole subscriber base offering deals on Valentines Day bouquets? Effective email marketing lets you tell the guys on your list that you’ve got great flower offers for their loved ones. With that in mind, it’s important to design a strong wire-frame template and let your readers choose between html and text versions of your email.
Finally, make your calls to action prominent and clear so that your audience knows what to do – and always, always include an unsubscribe link in the footer of every email you send. If you’ve carried out the above tips, you will have created a great email newsletter. Start off by assigning a purpose-built landing page for each email campaign, specifically-designed to convert your email opens into leads and sales. While we spent another conversation about her latest works, I actually realized that I never did make a single infographic myself.

It should simplify your ideas and illustrate them to your audience, without it being too shallow.
As with all visual elements on your web presence, it is also crucial to use high resolution images in infographics.
Something that is also crucial to keep an eye on is whether the content is actually legible. In order to be able to do that this time, I took a look at the most popular kissmetrics infographic. There is a clear structure and also a white line visually guiding the viewer through the infographic.
I did not fully follow that plan through, but only because I did not have data to make one.
The second largest search engine on the planet, YouTube is perfectly positioned to send qualified visitors to your website and blog, armed with more information and closer to making a sales decision than visitors from other search engines or direct traffic.
Make sure the description is accurate, uses keywords and, if you plan to upload images on a regular schedule, tell people when to expect them.
YouTube offers some cover art templates to help you get the size and “safe zone” right, but I couldn’t get them to open.
The internet world has demanded algorithms based on genuine, relevant, content.  This is a great thing – to those who know how to create original content, to those who don’t – it might seem a little bit scary. Being creative is a step in the right direction, but being creative and producing completely original content will put you in a league of your own.
Creating content that is full of technical jargon only works in a few industries – and even then, is a little too much.
The majority of the time the visitor will enter their correct name, rather than one they have made up. Not only will it cost you more money, you can bet your bottom dollar that 99% of your business around this peak time will come from your male subscribers. You don’t want to be spending hour after hour trying to come up with killer copy, only to be let down by a shoddy-looking template. Your logo should be prominently displayed and that you steer away from using lots of different fonts and colours. With any luck you will have managed to have persuaded your subscribers to open and read your email, yet the final step in the process is to assign a dedicated landing page.
You can use the same content as in your email (if it’s relevant), and even the same headline too. As with all content that you are putting on your web presence, make it relevant for your target audience. That is because otherwise they do not look professional and that never leaves a good impression. An example of poor legibility is if you do not have a clear contrast between your text and the background and thus the text is hard or impossible to read. You should also leave blanks for people in order to make your design look clean and appealing. A clear typography was chosen and the main information is big enough to be able to read it eventually. However, I took a look at a program with which it is simple to design your own infographic.
Take a step back, take a deep breath and remember that this is a great opportunity for you and your business to brand yourselves as industry experts.

You won’t stand out with your fans and you certainly won’t stand out with the search engines.
If you have the ability to think outside the box and produce the content you will come out as industry leaders in your field. If you’re writing content for 30 something year olds but the people who buy your product are actually 50 year olds – you’re going to have a big problem. Whether it’s asking someone to get a quote, sign up for a newsletter or follow you on social media it’s important that you have some sort of lead generating action because after all that is the underlining goal of all successful content. If you use this in the subject line of your emails before you send them (most email software allows you to do this) then you’re more likely to get your email opened. You don’t want them to lose interest when they click-through by sending them to your homepage or product page listing! Make sure the copy is easy to scan, that your call to actions are prominent and that they know precisely what it is that you want them to do next. In doing that you look like you are not original and do not know the market you are in well enough to make your own infographic. Otherwise they will find it useless and a waste of time and your business will suffer from that. Another reason for that is that infographics are understood as a way of expressing information comprised and simplified.
However, not only should your images be of high resolution, but also the graphics that you choose should tell a coherent story. Within this set there should ideally only be three different colours and the rest should just be shades of those colours. That again comes down to the combination of colours, but also font size and style plays a major role here. Also, it gives the viewer the time to rest their eyes in between and think about the message of your infographic. I thought that this infographic also adds value to this post, since the choice of right colours has also been discussed. The information is presented in an appealing way, however thorough research has been conducted what can be seen in the length of this infographic. All dimensions are approximate and not guaranteed to work in every situation – but it worked for me!
Also remember to generate new campaign tagged links for each campaign you send, otherwise you will not be able to compare your individual campaigns over time. If you make your landing page clear, relevant and clickable you’ll boost your conversion rate and have succeeded in creating a great email marketing campaign. A graphic that is complicated and extensive will be puzzling the audience considering those prior expectations.
The probably easiest thing to do is to choose some kind of design that goes together with the topic you are discussing. Try writing content the way you would have a conversation – people are more likely to keep reading when you write the way you speak. Moreover, also make use of the different colours to create a visual hierarchy.  In doing that, it will also be ensured that there is a logical flow of information that your reader can follow.

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