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Volleyball middle blocker Jolie Graf, a senior, and baseball pitcher Dalton Schafer, a senior, are engaged and plan to marry in December 2012. When Jolie Graf first saw Dalton Schafer during her freshman year, it definitely was not love at first sight. He was belting out his rendition of Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA” in the athletic training room, and his ear-splitting voice was not something Graf enjoyed. The baseball pitcher and volleyball middle blocker became close after their first encounter in the athletics training room, and in 2009 they began dating. As Graf and Schafer progressed in their relationship, so did their athletic abilities at the University. Graf became a member of the Great West Academic All-Conference Team in 2010.   She was ranked fourth on the team with 142 kills and led the Huskies with 81 blocks.
Sports have played a major role in both athletes’ lives, but they both credit the success of their relationship to Christ.

At the beginning of the couple’s relationship, Schafer  said he was not as strong in his faith as he is now, adding that as the couple’s relationship grew so did his connection with Christ. Both athletes are members of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a national organization that encourages athletes to make a difference through both sports and Christ.
The couple volunteered to be huddle leaders, assigned mentors who watched over groups of children, at the Texas A&M University event. Hours passed, and as they were about to head back to campus he gave her a hug, got on one knee, pulled out the three-stoned, vintage engagement ring and asked her to marry him. The couple’s friends and families were not the only people they had to inform about their engagement. Kaddie Platt, head volleyball coach, said Graf is responsible and knows the engagement will not distract her because  she is very committed to her team. Baseball head coach Jared Moon said he thinks that Schafer is a great asset to the baseball team and is happy about the engagement.

After graduation, Schafer would like to become a professional baseball player, and Graf plans on pursuing a graduate degree in genetic research. Graf, a 21-year-old senior from Austin majoring in biology and biochemistry, is now engaged to that girl-sounding, pitchy-voiced baseball player who she now describes as one of the most romantic guys in the world.
He earned second-team All-Great West Conference honors in 2010, leading the team with 50 strikeouts and eight wins.

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