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Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (Ericsson), one of the early propellants in GSM market, reached 31.0 percent of global newly added GSM market share. As seen in Chart 2, Ericsson and Huawei show strong competitive strength, ZTE enters the 1st Group of global GSM equipment providers along with Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN). 2) During the past five years, ZTE and Huawei gradually became the mainstreaming equipment providers in GSM market as a result of localized operation, customized invention and strong cost competitiveness.
SWOT is used in business all the time to evaluate companies, launch new products, improve on brands, etc. Youa€™ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. A SWOT analysis is an essential part of any business or marketing plan.A It allows you to create a plan of action based not on what youa€™re interested in doing or on your gut-feel, but what you need to do given the situation in the marketplace. As youa€™ll know ita€™s a 2 X 2 matrix summarising the internal Strengths and Weaknesses against external Opportunities and Threats. When I develop SWOT, I find the so-called TOWs matrix approach invaluable - wish there was a more sensible name for it.
The example below shows how the TOWS matrix reviews not only the situation in internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats around the edge, but also shows 4 box for creating strategies to succeed in the marketplace.
The Internet and other digital technology offer new opportunities and threats, so creating a SWOT specific to the Internet is important to help meet this challenge.
But your Internet SWOT shouldn't consider online channels in isolation - customers have a choice of multiple channels, so the SWOT should consider how the Internet presence of a company integrates with the offline world - customers often need and want to contact a company by phone, callback and companies still need to use offline communications like print, direct mail and TV in many cases. Here is an example from my Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and Practice book showing some of the typical activities that need to be managed such as visibility on partner sites, how to target new customers or improve their experience on your own site. The Internet-specific SWOT can be reviewed in the main areas of online marketing activity, namely areas of customer acquisition, conversion, retention and growth. As a piece of advice, I'd say breaking the SWOT down further maybe useful for very large companies. In short the scope of the project is: The paper is a guide for a new entrant in a digital marketing agency industry. For example if there is some one want to start a digital marketing agency, they should come to know what all digital IT products they can put together and sell, like website designing- domain registration and hosting, SEO, SEM, SMO, Email Marketing, Affiliate marketing etc services focusing on SMEs. I wish that I explained to the most what I could and I love if you could understand and revert me your ideas and suggestions. This report analyzes the water testing & analysis market, in terms of region, product type, and application. Globally, the water testing & analysis market is driven by increasing awareness for water quality in various application industries such as food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, chemical, energy & power, electronics & semi-conductors, along with the waste water treatment industry. The geographical and application-wise split was determined using secondary sources and verified through primary respondents. In Europe and North America, water testing & analysis instruments are particularly used in laborites and industries such as food & beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, energy & power, electronics & semi-conductor, and waste water treatment. Globally, the water testing & analysis market is driven by growing industrial applications for water testing & analysis instruments as well as increasing government and private funding for tackling environmental issues. Water testing & analysis instrument manufacturers are stressing on technological innovations to provide end-users with innovative easy to use products & improved capabilities and multi-functionality.
The figure above depicts the market size of water testing and analysis products in 2014 and 2019 along with the projected CAGR through 2014 to 2019.
This article examines market structure analysis, including a comparison of marketing and economic methods and discussions of defining a market, getting to an overall market structure, marketplaces versus study of important groups, market structures, and market structures versus market segments. Many of us have remained blissfully ignorant of this, but there is nonetheless a large literature on market structure analysis.
Numerous approaches to market structure analysis have been proposed in a very large number of scholarly works, with no approach seeming predominant. Some of the confusion surrounding this topic arises from the fact that two contrasting traditions have embraced it - namely, marketing and economics.
We will briefly review both methods, point out some very large differences and commonalities, and then discuss the marketing approach.
Typically these studies include several areas of focus, whether primarily geared toward looking at competitive entities or brands.
Price elasticities and cross-price elasticities are other important market structures, however, even though they are not often mentioned in this way.
The concepts here may appear somewhat rudimentary, and lacking in appreciation of consumer psychology. Let’s start with something that may seem self-evident, but which we still need to think about carefully. Note that the impact products have on each other and degree to which they can be substituted are highly similar ideas. For instance, elasticity of demand, and related ideas, bring to mind choice-based modeling, or perhaps conjoint.
