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There are a variety of ways of creating your PowerPoint presentation, and one of them is to start from scratch.
If you want to sacrifice flexibility for speed, you may prefer instead to create a presentation using a template.
Enter your email below to get great tips weekly onbecoming a great communicator and Presenter! If you’ve ever taken weeks, even months, to painstakingly prepare for an important presentation, you know how useful it is to have a recording of your memorable delivery to share with the rest of the world.
Here at Visme, we’re excited to announce that you can now record your own voice over right within this online presentation and infographic tool.
Then, you can proceed to create your presentation using all the graphic assets Visme has to offer, including icons, images, text and interactive elements such as video and maps. Visme offers dozens of free audio files you can attach either to individual slides or set as background music for your entire presentation.
You can preview them by clicking on the Play button to the left side of the audio file name. You can reduce or increase the volume of your audio by inputting any value up to 100%, which will allow you to hear the track’s full audio volume. The advantage of having settings options for each individual audio track is that it allows you to customize each according to the content presented on each slide.

To start recording your own narration within Visme, simply click on the red button and speak into your microphone (make sure your microphone is activated and functioning properly before recording). You can preview your recording before saving it to the library by clicking on the Play button.
Your audio will automatically be converted to MP3 format, added to your Audio Library and attached to your current slide. If you do not make use of the down-arrow to give a new layout, the default layout is utilized. You can modify the theme for your slides whenever you like, or apply a different background for one or additional slides as an alternative. To select a background color or image for the present slide (or all slides), select Slide > Background.
If you do not see the speaker notes, click the View menu and ensure Show speaker notes is checked. This allows you not only to create self-running presentations or stand-alone slide decks but also narrated software tutorials, audio how-to’s and visual stories with narration. You can also upload your own images or embed third-party content, such as surveys, quizzes and polls. To do so, first click on the Free Library tab that appears to the left side of the tool panel.

Here, you can choose any of the audio files in your Audio Library and set them to loop continuously. This will take you to the full-screen version of your project, which you can share with anyone by sharing the resulting link. Choose a slide in the left window and tick the Slide menu for choices to move it down, up, or to the bottom or top of your presentation.
Simply select a slide in the left pane, hold the mouse key down, and drag the slide to a novel place. All of these can be easily shared across all social media platforms with just the click of a button or embedded into your own website or blog. If, for example, you want your audio to quickly fade in at the beginning, you can set it for 1 second. They offer your presentation additional pizzazz and a constant feel and look, (however you can supersede the fonts and background for a particular slide if you would like to). Just drop us a line in the comments section below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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