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Once you have made the jump (or sometimes leap of faith) to personalized multichannel marketing, the first thing you need to work out is how you are going use these new tools.
Every business has its own dynamic and set of challenges, so it’s important to decide what you ultimately want to achieve with your multichannel marketing campaign. Depending on your target audience, you may want to segment your messaging to deliver a more relevant marketing message. You then need to determine how you will follow up with the targets of the marketing campaign, based on their activity during the campaign.
Market Testing in Unconventional SettingsHow Can Colleges Utilize Variable Data Printing?What is Multichannel Marketing? Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. In today’s business marketing strategy, blogging has become more effective as well efficient methodology.
Sometimes, most of professional bloggers, marketers face lots of questions, like what topic should be relevant, how their blogs can connect the audience and lots more.
Blog marketing plan is the imperative step that has to be formulated prior to deploy any of the tasks. Most of the blogging professionals know about how to collect the data, but in most of the cases, they get shaken in the data. Identify the most viewed blogs (most shared blog posts on social network) of your competitors.
You can also utilize the social media and find out the most popular content airing in social network by using Buzzsumo.
Besides all these, you can search the most commonly asked questions at the community sites.
After gathering all the relevant data, the next step is to analyze the data and extract the final idea (that covers the topic, presentation style and medium) for the blog posts. Try to spot the filtered blog or content that has been already published either by you, competitors, or any other site.
Become a Private Member and Empower Your BrandJoin thousands of subscribers getting exclusive content,private case studies, updated industry insights and valuable business growth strategies.No Spam ever, just great content! With my first hand experience working with so many businesses, I am giving you my most important social media and digital marketing tips that will help you increase your online footprint, exposure and bottom line in 2014 for your business. I know first hand that so many businesses (1) struggle with human and financial resources for social media and digital marketing and (2) find it confusing to choose the most important and effective tactics with limited resources.
And to make things even harder, social media and online marketing are becoming more complex and are overlapping more than ever – as you will see below. Measurement, statistics and content between social media, website, email and online advertising overlap and are influenced by one another.
Bottom line: Social and digital marketing have to be integrated and looked upon with a holistic view. Social media literally is the means by which your business can relate to, exist in and influence human communities. Blogging helps you convert website traffic into leads. With traffic coming to your website through your blog, you have an opportunity to convert that traffic into leads.

Be on top on what’s working in your social media and online marketing efforts so you can continue doing the same, or make adjustments to get better results. There are different ways of measuring results. Website Analytics: One of the best ways to track social media and online efforts is by setting up a free account with Google Analytics. The social media and online marketing environment for 2014 will continue to change rapidly and feel like a moving target. Would love to get your comments below on what you will be focusing on this year to grow you social media and digital marketing. Subscribe (top right) to get my blog in your inbox regularly for latest social media and marketing trends, tips and best practices in 2014.
It is evaluated that blogging helps the business in gaining exposure as well as values the brand. Although, mostly blogger knows technique to collect informative data that can be included in the blog, they lost under the plethora of informative data and in the end, they could not conclude the basic idea.
Just use Google Analytics and find out those blog posts that have the highest number of visits, page-views and valuable visits (that has high conversion rate). Make the list of the best performing content in the spreadsheet, organize with Title, URL, Shares and type of content. If yes, then visualize their format, type of the text, graphics, video and type of content. If you have found out that the blog has already been published, but still it has the same potential to pursue, then you can extend the post with more information and reform the post. A content proposal is necessary for any business attempting at building a web presence and positing themselves as an authority in their respective industry.
It will really help you understand and to commit the necessary time and resources to your social media and marketing outreach. That means it “responds to” or resizes itself depending on the type of device it is being seen through: A desktop computer monitor, a laptop, a 10-inch tablet, a 7-inch tablet, or a 4-inch smartphone screen. 92% of marketers in Marketing Sherpa’s 2013 Email Marketing Benchmark Survey said that email is producing, or will produce, a positive ROI for them.
To make headway on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, you can no longer rely on organic growth alone, it’s too slow.
Blogging solves this problem! Every time you write a new blog post, it’s one more indexed page on your website. Every time you write a blog post, you’re creating content that people can share on social networks — Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest — which helps expose your business to a new audience. The most important metrics to look at are unique visits, returning visitors, visit duration, bounce rates, geo location, search engine traffic, referral traffic, mobile visits, social metrics and — conversion rates. This is the number of visitors to your site who take a specific action that your content encourages them to, such as signing up for your newsletter.
These tips will better equip you to do battle for the effectiveness of your marketing and to win the war for growth this year in your business. As you can see,  I like to keep it practical and useful so you can stay ahead of the curve! Thus, it is most important to gather the data relevantly and then, an idea will automatically flow into your mind.

After identifying the competitors’ post, find out the most liked content in social communities.
You can also subscribe to HARO and get daily email alerts about a content topic that are requested by the companies. Find out the appropriate keywords that are linked with the content with the help of SEMRush & SearchMetrics. All these will not only give you a list of blog post ideas, but also impart acknowledge you about Relevance Level, number of shares, Content type, Format, External Links as well as linking domains. It is even more important to understand the process of a content proposal as a business before deployment. I have written and deployed over 100 strategies of this nature in the past few months for many businesses and brands.
Social media and marketing is getting increasingly complex, as well as deciding which social media channels to use for your business. Create a strategy and plan defining your goals, audience, budget and resources. Taking part in social media means your business must become more human to be more successful. Conversion rates can vary depending on the industry, but tend to be around 2-3 percent on average. Hence, we need the blog that should not only be informative, but also attractive as well as audience-oriented (that can connect the business with an audience). Blog marketing plan comprises knowledge about the business marketing objectives (generating leads, enhancing conversion rate, connecting audience).
Prepare a spreadsheet, where you will give Title, URL, Conversion, Visits duration and number of shared. Like on Twitter, you can have your communities’ topics, by utilizing Tribalytics and Twtrland. More people are using mobile devices to view Web pages. A recent Skava Consumer Mobile Shopping Survey found that 71 percent of smartphone owners shop using their mobile device. If you have a Google+ Page and someone searches for your business (despite if they follow you or not), your Google+ Page and its most recent posts will be displayed on the right side of their personal search results. If you are creating specific landing pages for specific audiences, you should aim for a 5 percent conversion rate. This will help you in evaluating that what the audience likes and how can you boost the traffic. After having the list of blogs, create the spreadsheet that comprises Title, URL, Shares, Linking Domain and External links. Even if you are not active every day, make sure you have a Google+ Page, the About section filled out with all your business details and keywords. A good multichannel marketing strategy should have contingencies built in to it to accommodate these contingencies.

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