Similarly, studies that focus on perceptions and opinions rarely have a choice-based exercise in them. One key issue remains largely unresolved if we start our definitions of markets by looking at substitutability or market impact.
Hybrid methods combine behavior-based and judgment-based methods of defining markets, as well as other approaches in later stages of the analysis.
In marketing approaches, we almost always start with people - or as we like to call them, consumers. An aggregate market structure that we choose may NOT represent any individual’s structures well. In fact, this is one of the charges leveled against choice-based modeling as it has been traditionally done, at the aggregate (or group) level.
One appropriate answer to a question like this is to structure the study so that it can isolate those more and less vulnerable among heavy users. In just a short note, practical marketing approaches move furthest away from (and perhaps beyond) economic approaches, by including the idea that you need to think about groups in the marketplace and to prepare to analyze them separately. Once individual consumer behavior is aggregated, the next step is devising some working representation of the overall (aggregate) structures. We can divide approaches for representing market structures into two main classes, namely, the spatial and the non-spatial. The simplest spatial techniques give a picture of market boundaries as separate clusters of products in two-dimensional space. Other maps are quite familiar to many of us - for instance, the type showing how products relate to ratings. The map on the bottom shows groups in the marketplace, and possibly even market segments (if we can find them and reach them selectively in some way). Data based on behaviors and data based on judgments data are not, of course, mutually exclusive. In addition to price elasticities, many other factors aside from judgments can enter into market structure analysis.
Also, models can be explicitly dynamic (attempting to predict change over time) or static (a snapshot of a given situation).
Here’s the mantra on segmentation, in case you are wondering why this tends to fill most of an interview. For instance, many banks used to segment customers based on the area of the bank that handled their business.
In any event, if you do find segments, market structures may exist within market segments, just as they can within any group.

For these reasons, market segmentation and market structure analysis can appear in the same study. Finally, as many of you have observed, some practitioners confuse segments and structures so much that the line between them is nearly obliterated.
It all seems simple when summed up in a nice diagram like the one above, but the problem of market structures is both large and complex.
Writing this article, your author tried as much as possible to keep to a central path, and not follow anybody’s pet theories to the exclusion of others.
A professional (generally with an advanced degree) versed in the collection and interpretation of numerical data. The person responsible for interpreting, presenting and disseminating results of research projects. A test of statistical significance which tests one measure of how well your model of expected distribution fits the observed distribution. A multivariate statistical classification technique for discovering whether the individuals of a population fall into different groups by making quantitative comparisons of multiple characteristics.
RIVA Training Institute will hold a course, themed 'Qualitative Analysis and Reporting,' on June 6-7 in Rockville, Md.
In order to fully understand the needs of their customers, JCPenney has initiated a series of studies called Consumer Feedback. A recent survey by JCPenney explored the lifestyles and tendencies of the singles population.
Alcatel-Lucent (ALU) is losing its market share gradually and has been positioned in Group 2. According to the Industry Life Cycle, GSM continues to gain ground till 2014 due to the increase of the emerging markets, relatively low price of GSM endpoints, and GSM technology revolution.
Huawei is likely to seek more market opportunities and demonstrate its competitive strength. It considers your capabilities for marketing against competitors plus looks at opportunities created as new technologies are introduced. These external opportunities and threats are available to all competitors in the marketplace. I think ita€™s sometimes seen as an academic exercise and therea€™s the feeling that the time should be spent on improving the execution of the tactics like email or search marketing or improving the site, but the SWOT analysis will give you the strategic view of the main opportunities and challenges available from online marketing. The power of the TOWs matrix format is in the way it not only gives a review, but also helps you create and summarise strategies to improve the market.
You can create a separate SWOT for each of these, particularly relevant if youa€™re in charge of one area.
Let me know any tips you have found in creating a SWOT or if you don't use them what you do instead! So the paper should have thorough research which includes the above point and competitor analysis and competitive pricing and last but not the least suggestive bundled packages.
