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What’s a bit surprising about all of this is that NI may have built a Traktor that appeals to a wider audience than the original. Two-way sync with Traktor Pro – all your library files, cue points, and the like can go in both directions. This could also be the end of the silly use of turntable metaphors on iPads – the plague that infects other iPad DJ apps.
Apart from sample slicing, effects are perhaps the most fun part of Traktor DJ on the iPad. With Core Audio support, Traktor DJ does the better thing: it works with any class-compliant audio device, including the Traktor Audio 6 and Traktor Audio 10, via USB and the iPad Camera Connection Kit. What isn’t there, apart from four decks (though that seems it’d be overkill on iPad)? Also, NI say you have to disable iTunes Match completely and sync the songs over USB for the sync function of traktor to even work at all. My current understanding is that this is an iOS limitation, or at least extremely difficult to work around. Sadly, I’m afraid Traktor does not support multiple audio devices (yet?) just one device with multiple outputs.
I think one of the biggest challenges with the TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 is the fact that the iPad does not push out enough power over the USB port to run the sound card.

If you read the notes in the NI Base, both the AUDIO 6 & AUDIO 10 need power supplies connected.
I can’t see how it would as the Audio 4 is USB Bus Powered so would have the same issues as the Audio 2.
Due to differences in individual monitor calibration, details and coloring of invitations may vary from what is shown on your screen. Having been instrumental in popularizing first digital vinyl, then digital control systems, NI could prove the company that takes the iPad into the club. This may all sound a bit vanilla, but the actual experience of using these features via a touch point is radically different.
Instead of looking at a picture of a record, which makes it difficult to see what you’re doing, lacks the tactile feedback of a real turntable, and behaves in unexpected ways, you scrub around a waveform.
Finger-remixing is likely not for everyone – you need some finger dexterity and improvisational musicality with samples. That cuts down on portability a bit, sure, but it also makes this a real DJ solution when you’re actually playing in front of people. You don’t get MIDI control, for one, which would have been nice, though the touch interface is lovely. Actually, even after I downloaded songs it took several force-closes of the app before it finally rescanned and saw the songs there.

But at the same time, iMaschine has been out over 2 years now, and it hasn’t had any minor features added, just bug fixes. The same team behind the desktop Traktor has reconceived the library, effects, looping, sample navigation, and mixing around touch. Using gestures like pinch and swipe, you can more easily surf and scrub a waveform with your fingers. While it may make some DJs cringe, the software itself now uses tempo, key, and even timbre metadata to work out what music will match well with what you’re playing. Performance is slick, the interface is perfectly reasonable, and you can hold it in one hand. Setting cue points and looping, for instance, is as easy as gesturing directly on the waveform display. I have some speculation about the deeper meaning of this move, but it’s only fair to save that discussion for a separate article.

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