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The free blog post headline analyzer will score your overall headline quality and rate its ability to result in social shares, increased traffic, and SEO value.
Not so long ago, a really smart guy named Eric Ries wrote a book called The Lean Startup that changed everything about how startup companies like CoSchedule operate. Lean startup is method of business development driven by experimentation, iterative changes, and a constant process of validated learning. Ries claims that startups can shorten their product development cycles by adopting this hypothesis-driven approach. Learn -> Based on the data gathered during the measure stage, the business should then make reasonable and educated decisions about the next iteration of the product. In an age where data and metrics are readily available, there is no excuse for running a marketing strategy based on a written and pre-meditated schedule. It all starts with your first piece of content, or the first element of your content marketing campaign. We have every tool for measuring our content marketing that we could even need, right at our fingertips. Before you begin your test, ask yourself “what is the one metric that will tell me if I am successful or not?” How will you know if it is working? You can also gather feedback more organically, by monitoring your comments field, or striking up conversations with people who share your posts on Twitter. Once you have launched your test, gathered your feedback, and analyzed the data, are you prepared to accept the results as they come?
Once you’ve analyzed your feedback, make a plan for your next test, and resist the urge to move past the testing phase too quickly. Over the last few month, we have been considering some ways to take our content marketing expertise on the road. I know for certain that there was a time in my life as a marketer where I would have dove in head first. Rather than lancing a full course we brainstormed a few smaller ideas, like releasing a short course for free, or even starting to incorporate some of the ideas from the course into our blog.
Join one of our resident customer coaches for a 20-minute guided tour, followed by a Q&A session. Save time scheduling social media in bulk & work more strategically with premium integrations.
Work smarter with robust social automation, auto-pilot publishing, and data driven intelligence. A calendar that will give you more control and even better insight over your team's schedule. Wouldn't life be a whole lot easier if you could just manage multiple social media accounts in one place?
So, the first problem you should solve is how to go around the Build-Measure-Learn loop as quickly as possible. But if you go for quality first, not only will you fail the first time (and second, and third) but once you learn what quality is you still won’t be able to get content out the door in a timely, low cost way. While I agree with the lean marketing methodology, the real issue is how much risk you are willing to take on the baseline attempt.
Are you a small to mid-size business that needs help with their Digital Marketing Strategy for 2015?
If you need help developing and implementing a Digital Marketing Strategy for your Small Business, contact us for a Free Consultation at (213) 393-6051. Posted in Digital Marketing Strategy, Internet Marketing, Internet Marketing Specialist, Online Marketing Strategy and tagged Digital Marketing Strategy, online marketing, online marketing for small businesses, online marketing strategy for small businesses, SEO for Small Business. While there’s a place for content about the latest happenings, the content marketing strategy that will give you the most bang for your buck over time is content that remains useful over an extended period.

What best practices and advice can you share with your audience that won’t go out of style?
In a value-driven content marketing strategy, you use content in multiple ways to market your products and services, or to create new products and services, or simply to build stronger relationships with clients.
Start simple – identify one piece of content right now that you could use in multiple ways. Sara Korn is a marketing copywriter who specializes in crystal-clear messaging that gets the attention of the people who need you most. Over the past few months I have revealed a number of advanced marketing strategies to business owners. If you are interested in any of the offers mentioned in the training please email me first to make sure there are spots available.
Whether you are about to start up with content marketing or have already begun with the same, your content marketing program should stand out from the crowd. For developing a successful program, you should clearly define the target audience of your content. About UsPassing Miles Digital is a provider of first-rate website design, development and Digital marketing services. If there is ever any question about our expertise, we simple add the word strategy to whatever it is we are talking about. What’s worse is that it has made us believe that we need to be doing more than we can handle to promote our business and build our audience. His ideas were developed from the work of Stanford professor and author Steve Blank, and they changed much of what we know about how to start a new company. For a new business, this may be as simple as gathering user feedback through a contact form, but the point is that good business development requires listening and measuring. Figure out how you will test this metric before you launch, but don’t make it overly complicated. Get in the habit of soliciting feedback from your readers, and listen closely to what they say.
For many, it can be hard to let go of what we thought was a great idea, but don’t let that discourage you. I would have created the videos, built the best course possible, and launched without validating the content at all. Maybe it’s time to bring a bit of the lean startup method into our content marketing workflow? Today’s internet has become a competitive gauntlet for content marketers that have high hopes of having their content appear on the screen.
As a matter of fact, we no longer sell individual strategies, we only sell blocks of time to ensure we can execute, measure, and enhance what is working while marginalizing what is not.
I actually think you can apply the lean concept of pull to content creation in a very powerful way.
The article assumes that an organizations internal understanding of the market is accurate. What aspects of your business do customers need to know about that aren’t likely to change? Take that e-book (or series of blog posts, or newsletter articles…) and use them to create your course curriculum and handouts. Make the most of that investment by copying key sentences into your email campaigns, your sales collateral, and your phone scripts. With every passing day, there’s more and more of competition and you need to keep pace with the same.

You should also find out why you want to produce content and come up with a content marketing program. This is particularly important if you are just starting out and are new into the marketing world.
Some of the places that you need to focus on are content analysis, content publication and content creation. While it’s true that those phrases do mean something (kind of), what do you when you don’t have a strategy at all? It has made us feel like we should all be amazing planners when great marketing is anything but just great planning.
In the case of a software developer, the first step is to build a minimum viable product, otherwise known as a simple version 1.0. Or, don’t write the entire ebook, just write a single chapter and give it away for free on your blog.
Do you use it? There are, of course, many other tools that offer more advanced tracking like KISSmetrics, but you don’t need to spend a bunch of money, either.
Even if your content performed moderately well, the goal here is to make it better and more effective before jumping in with two feet. As a team, we would have made a zillion assumptions about what our audience wanted and needed to hear, and even worse, we would have never considered an alternative until it was too late. Message Pull means not doing anything in the content creation chain until you can measure (from your BML loop) the demand for it from the audience. The value is in asking the questions and getting objective answers before making marketing decisions.
Doing so can also get expensive, but you can’t afford to be left behind, so how do you keep up and still stay on budget? Or you can use the e-book as a free giveaway to incentivize people to join your mailing list so you can get them into your sales pipeline.
A recent survey was conducted and it was seen that nearly 70% of the marketers are creating more content that they used to do a year before.
In short, you need to identify your objectives prior to creating any plans as they will help you introduce better strategies.
By identifying your target audience, you are sure to come up with more valuable and relevant content.
Either way, we should be able to decide pretty quickly if our course is a good idea or a bad one, and that is important. Identify copy, videos, images, handouts – anything that you use to help your customers understand who you are and what you do, and resources that help them out. Use the story to train your team on how to help other clients achieve the same kind of success. The first step to keep pace with the competition is to create a robust, and smart content marketing program. On the other hand, if you are an experienced marketer, then you may change your target audience, i.e. I think the idea is just to start somewhere, test, and then slowly improve the whole process one iteration at a time.

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