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We help leaders develop transparent strategic plans that customer-driven, disciplined and long-term.
Chapter 2 -Operations Strategy Links long and short-term operations decisions to corporate strategy Must be customer-driven Helps to develop competitive. Operations Strategy Example Strategy Process Customer Needs Corporate Strategy Operations Strategy Decisions on Processes and Infrastructure More Product Increase Org. Core Competencies Unique resources and strengths that management considers when formulating a strategy.
Environment Environmental scanning: Monitor socioeconomic trends for potential opportunities or threats.
Xerox R&D – explore the unknown and invent the future Xerox Research and Technology drives invention, innovation and integration throughout the corporation. Market Analysis Market segmentation (Step 1) Identify customer groups having common characteristics that differentiate them from other market segments.
Dealing with Trade-offs Cost Quality DeliveryFlexibility For example, if we improve customer service problem solving by cross- training personnel to deal with a wider-range of problems, they may become less efficient at dealing with commonly occurring problems. Service Strategies Standardized-services strategy Processes are designed for low variety and high volume.
Manufacturing Strategies Make-to-stock strategy Finished goods items held in stock for immediate delivery. Manufacturing Strategies Make-to-order strategy Most required materials are ordered after the customer places the order. Mass Customization Use an assemble-to-order strategy, but typically focus on large volumes. Operations Strategy as a Pattern of Decisions Operations strategy translates service or product plans and competitive priorities for each market segment into decisions affecting the processes that support those market segments. Operations Strategy Across the Organization A firm is a system of interconnected parts, or functional areas. HP Operations Strategy In the past decade, HP has consistently taken measures to ensure profitability in the PC market through increased operational efficiency, expanded build-to-customer-order capabilities and supply chain improvements.
This chapter will cover following topics: Corporate Strategy Market Analysis Competitive Priorities and Capabilities Development Process Operations StrategyOperations.
Products and Services To Accompany Russell and Taylor, Operations Management, 4th Edition, ? 2003 Prentice-Hall, Inc.

The figure above explains the working of a customer driven organization.A customer driven organization might have Customer and business intelligence as its strategy for which it needs to use Data mining, Database marketing and Decision support. Using our proven processes developed over 50 years in the consumer products industry, Performance Shift Consulting equips senior leaders and their teams to develop a clear vision and a fact-based strategy. Specify business opportunities and threats, identify growth objectives, how to develop a sustainable competitive advantage. Working hand in hand with Xerox's business divisions, XR&T focuses on five key areas: digital imaging, marking systems, materials, document services, and solutions. Incorporate market segment needs into product or service design and the operations system design. For example, if we reduce costs by reducing product quality inspections, we might reduce product quality.
High volumes, standard products, linear flow Production based on forecasted demand Supports low cost, consistent quality, competitive priority.
Postpone the task of differentiating the product or service until the latest possible moment.
Outsourcing PC manufacturing allows HP to focus on strategic core competencies, including supply chain design, new product and services development, supplier management and customer relationship management.
Production & Operations Management Chapter : The Role of Operations Management Business Process Reengineering Inventory Management. Learning Objectives Explain the strategic importance of product and service design Identify some key reasons for. Chapter 1 ? Intellectual capital … People are the ultimate foundations of organizational performance.
These tactics help understand the customer and provides value to the organization.A customer driven organization also has its branding and marketing strategy in place for which it needs regular brand assessment and development. This provides a beacon for developing an organization and internal leaders committed to delivering strategic results now and over the long term. XR&T also develops research, technology and business concepts that enable Xerox growth opportunities in new markets. Product or service implications Design the product or service in modular forms that can be easily and quickly assembled for a specific customer. Because of these tactics the organization builds the right expectations for the customers from the brand.

The group creates further customer and business value through driving industry standards and ensuring that Xerox products comply with coherence requirements. Assemble-to-order strategy Processes are designed to produce a set of standardized services and to assembling standardized offerings for specific customer needs. Process implications Design processes as independent modules that can be easily arranged to meet a variety of needs at the latest possible moment.
Through its online interactivity, these organizations provide websites that prove very compelling to use and are very practical. The latter develops your internal senior leader deeply, transferring strategic skills and letting them engage their own team in the process. XR&T also oversees development and deployment of many of the corporation's core processes in product development through a managed Time-to-Market program.
Either way, the leadership team takes a clear, transparent look in the mirror of the past in order to foresee a brighter future. Customized-services strategy Nested processes are typically grouped by the function they perform. For such a strategy, the organization needs to design a really effective website and develop the supporting web solutions.The customer driven organization also needs to have an integrated marketing approach through email, web or phone.
For this to happen it needs completely co-ordinated channels and operations such that it can reach the customer through these channels.Finally the organization needs real time knowledge transfer between employees and customers such that it promotes the organizations products by themselves. In such real time knowledge transfer customers get to research and interact about upcoming products and services thereby increasing the sales ratio for the organization. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Marketing Mix Of Allen Solly 5 Marketing tips for photography business Understanding brand identity and its impact on an organization Marketing Mix Of Acc Cement – ACC marketing mix Why and how your marketing strategy can fail? Usage based segmentation and its application in Marketing How to segment or differentiate between brand loyal customers?

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