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CumulusClips is an open source video sharing (content management) platform, that provides one of the best video sharing features similar to Youtube. Easy uploading of videos (mpg, avi, divx and more) from user computer with upload progress bar. Easy user registration with unique url for their profile page and fully profile customization. Please have a quick look at the demo page deployed by the developer at the following location. Installing CumulusClips script is a very simple and involves few easy straightforward steps. Let’s first, install required packages that needed to run CumulusClips video sharing application on the system, using the following easy steps. Next, install FFMPEG package by enabling third party RPMForge Repository under your Linux distributions. Note: The above, database name, username, and password will required later at the installation wizard.
Enter the database details like database name, user and password, that we’ve created in Step #2 above.
Enter, about your site configuration like, Base URL, Sitename, Admin Account, Password and Email.
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I already followed your step by step installation and i also successfully login to administrator page but i cannot upload video.What is the problem? Dear, what error you getting, can you explain more clearly about your issue, so that I can help you out..
With the instructions mentioned in this post, I have installed the Cumulusclips Video Server on RHEL6.3 64 bit.
Make sure your mod_rewrite is enabled in Apache configuration file and also AllowOverride set to All in configuration.
I have successfully installed it on my virtual machine (Centos), however, when I tried to upload a test video, it is not working for me. Quickly create class diagrams, use case diagrams and many other UML diagram using our online UML software. We've showcased some UML diagram templates above but there are hundreds more available in our diagramming community.
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So if you're looking for a UML software for Mac, tired of using Visio on Windows or looking to create UML diagram on Linux then you have an award winning tool right at your fingertips. Our life is blessed by many innovative gifts of science, but computers and internet has the most important role in course of our activities and routine. Easy GIF interface has an easy to use format, by using this with our creative ideas; we can make new animated pictures and can also edit our old collection and create something innovative and unique.
Normally when we start using a new software it takes us quite sometime in getting to know how to go about it, due to difficult to understand icons, shortcuts, and long winding help gist, but here Easy GIF animator is a delight to use and is not demanding. Our interest to create website animated gif picture is increased with feature enriched Easy GIF animator.
Our team focus on useful computer software and internet web services.There are four members in our team,all of our guys work in IT field more than five years,and We have been to do our best to share high quality software since 2011. A network is basically a set of two or more articles that are linked so the computers can share resources, such as printers, software, and internet connections. The illustration also shows the firewall in place which tries to prevent damage to the network when connecting to the internet and filters out bad traffic.
With the help of CumulusClips, you an start your own video sharing website or add video sections on your existing website, where users can register, upload videos, comment on videos, rate videos, embed videos and much more. Before you can start with the install process, make sure that your server meets the requirements for running CumulusClips script. If not, you will be asked to enter FTP credentials to perform future updates and other file system changes. Now, you can start uploading videos, customizing and branding of your newly installed CumulusClips Video Sharing website.
Our intuitive drag and drop interface, productivity features like 1 click create and connect combined with UML specific feature set makes us the perfect tool to create all sorts of UML diagrams.
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