Developed European countries are emerging as leading exporters of water testing & analysis to the developing regions.
Demand in different regions was considered while estimating the market share of the different regions in the water testing & analysis market. The increasing government regulations in developed countries in Europe & North America and stringent water quality standards for several industries define the water testing & analysis market.
In most countries, the laboratory segment is the largest user of water testing & analysis instruments. TOC analyzers are growing at the fastest CAGR and hold the second largest market share in water testing and analysis instruments market. We start with perhaps the most obvious opening question of any article that you will read this year or next. They often will investigate how brands are used, and the relationships of usage patterns among brands.
The list of topics that these cover is broad and, as mentioned, somewhat different from those covered by the marketing approaches.
One important point that the economists have in common with marketers is that they include demand elasticities and cross-demand elasticities (or words meaning the same thing) in market structures.
Some even act as if asking people what they do or think is superfluous to understanding what is happening in a marketplace.
The basic consideration for all marketing analyses is reaching a definition of exactly what constitutes the market. The key point underlying this distinction, it seems, is that impact can be measured without considering perceptions at all. Therefore, we know that by the time everybody involved has added his or her pet question(s), these get to be real monsters also. To reach an overall market structure, individual consumer market structures need to be aggregated. Unless you really torture the data from a choice-based model, you never learn anything about what individuals are doing. That is, the study would find market structures among two or more types of heavy users, and not assume that they are all the same. In one way, then, the practitioners in marketing and market research routinely take a more sophisticated approach to market structures than their learned brethren. The goal here is showing how products compete, in ways that convey the research and managerial implications effectively.
Spatial techniques are used often with data based on judgments (opinions, perceptions, ratings). Some judgment then is made about distance between clusters as determining where a market stops and starts. Showing what is important to various groups of buyers (or even segments) typically does not count as market structure analysis — at least when we are being pure and right about things. For example, analyses of product or price cross-elasticities often lead to displays that are not at all like maps, such as the simulator programs that you can create based on a choice-based modeling study.
In fact, doing a thorough job with market segmentation generally requires so much time and effort that you cannot get the full story on market structures in the same interview. Different segments of a market may structure a market differently - and indeed we would expect them to do precisely this, since their needs are different.
For instance, different structural constraints may apply to some market segments, and not others.
As we said earlier, though, given the capacity of most human beings to endure interviews without certain illegal recreational substances, it is hard to do justice to both issues at the same time. You can have a conversation with some of these people and, at the end, not only will you not know what they are talking about, but you will feel confused about both subjects. As the reference list at the end of this article suggests, you may get an entirely different answer about what market structure analysis absolutely needs to include, depending on the experts you consult.
This also represented an earnest effort not to make your feet fall asleep from the sheer excitement of reading about the topic. In marketing research they are often involved in writing proposals, choosing research methodology, designing studies and determining sample size and when the study has been completed the statistician conducts the analysis which may involve anything from simple tests to complex multivariate analyses or modeling. They must have a clear understanding of research methodologies and good communication skills. These studies give JCPenney a clear picture of the needs, attitudes and behaviors of their customers. Department of Commerce study testing the merits of a seven-point rating scale versus a 10-point rating scale.

The consumer study, conducted by the Public Issues and Consumer Programs department of the JCPenney Co., helped the retail giant to better understand the approximately 77 million singles living in the United States. ZTE is supposed to continue to find more opportunities and exceed NSN to become one of the top three GSM equipment providers by the end of 2009.
The high-level view will help you see the most important issues which need to be managed for your online success. As Malcolm MacDonald has recommended this should ideally not be too generic, but should focus on a particular market or customer segment. Oftentimes SWOT are put in the appendix of a report or on the shelf and do not drive action, but the TOWs approach integrates the SWOT into the whole strategy process to help create a plan. But what I recommend is just coding up the findings so you can see which activities they refer to. The Asia-Pacific region is one of the prominent importer as well as manufacturer of water testing & analysis instruments. The market estimation was also based on various parameters, such as the number of players, demand trends, supply trends, and the extent of research activity in a particular region. 2019Figure 33 Portable Water Testing & Analysis Instruments Exhibit Promising Growth ProspectsFigure 34 Water Testing & Analysis Market Size, By Application, 2014 vs. Segments and structures can have some fairly complicated relationships, and we indeed will this discuss later. How economists get to their answers may be very different from marketing practices, though.
