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I put this together after I had to show someone how to create and submit a certificate request in IIS 7. I will later add a procedure to create a certificate request file for to send to a Standalone CA, such as a public CA. In the results pane (the middle section), right-click on, Server Certificate, and choose Open Feature. This entry was posted in 11470, 16796, 16797, 16798, 16799, 16800, 16801, 16802, 16803, 16804, 16805, 16806, 16807 by Ace Fekay. SQL Server together with other RDBMS, are the most memory consuming applications on our servers, and this is because, RDBMs usually cache objects into the memory to take advantage of the speed that physical memory offers. We recently migrated eighty websites from a Windows Server Standard 2003 (IIS6) to Windows Server Standard 2008 R2 (IIS7.5). Most of the websites use custom error pages to capture errors and send the error back to us. Since moving to Server 2K8 R2, all of our custom error scripts started reporting no useful information (for example, Linenumber: 0).
If you are responsible for an IIS installation, I strongly recommend having a copy of the IIS Administrator’s Pocket Consultant around – great for those emergencies!

Firstly I tried using web.config in my websites root to set the custom error page, this actually worked in so far as the page was called when errors occurred and the website visitors were shown a custom page but none of the error details (error code, line number, error description, etc) are available. In the left bar, expand Sites and click on the website you want to change the settings for.
Unfortunately for me, when I attempted this, I then got an error saying Lock Violation – not the most informative of error messages.
Important Note: Obviously making this change is an IIS-wide change so you need to judge for yourself if there are any implications for your websites, this information is provided as-is with no guarantees or warranty and you should do your own research before deciding to follow them. Bob McKay is the Managing Director of Fresh Mango BVI & UK, programmer and a self confessed techie-geek type. A step-by-step guide to ordering, generating CSRs, installing, and managing GlobalSign SSL Certificates using Microsoft IIS7.
In this tutorial you will learn: How to Generate or Create (CSR) Certificate Signing Request in IIS 8 on windows server 2012. Animated explainer video from Lyquix about Secure Sockets Layer technology and why it is important for web browsing. There are mixed information out there on how to do this, but I haven’t found one with simple step by step screenshots in its entirety, so I thought to share this.

Click on Select and browse to the online Active Directory Enterprise CA in your infrastructure.
Now that is bad news for SQL Server because windows will be forced to push the objects from the memory to the servers’ paging file. Copy the contents of Exporting_Demo_website to the root folder of the newly created Web Site4. You can verify if windows is doing this to your SQL Server by investigating SQL Server Logs for this entries A significant part of sql server process memory has been paged out.This may result in a performance degradation. When using LPIM Windows cannot simply touch the memory space used by SQL Servers’ Buffer Pool, it is locked and cannot be paged. And any website that refers to these assemblies can fetch them from the GAC so you do not have to configure anything manually. In the Select Users, Service Accounts, or Groups dialog box, add an account with privileges to run sqlservr.exe.

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