This may seem slightly ridiculous, but we should remember that these fellows win Nobel prizes while humble marketers and market researchers do not.
Indeed, as long as people are ancillary to the equations, the concepts can get highly elaborate.
Type II diabetics usually produce some insulin, and so often only require medications that help them use their insulin more effectively.
For instance, most study participants are nearly worn out after they finish a typical choice-based exercise.
That is, how do we meaningfully aggregate individual consumer choices or opinions when these often reflect great diversity? We have numerous pundits to remind us that these averages can hide information, and may even be misleading. Here we encounter some of the real complexity that can be found in market structure analysis. Following the discussion from earlier sections, market structures may never get aggregated up to the whole market level. Not all maps that show attributes arrayed in space show market structures, though, as the figures below show us. For instance, brand-switching studies typically involve both behavioral and opinion-based data.
Dynamic approaches that take just a step or two into the future include market simulator programs.
We need only think of such examples as different groups having differences in insurance coverage, or different groups having access to different public services (like transportation) to see that these environmentally-imposed limitations may be crucial factors in understanding how segments work. We only hope that we have left you in somewhat better condition by the time you have reached this point of the article. Tastes vary, though, and if that is just what you wanted, taking a careful look at the reference list below may provide just what you expected. Part of the challenge for the statistician is to present the analysis and results in a way that the client company itself will understand. By utilizing innovative survey techniques and technology, Quest allows United Way organizations to improve communications, identify key services and improve fundraising easily and inexpensively. As one of the top four GSM equipment providers, ZTE Corporation (ZTE) grew rapidly during the past five years.
2019Figure 35 Types of Labs For Water Testing & AnalysisFigure 36 Water Testing & Analysis Market Size in Laboratory Application, By Region, 2014 vs. We will pass on tackling many of the more specialized definitions, then, and hope that you can tolerate the disappointment this causes. If perceptions are addressed at all in a choice-based study, they are not part of the choosing that study participants do. Since most of us want to know everything about everything when we do a study (of course), the lucky respondent may get to make choices in up to 21 market scenarios in a choice study. We need to decide which we want - or if we want both, whether we can afford to interview two sets of people. Different ways of putting these approaches together almost certainly will yield different ideas about market structures. But Hierarchical Bayesian analysis is another story.) The point of this is that some experts will go to great lengths to alleviate their discomfort in looking at aggregate (or group) level data. For instance, if our goal is to study the market for (say) diet colas, we almost certainly will not interview everybody who walks into a supermarket. To do this accurately, we need to have some good ideas about the groups we are likely to find in the market. The analysis may look (for instance) at heavy users, moderate users and light users separately, and go into some depth about each. Of course, they might even want something entirely different that is not market structure analysis at all according to the generally accepted rules. Other dynamic approaches that try to peer further into the future include product diffusion models, and an incredible array of forecasting techniques, probably even including the crystal ball. They believed this, that is, until they did a fairly thorough analysis of their customers’ needs.
Just to be fair, we should add that a few academics now claim that both segmentation and marketing structure analysis can be done at the same time, and everything comes out fine. In 2008, its share in the global newly added market attained 15 percent, which justifies its dominance in the market.
The growing government regulations and increasing environmental concerns are driving the market.
2019Figure 37 Water Testing & Analysis Market Size in Industrial Application, By Region, 2014 vs.
This has led some authorities to say that what we really need to look at is whether a diabetic is taking insulin or not - never mind the traditional medical division of diabetes into two types.
What we learn comes from measuring study participants’ choices among the differing product configurations that they see in the interview and applying this to many alternative product configurations not tested.
This might be fun, and if not, certainly very expensive, but nobody outside the further reaches of academia is likely to find this useful.
Finally, it may include some communalities, especially areas where strengths and weaknesses appear across the groups studied.
Their segments were convenient and supported a long tradition, but they were wasting a lot of time developing separate sets of services for all of them.

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